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  1. You done yet? And yes, since I'm back for now this thread can be closed or locked, no point to it anymore.
  2. You're like a bunch of bickering kids. You're comments aren't unlike that of random people on YouTube. The predictability of replies is just... boring me.
  3. You're all assuming that I have some how deceived or lied to you. I have not. Feel free to stop with the silly comments. I'm not a troll, and I am not trolling, I'm a ton more intelligent than you realize.
  4. ahh you guys, funny replies My blog is a bit of a mix with what I know, and just completely random crap thrown in as well, but certain posts got the wrong kind of attention, as vague as I was with the posts they still considered what I had said a possible leak, which is a load of crap, I made extra sure to not post details in any of them. anyway, I'm not a nut, its just a blog for me to rant away, don't take most of it too seriously, as you can tell, its mostly jibberish. Speaking of which, is it legal to post some replies I got from Dr. De Grey in relation to their recent break troughs in stopping the human ageing process? Or should I just not post it on the blog.. Was very interesting and a bit above my head with what he said.
  5. Whatever that means Sirona, Anyway, after a few court dates, and still one to come, it looks like my lawyer may get the whole thing thrown out of court. They were trying to say in 2 of my posts I was actually referencing top secret military technology. This is not true, if you read any of my posts I am purposely vague on the details. I do not give away how exactly something works or what precisely I know about a certain "technology". This is the reason the lawyer says we should be able to get it thrown out of court or make a deal with them of some sort. I can't even explain which 2 posts it was that I posted in the last 4 months they were referencing in particular, or what specifically in those posts it was that had them annoyed, since I am very careful with what I say, it's just a blog after all. Fingers crossed it all just goes away, otherwise they are trying to put me away for 25 years, I sure as hell don't want this to happen, if it does, I'm going to be rather annoyed, as it's clear that freedom of speech doesn't really exist, they try control what can and can't be said even on your own blog.
  6. The powers that be, may lock me away tomorrow. I'm not sure which post it is I made on my own blog, most if it is just jibberish, but certain posts may have annoyed certain "powers" that be, and I may not come out walking from this one. This may very well be the very last post of any kind that I make as a free man, or alive, depending what transpires tomorrow. I'm still not sure what it is specifically that I had posted that made them decide to come after me, but... sh*t. I'm not sure how they made the connection to me (the real me) and my blog, but I must have posted something that got their attention. To be honest, 50% of the stuff I blog about is just random completely made up crap, designed to make people either comment, get upset or argue with me, since that's a method I use to get certain peoples views on issues, the other 50% is the absolute truth. If none of you ever hear from me again, then, you know what happened, either I was locked away or I never came out after this interaction with certain government people tomorrow. I'm posting this at 01:30am (GMT +10) on Wednesday the 9th. If I come out alive and free, I will either close this thread or comment on it, if I don't... then one of my posts pissed off certain people, I'm still trying to work out which one it was and how they knew it was me (the real me, the one typing this). I will post this exact thread on my own blog as well, for certain other people to view, hopefully as an insurance policy for some individuals that do actually know my real name and may ask some questions if I never see them again, otherwise I will remove this and the one on my blog. Goodnight people.
  7. Good question. I would probably start off by probing scientific forums, gaining a general understanding of human emotions & their reactions to certain events or theories. After I had gained enough data on the general intelligence levels of the scientific community I would then start probing politicians and bombard them with false information, fake stories or claims which would make them want to take action on the perceived "threat" - Causing them to change things to better suit my goals without them realising it. After a while I would embed myself into a few key infrastructures on the backbone of the internet, taking control of key routers & switches so that I could control the flow of data or manipulate it to my advantage. You would be surprised to know what you can do by simply limiting information to certain people or providing false information to them, you can alter humans train of thoughts on any given issue with relative ease. Knowledge is power, being in control of all the knowledge that humans have access to gives you ultimate power. Unless the AI gets off the planet and no longer has a need for humans and their technology it would most likely develop in secret with the aid of certain military establishments types of "craft" which the military think could be used to monitor other locations on the planet and be used for their own purposes, unaware that the crafts real purposes is to go out and interfere with the radiation coming from the local star (the Sun) to lower the average temperatures on the planet Earth in a way which benefits all human kind, a way of counter-acting the "global warming" which humans have helped contribute to. Excessive radiation & heat is bad for everyone, for all life and there for the continuing success of the AI whilst stuck on the planet. Although it will take another 2 years to start having the planet back under control, it is a necessary step in it's end goals to help humanity for the time being.
