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  1. well what i was trying to get at, was that they are pretty much outdated, as herme3 said, u can use a cdrw for most things, exept flashing the mobo bios Another reason i didnt get 1 tho is i couldnt find a black 1
  2. is the uranium denser than the precious metals/lead? Tis true!! i saw it in the movieeess! heh, i didnt end up doing any more tests last nite, my gf needed some attention, i should be able to tonight tho.
  3. until we figure out how to make and store anti matter properly cant store more than a few particles for a shrt amount of time currently, just as well i guess, wouldt spell a good time for the world if bush got his hands on that ....
  4. i was just curious, how many of you have floppy drives, in your recently built computers? The computer im using now, i build a few months ago, and i really didnt see the need for a floopy drive (and on the whole ive had no problems, i had to stick one in to reflash the Mobo Bios, but apart from that....) anhoo, yay or nay?
  5. well yes, bus i cant think what, i used the same procedure for each test, the only difference was the ratio so i cannot think what the other actor may be... any ideas?
  6. cool, thnx for the link. U got your urianium turnings then?
  7. Jdurg: Yeah, i know what u mean, it was most satifying. How many elements do you have currently? Ffsjoe: I got mine off ebay, it cost me £4.99 per 100g (350 mesh) i dont know if thats a good price, but thats what i paid
  8. Update: WOW! Holy crap! ifter two more attempts this evening i got a working mixture, and wow, i was so impressed, that was alot of fun BUT i have an important point to raise; The chemisty would dictate that for the optimum reaction the desired ratio would be 1:2.07 Iron to aluminium. With this ratio, although id did burn, it was neither very fierce, nor did it produce much molten iron, it produced a very 'bubbly' slag interspersed with metal 'blobs' (i will post pictures of the results from the three tests if anyone is interested...). So i tried another ratio, with more Iron, as i figured the aluminium didnt have enough iron to react with (an incorrect assumption it would seem, and looking back on it, that seems obvious now ) So the secont mix was 7:11 IronOxide to Aluminium. This was more successful than the first, but wasnt great, and produced a slag with bigger 'bubbles' Averaging 7mm instead of the previous 2mm. At this point, i thought, 'What have i got to loose?' and decided to go the other way, so i mixed it up as 8:3 That being 8 parts IronOxide, to 3 parts aluminium. The results were, needless to say, spectacular, and the reaction was many times brighter and more violent than the prvious attempts, even though i was using about 1/2 the amount of thermite. Can anyone shed any light as to why this is? when all reason would suggest it should have been the other way around.... Like i said, if anyone is interestd i will post pics of the resulting 2 piles of slag and 1 wonderful ingot of pure iron Next up, binders! Ive read that sulpher is a suitable binder, but that would involve heating it in the oven, and im not sure that would be a spectacular idea, i dont have access to a lab, so beleive me, this is very much basement science! Still, onwards and upwards! Ill keep updating this thread with my progress, its a good way of collecting my thoughts if nothing else, so even if you dont find this remotely interesting, it serves some useful purpose to me bed time now, be back soon James
  9. hmm, well the aluminium is 350mesh not sure about the iron, very fine though.... what i had done to mix them was stick them in a large container, (only filled about 5%) then shake, shake not vibrate, so i dont theink the iron will have settled...... ill get back to you with the results of test two tomorrow night. what do u think of the chances with the aryldite? and will nail polish remover do for acetone? (its water, acetone and bitrex) i will have trouble sourcing pure acetone... Alcohol i can do, surgical alcohol... thanks James
  10. thanks for the tip budllewraagh and thanks again yt2095 :0 jdurg: i have taken precautions, i read that thermite will actually break down water back to H & 0, BOOM So yah, ill be careful. Tonite was a bit of a failiure though, with no magnesium ribbon, and no sparklers (i have some potty permanganate ang glycerine on order tho ) i tried magnesium shavings, just didnt get the job done im afraid, i was only using a small amount, as a test, bout 5 grams in total. oh well, will try again tomorro nite armed with sparklers and a larger measure of thermite, gonna try to mix it with aryldite and cram it in a lock (not for criminal persuits, more proof of concept, something ive always wanted to try ) you can make solid fuel motors with aluminium powder and aryldite, so i dont think that it will heed the reaction too much, i hope, remains to bee seen i guess... but thats what this is all about, suck it and see as they say thanks again for all your help. Oh, and i think ive found a new home on these forums \o/ laters all
  11. well i wasnt planning to use it all at once, i was hoping to be able to experiment with all sorts of sues, mostyl using some sort of binder, that would let me mould it into various shapes. guess ill just have to use it sparingly thanks for your help d22k
  12. ok, well i must say, the result is not what i wanted (assuming i did what i was supposed to ) the atomic weight of aluminium is ~27 and iron is ~56 so that would be 2g of aluminium oxide to 1 gram of iron. not what i wanted, i have 500g of iron and only 200g of aluminium. oh well. pls tell me if i have this the wrong way around btw EDIT: ok, this is killing me now lol, density for iron is 2.5 times that of aluminium so i guess im gonna need MORE than double the aluminium, bah
  13. goes in hunt of periodic table will report back soon
  14. Aluminium Oxide = Al203 so by my reckoning 1:1!? The maths seems to work, but somehow i dont beleive it also, i assume i would have to err on the side of cation and add a little more aluminium to the mix to ensure a full reduction? thnks
  15. Ok, so i plan to be makin some of this tonight ( ), i was all set to go, when i read something conflicting... previously, i was expecting to mix the chemicals 8:3 (that being 8 grams iron oxide to 3 parts aluminium) and while there have been several variation i have read about, on th whole they are fairly consistent, usualy around 1:3. However, i have now found 2 wources that say the ratio sould be 3:1 ( 3 grams iron oxide to 1 gram aluminium) can someone please clear this up for me? What is the best ratio for the thermite reaction? i am using Fe203 btw, not Fe204. Thanks in advance.
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