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  1. I think the problem with finding a pattern of Primes is that we are looking for the pattern the way we count. It isn’t enough to identify a number Prime. Finding the next in line is still recursive.

    If anyone is interested I’ll post more on this topic. Or if you encountered similar roadblocks please share.

    1. Trurl


      Well in my post “Simple Yet Interesting” if the Pappy Craylar conjecture is true and we can factor SemiPrimes, then we can take a known Prime say 3 and test or graph from zero to infinity and we’re the value approaches zero the number is Prime.

      It can be confirmed by testing other Prime numbers.

      This is why I posted the chart of number in the SYI thread. There is a pattern. You can find all Prime numbers.

      But what is not yet found is a pattern that will explain the difference in subtraction of Prime numbers. That is the recursion I was referring to.

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