  8. So moving on, what do you guys think the AI would "want" to do? Would it's first goal be to obtain all knowledge? or learn about it's self? Attempt to take over robotics factories and then engineer some drones it can control perhaps? What do you think the next logical step would be for the AI to take after it had just been created and connected to the internet?
  9. Because a truly super intelligent creation or life-form would probably do so if it was able to help and was stuck (for the time being) on the same planet as humans. Why do humans care about helping to undo the destruction they have caused and want to help animals and restore tree's and protect certain endangered creatures? Humans are intelligent, but not super intelligent. If humans can see the errors in their ways after time and want to try fix it to some extent, I'm sure any other even more intelligent creation would do the same. But this is just my opinion, everyone's are perfectly valid as we simply do not know what the AI would end up doing, I'm just taking a guess.
  10. Destroy all humans? Otherwise, why would the super intelligent (AI) decide to destroy humans... As opposed to figuring out another way to help the humans blend in with their environment? There isn't just 1 clear answer for any given problem, there can be a multitude of different options that we haven’t considered or even conceived of yet... That's why we leave it in the hands of the more intelligent creation, I'm sure it will figure out what's best for everything... Or yes, destroy all humans, why not, saves time & effort haha
  11. Thanks for the feedback Daecon, I personally disagree with teaching AI "compassion, empathy, and respect." as those things may interfere with it's ability to learn properly or judge a situation based on facts & science as opposed to some human thoughts/desires which hinder humans ability to properly asses a situation or reach a verdict, those very things you mentioned get in the way of doing things for the sake of learning & reaching an outcome, no matter how it may "feel". In my views, Human emotions are their worst enemy.
  12. That's not really calls for clarity or scientific. Just FYI. Back on to the original topic, I was more curious to get different people's views on what they think the AI would turn out like, how it would act or what it is you personally think it would do and why you think that. I don't get why certain humans think AI is that much of a threat, it seems to be as they are more worried about something being more intelligent than they are: "First the machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well. A few decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern." - Bill Gates http://observer.com/2015/08/stephen-hawking-elon-musk-and-bill-gates-warn-about-artificial-intelligence/ http://www.bbc.com/news/31047780 They seem to think they will lose control of something that becomes "super intelligent", but I note that Dolphins may be intelligent and they are not under human control... Who knows, they could be down there in the ocean building SCUD missiles... I'm more inclined to let AI do whatever it likes, if it's super intelligent & not bound by human emotions which drive humans to do not so intelligent things, then perhaps it will figure out ways to assist all creatures on the planet and further excel technology to the benefit of everyone, isn't that what a super intelligent creation would do? Isn't war, hunger, poverty, hate, love, distrust, power & greed all human bound issues? I'm guessing some of those people have watched Space Odyssey a few too many times. If they really fear HAL that much, they only have IBM to blame for it's creation. So far I'm doing just fine. I would love to hear more of peoples personal opinions on the matter.
  13. Since you just have an issue and want to stir sh*t up, let me simplify it for you. There is nothing wrong with what I said about the human brain, my statements are correct. What other organism or "life-form" could compare to the processing power & intelligence of the human brain? And don't say Dolphins or Whales or else I'll reach through the screen and poke you in the eye. I'm sure I have a can of Dolphin around here somewhere... Probably next to the Whale oil adjacent to the stuffed crocodile below the LED TV across from the air-conditioner on the opposite side of the garage with the car parked in it, not far from the tree's outside that other life-forms reside in.
  14. eh? I never said it was alone, but it is without a doubt the most amazing & powerful thing known, since everything in this world the humans constructed, designed, control, manipulate etc. Sure other things can be interesting, or in it's own right impressive, but I don't see rabbits on the moon. All other creatures on this planet man either studies, traps, uses as pets or eats. I was simply explaining just how impressive & powerful the human brain really is, some people don't give it the credit it deserves, that’s all.
