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  1. heh, ive had similar problems getting it to light, heres how i did it... take the thermite and mix it 7 parts Fe2O3 to 4 Parts Al2, I mxed it by taking a container with a good lid, mine was a cardboard tube with a pop lid for storing black pepper corns, filling it with the mix and shaking vigorously for a minute or so. Its improtant you skake it vigorously, and NOT only in one direction, or you will jsut separate them. My mixture was the just a touch lighter than the pure fe2o3. Stick it in the appropritate container with a garden sparkler light it and stand back =) Just out of interest, how did u make your iron oxide?
  2. cool, well now i know what not to do he he
  3. YT's Sticky ^^ mention no threads regarding those substances (yeah i know this does, but bear with me) i did a quick google, cos , Obviously, curiosity got the better of me, and i had to kno what they were..... but that was pretty useless one of the search results actually points back to YT's thread lol looksie : http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclient&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&q=HMTDAN so what are they? im guessing either explosives or some nasty toxin, nerve gas etc just to reiterate, im not looking for any specifics, or in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM information or links pertaining to the composition or production methods of whatever the hell they are... i just wanna know WHAT they are cheers
  4. d22k

    Water Diesel Engine

    i get the impression that u mean water alone, o deisel rite? and that the act of compression would heat the water, causing it to turn to steam? i imagine this wouldnt work because the water would not turn to steam in an explosive manner, in the way that the explosion of the deisel would. nice idea tho
  5. i know ive used an online web tunnel in the past, where i type in an address, and can access 'blocked' sites. its all online, no apps, but i cant find one now, can anyone link me? thnks
  6. exactly, linux is prolific in buisness. and ok, ill give it a go, see what happens
  7. wjile you CAN disable the pagefile in windows, XP being the bollocks that it is, doesnt like it, and tends to spit the dummy, ive tried it. didnt get anything out of it. as for a credible source, my source is my college tutor, so short of scanning in some worksheets, i got nothin for ya :\
  8. ok, yes i know what a page file is, and i know what it does. But a page file doesnt JUST keep what the OS cant fit in ram, it holds all sorts of other bits and bobs too. The ram disk can be created in tweak xp, so can moving the page file. While this may not create much of a gain on a *nix based system, windows based machine use the pagefile very oddly, and its written to more than you think. I dont THINK that having it erased would cause a problem ,as there is allready an option to clear the swap file on shutdown, mostly for network security i imagine. what other cache folders are kicking about?
  9. I have 1.5 gig of ram in my box, and wanna make the most of it, if i were to create a 'ram disk' and move my pagefile (C:\windows\pagefile.sys) onto the ramdisk, would i see any significant increase in speed? also, whatother temp folders/files would i be able to put on it? and do i risk harming my comp? cos the contents gets erased everytime i power off.... thnx. d22k
  10. Ok, i have just tried to install a new harddrive in my pc, i currently have two. The bios will detect the HDD, it detects the model number and the size of the HDD BUT windows will not detect ot. I have recently installed an almost identical disk BTW. I spoke to my dad, he said if the bios detects it, but windows doesnt, its probably not formatted, so i should use Fdisk. HOW do i use it on XP? on previous operating systems i could just whip open a CMD promt, and run fdisk from there, but that doesnt seem to work on XP. So basically, can you suggest WHY the HDD doesnt show up in the operating system, but it does in the bios? And if it shows up in the bios, that means it isnt broken right? thanks James EDIT: Just noticed, windows DOES see the drive, but it cant 'use' it. heres a screenie EDIT 2: Ok, i poked around a bit more, but i havesome questions, i have the option to convert my drive to a 'dynamic drive' whats that? i can also partition and format it, i think thats what i wanna do, yeah? EDIT 3: Ok, never mid, i figured it out in the end, Im just not used to using Windows to to the work, instead of dos cheers anyway
  11. well its 1 of two things, i did what you seem to be doing there (making iron oxide, for thermite?) i used copper electrodes from some electic cabling i had lying around, so it may be copper oxide, (or possibly hydride/hydroxide, but i dont know what colours or properties they have) Alternatively its just FE204, when making iron oxide this way, you tend to make fe204, or rust acid if u got the anode/cathodes mixed up) if you want fe203, then just heat up the filtrate, which is blackish green, and you will drive off the extra oxygen, and it will turn red edit, you cant use ac effectively for electrolysis, u need DC, but a 9v adapter will most likely produce a dc current....
  12. tungsten ay? learn something new every day ;0
  13. SHHHH!!! if she hears that my carefully laid plans will go to waste!
  14. well i tried that, then she beat me up
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