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  1. I was listening to T.W.I.T. and something the discussion made me notice some thoughts I have had before. A team of South Korean scientist claim to have found a super conductor at room temperature. The only  problem is that no one believes them.

    That got me wondering. I thought that if I found a pattern in division of semiPrimes, my first thought was to share it on the internet. But of course such a  bold claim will never been believed.

    I saw this phenomenon when I researched and read about the Riemann Hypothesis. Someone claims a solution. That is right, them and thousands of others. And it is not that they don’t have good, creative ideas. Instead nobody can put together what the heck they are saying to prove them right or wrong.

    I know what you are thinking: The scientific method and peer review will prove them right or wrong. That is what I thought too. But no human can possible vet thousands of papers. Maybe A.I. can help. But as with the South Korean scientists it became a joke and everyone is skeptical.

    And if you need more examples look at the Presidential Campaign. People don’t pick a side based on logic, and there are conflicting views. The psychologist on T.W.I.T. said you can’t tell someone who believes a lie the truth. It only further solidifies their false views.

    Do you think it is any different with science? Science beliefs change all the time too. You could say something new was discovered to change those views. But it doesn’t change the fact that those scientific beliefs which were once the standard were in fact wrong.

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