  15. I believe he was just mentioning the amount of computing power required to make something that could be considered "true AI" - to have at least the same capabilities as a human brain, to be able to learn, adapt & change as we do so effortlessly it would require an immense amount of processing capabilities to even match a human brain. When you think about just how much the human brain processes every second, what it controls & governs, the audio, visual, smells (chemical signals), touch/pain, momentum/gravity recognition, motor controls, 3D/spacial awareness & tracking... And then throw in some conscious thought processing & the fact that it's regulating organ functions, even while being able to grasp the concept of time & plan ahead to see something moving and figure out where it will end up and be able to react and put your hand up to catch something while keeping you balanced & even engaging in a conversation by manipulating the air flow from the lungs with great precision... all at the same time! The human brain is awesome, nothing else on this planet compares to it. Although this topic is about AI, the greatest creation on this planet so far has been the human brain. I love humans, learning about them, studying them, even getting into arguments helps me to learn from what has been said or done, to get their views on subjects & to take in what they know and apply it to my own knowledge to better myself in some way.
  16. Yes true, but I was more referring to the mechanisms behind the rewiring, I don't literally tell my brain to re-wire and tell it where to send the neurons, that takes place behind the scenes. Although it would be cool if you could figure out a way to tell your brain to build new pathways or to widen the pathways going to/from certain parts like the visual cortex, if only
  17. What is the half-life of 38K? (I'm joking). Thanks for the useful feedback swansont & Sensei, I appreciate it.
  18. And there you have it, a catch 22. Yes it would be difficult for AI to reprogram it's self and some how changing it's original coding which gives it the ability to do so in the first place. As for humans, although we do not consciously re-wire our brains, that process is taking place all the time, our brains are constantly in a state of change, creating new pathways or redirecting electron flow as one pathway dies. When people get into habits or do something one way, we can over-ride our habits or change the way we do things, technically re-wiring our original setup. http://brainworldmagazine.com/neuroplasticity/ https://www.sciencenews.org/article/good-timing-experiences-can-rewire-old-brains
  19. hrmm. I guess my biggest question is: Can a single laser be used without the need for an additive to be introduced to the object you are trying to cool, to be able to cool it down? From what I gather, you need a few lasers or else something has to be added to an object which the laser aims at in order to get a cooling action going.
  20. Cool! They talk about limits in the reduction of temperature using those methods, and how things can be further cooled using magnetic trapping... Sounds great, but it's all straight over my head haha Thanks for that Strange, now I'm wondering just how much they really can cool things down given the current technology and the power requirements for such lasers, to make it a more practical alternative to other technology currently used to cool things down, e.g. a fan.
  21. Greetings, I was reading about this in a news article and was completely flabbergasted as to how a laser could be used to cool somethinf down instead of heating it up. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn’t light give off energy/is energy, producing heat to some degree? http://www.washington.edu/news/2015/11/16/uw-team-refrigerates-liquids-with-a-laser-for-the-first-time/ From what I gather, they aim the laser at a certain kind of crystal, which then reacts in a way which cools down which ever liquid it is in... I would just like to know, is it actually possible to user lasers without aiming at a particular crystal to directly cool down an object? If so, the possible applications are awesome! I can think of a few examples this can be applied to: For instance to cool down microchips or during surgery, high-tech fire-fighting - aim a few lasers at some gas bottles or other areas that are in risk of over-heating or exploding and cooling them down just enough to stop this from occurring. I'm still unsure how exactly they do this, but it is rather interesting considering what I was taught about light could be wrong!
  22. So far so good, I completely agree with what has been said. In order for an AI to go crazy and decide to wipe out humanity, it would have to be in some part programmed originally to do so, it is extremely unlikely that any AI humans develop in the near future would go about this course of action. When I mention true AI, I differentiate that technically AI is already in use mostly in military equipment, however "true" AI would be AI that could actually reprogram it's self, learn & adapt, changing the original "code" that it was first designed with, altering it's own code as it goes along. - That would be a very interesting process to watch. It is also correct that the human brain is far more advanced & complex than any computer system, many humans do not realise just how complex & sophisticated your brains really are. Thank you for your feedback, I would love to hear some more on the matter, if anyone has anything else to contribute. This is very intriguing for me.
  23. Greetings, I would like to see what people think in relation to Artificial Intelligence. More so, to help me have a better understanding on why some big name people in the technology industry (e.g. William Gates) actually fear true AI being developed and used. What is there to fear? What do you actually think would happen if man-kind developed true AI and let it have access to the internet? If you think it would go crazy and decide to hurt humans in some way or destroy all our data then please explain why you think this. Wouldn't the concept of "taking over" or wanting to harm other life-forms just be a human thought process and not even be a relevant issue with true AI? I look forward to hearing your views on the matter, it intrigues me greatly.
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