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  1. it has been said but i would like to reiterate, be REALLY freaking careful when playing with oxygen, things you would never expect to burn will burn with amazing ferocity. An iron pipe packed with iron wool, with a steady stream of 02 running down it = instant lightsabre (well not QUITE... but its a damn fine heat lance!)
  2. yeah vist is a terrible TERRIBLE name =\
  3. it would have been cheaper to build it your self....
  4. you were told to cool down THAT glass of water, not present them with a galss of cold water.
  5. i use my image cos, well its an avatar, so its the most logical thing to put there
  6. youre correct, its the same producer that did the video for "come to daddy", and aphex twin did the music for this vid =)
  7. =\ i didnt see it that way, sorry if i spoiled things.
  8. sounds about right. well, they made one out of scrap in 10 hours, it was running on a racetrack in england at no more than 100M ASL. It propelled a ~250Kg 3 whelled craft at over 60MPH, it was VERY loud though
  9. i would say pushing the smaller box would me more likely to break the egg. the force needed to overcome the friction of the larger box has to be transmitted through the egg if you are pushing the smaller box. obviously the bigger box needs a larger force to get it moving, meaning a larger force is transmitted through the egg than if it was pushed from the other side.
  10. i liked how it was made, but i didn't "get it", that's probably why it didn't freak me out. but the little dude wasn't threatening, he just wanted to party...
  11. i beleive cheerio is a bastardisation of cheers, not the other way around.
  12. ive seen a version of one of these engines on scrap heap challence, it was just a u shaped pipe, both ends were open.
  13. if u were esposed to 10Gs you would just die. a constant exposure to 2 gs would be uncomfortable, to say the least, but you would buils muscle ,mass from normal activities. Could it be built, yeah kinda, in a space station with centrifugaly produced artificial gravity, but its unlikely to happen.
  14. i dont know where this mass histeria of "terrorists wanting to blow up the world" comes from, we are at far more risk from our governments than "terrorists" YT, i read somewhere, i think it was in "surely your joking mr. Feynman" Plutonium is pretty safe really, although its usually coated in gallium to prevent pyrophoric reactions. i seem to remember him playing with a ball of it, and handing it to a friend of his... although if inhaled, its one of the worst carcinogens known to man.... otherwise, harmless.
  15. d22k

    Ceramic engine

    actually, ceramic blases are used in the turbine fins of top of the range turbos...
  16. i kid u not, i was <5'3" till i hit 16, now im 5"10 (im 18) i have stretch marks on my back from the growth spurt he he
  17. well nothing is a stupd idea, but why a pinhole camera? they are horribly ineficient, in that they let hardly any light in, you would be far better off with a lense. more importantly, what is this box supposed to do?
  18. d22k

    Wind creating heat

    you beat me too it. in answer to the OP's Q, any friction no mater how slight will produce heat and sound.
  19. magnets i imagine. ma ganet in the base where that silver *blip* is will pull the leg towards the base, but the momentum of the wheel will keep it going past the magnet, however, the magnet will impart some energy, enough to keep it ticking over.
  20. bush wasn't planning on spending huge amounts of money on the war, he was going to sell iraqi oil to pay for the cost of the war, but international powers intervened, so he couldn't in the end. by then of course it was too late to pull out, the result being that USA is running a huge deficit budget...
  21. d22k

    slowing down?

    *keeps of walking*
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