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  1. jdurg, i realise that does happen, however, i was warned about the water splitting on these forums (i could of sworn it was you ) and heard the same thing when i was researching on other sites...
  2. d22k

    slowing down?

    i may as well give it a bash i guess edit: i dont like it, theres not enough control, ill stick with animation shop
  3. hmm, IIRC the compression ratio is higher in wankel engines, but by how much? people have been injecting water into engines for a while now, as you most probably know... but it makes no mention of the water splitting... water injection sounds like a fascinating project though, keep us updated!
  4. d22k

    slowing down?

    you answered your own question there... its magic, phool
  5. i dont see how pressure could possibly HELP, but i may be wrong. and if 2500c is enough to separate them then 2500c will stop them recombining... for obvious reasons... Hope u dont mind me asking, but why do u wanna know? just curious, or are you planning some experiment?
  6. d22k

    slowing down?

    *looks around to check if any one is watching* 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer, look around, swipe the lot and run like foooooooooooook" sorry
  7. weeeell, i was referring to using the thermit reaction to get molten iron, as its not something u can buy from sainsburys and so were talking about 2500c (source)
  8. d22k

    slowing down?

    yes, what shall we sing? "Welcooooooome toooo the soldier siiiiiiiiiide, where theres no one here but meeeee peopllleeeee alll grow up to dieeeeee, and theres no one here but meeeee..."
  9. intense heat will do it. Molten hot iron dropped into a bucket of hot water ( a small bucket) can cause the bonds to break, resulting in detonation. and you get molten metal flying everywhere! yay! btw, that was a joke, while it WILL work, i wouldn't recommend it if u want to live.
  10. i couldnt say for sure, but i would imagine that it being hotter would certainly help, im saying that from a physics point of view - More Heat = Molecules More Aggitated - so assuming heat does not break down the bleach, then i would say heat will certainly help. However, i see no reason why a warm was would not work... as for evidence to show him... surely the best way would be to do it and see!?
  11. sadly not, as a battery of this kind generates the electricity on the fly. a normal batteries potential energy can be used in many ways, high volts low amps, low volts high amps (as in your case), however, in the case of these batteries the voltage and current stays constant (well for the purposes of this argument), so unfortunately no, no jet pack
  12. oh dear, i better put on my racism proof hat if i wanna venture out over the next fortnight. fun fun =\
  13. u saw that effect when looking in a mirror?! now THAT is curious!
  14. d22k

    Deep Impact

    hah hah, i laughed
  15. heh heh, a gauss paintball marker would rock! assuming the ball wouldn't rupture.... you've given me a lot of food for thought some small diameter nails ~5mm would be perfect cut into cross sections.... any electric motor would provide all the wire neccesary. Ill have a go at building a small halbach array using them, and let u know how it goes
  16. just outta interest, is there a difference between compost and green manure?
  17. it makes perfect sense, it would be fascinating to see it in action its just it would be a bitch to build =D i don't see the need for any complex electronic though... i imagine building the IC board would be a piece of cake, its the 30 tiny electro magnets that would be difficult... where do you live btw?
  18. my mum has been known to put dandylions in salads
  19. forgive me, but "OP"? Starchy and sweet tasting would probably be a good bet. Why would this be a good thing though? I cant see this solving the food chrisis, many edible plants and veggies are very easy to grow...
  20. hmm, i would say that a "weed" was a human term. Thus if its useful to you, it isnt a weed. Even a fennel plant, for example, in the middle of your cabbage patch is a weed...
  21. unfortunately i couldn't see the vid, quicktime will not work on my computer (looooong story). While what you say is true, you must remember that this weapon in its current state has been developed by an "amateur", ex soldier granted, but they don't design the guns. So i wouldn't be surprised if some experts were put on the job, it could exceed capabilities. Having said that, i just thought it was cool and that u may have been interested with regards to spherical rounds, your quite correct, however, i would expect the gun to be used as either a support weapon and/or a CQB where accuracy isn't as important, who knows As for the gauss gun, i was assuming they were going to be using electro magnets OR superconductors, which would need a power source to power/cool.
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