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  1. It depends what you are testing on the animal. I am for practicing genetics on animals, but i won't let them practice make-up on them, know what i mean? I think that (the cows) who "only survived because we let them," would be great for genetic testing because they owe it to us as we keep them alive (which doesn't make sense if we are going to kill them for genetic engineering anyway). But we can always console the cows into thinking that there deaths are for better productivity (of the human race), and to "beef" up the cows for better meat (for the human race). The cows will understand, right? I really don't like genetic engineering on animals that "feel" and "think". It is just not right.
  2. Ouch my pride... yes, i know it isn't that high, i remember around 115 being average, and they didn't take my name.
  3. I saw the same thing with colored cups. Since the majority of men like the color blue, that's ussually the one they will pick. Same with girls and red. Or it could be the conditions of the cups. If one looks better then the rest, that's the one you pick...
  4. I took an IQ test on the interweb. I forgot what the name of it was, but some how i got an 88. Now normally i would laugh @ something like that. Wow they got such a nasty e-mail. Then i took what they call "the most accurate test" by MENSA or something, and it was in the higher 120's. I liked that one...
  5. 1. I hate how early I have to get up. It is rediculous really, i mean the elementary schools go in @ about 8:00 but most of the kids are already up and active @ 6. They should definitely let us highskoolers go in later, we need the sleep... 2. Some of the teachers goof off more than the students, and im the only one who doesn't like that... 3. They put me in a friggin' algebra 1 class on my freshman year, which i am making up for doubling up on math's this year. 4. Same thing for Science, only i was put in the stupidest class of the WHOLE school. 5. I am very smart in my skool but less intelligent people are in higher classes than me. 6. NOTEBOOK TESTS!!! What the hell is that for!!! 7. We are the only skool in the ENTIRE STATE to have a mandatory skience fair. Which if we don't do, then we have to stay back... 8. NOTEBOOK TESTS!!! What the hell is that for!!! 9. we have doors in the hallways and stairways that aren't used @ all and they make our overcrowded skool's hallways so slow, you are late for every class... 10. IN my school, they have a little nasty thing called a Friday detention. They make you sit in a dirty classroom for hours. Finally: 11: the gym teachers are gay, and watch you change in the locker room. also, everybody in skool is a dirty HIC, some of the gangs in the skool include: the hics the freaks who cut themselves (no kidding) a group of a surprising # of lesbians "cool" people "cool",hic,lesbian freaks who cut themselves
  6. i'm a huge piano fan, and i am starting a small career in it aside of studying physics. i started to get a little interested in guitar, but that faded. Now i just use Powertracks Pro to make new songs on my pc... if anybody has any finger exercises that would greatly improve my skills, please detail...danke
  7. How many licks to get to the center of a Fracium-pop? = we may never know >>>>as long as i think it is funny...
  8. My name is (not) MagicMoose though i would love to have it... I'm 16, High School student (sophmore, thank you) and i love it! I live in the densist state in the great U.S. and i must say, the people who live here don't know what the word "DISPERSE" means. when i grow up i want to be a theoretical physicist/musician. (because i love musak, and math is actually my favorite hobby ---whoops! too much info.
  9. in (high school), they give me a choice of Spanish, French, German, and Latin. i chose german because i absolutely love the s's and sch's and all that flemy sounding stuff. i like to say really flemy words like when you over-exagerate Ich's so i just spit all overthe place. it's a lot of fun.
  10. Sometimes i go looking for an "argument", if that's what you want to call it, because i want to learn other's opinions and learn from it. Small arguments never hurt anybody.
  11. Rap and Hippity-hippity-hop make me sick. I completely LOATHE them with a fiery passion. I MAKE my own music, either on a piano, or on my pc.
  12. i think my man Nader will have another go. I don't think he will ever declare defeat. but i would really like a female Pres. for once, it would be spectacular to see that happen first in my lifetime.
  13. stop time for a moment... I believe Einstein came up for an equation for that: -------let's say that the static object (s) let out a light beam towards the moving object. When the static object recieves the light beam after it has reflected off the moving object then: <<<<<<<<(s, recieves light again) - (time s sent light beam) distance = __________________________________________ times © <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<2 is this what you are asking?
  14. i read from a dictionary in front of me: the point or period appropriate to the beginning, preformance or ending of a course of action. I believe that to comprehend time (or anything), we must look at it from all different angles. Well, I've been looking at the question for quite some time now, and I have to agree that it is most certainly present (just not tangible). The way I see it is that you can't have time without motion. And with out motion (according from the definition), there is no time. 1: Imagine the universe (with something moving). Now, if you stop motion in the whole intire universe, it would be a still image...there would be no time. Imagine the universe again. This time, stop time. Now in your imaginary universe, everything would look the same as the first image you made. That's how we know that time and motion are interconnected. 2: getting off the definition of time. we can now USE OUR BRAINS.... (something a lot of us take for granted) look at it logically: you are in this universe, and you (hopefully) can move...since motion and time are connected, YES time exists. 3: so far we've looked at time from another's point of view... (the dictionary), we have looked at it from a more basic and logical perspective, now look at from my view... motion and time are connected (i said it again), but there is energy required to make motion possible. With this we have the conservation of energy that comes in to play... i consult my dictionary again...it says... .... total energy of an isolated system remains constant although it may be converted from one form to another. where the energy came from to start this system is another question... as basic as i can put it...it seems... energy = motion motion = time time = energy speed of light = infintie motion infinite motion = infinite energy to make infinte motion infinite motion = infinte time E does= mc² and blue + red = purple, or the universe pulling itself apart on the doppler radar. time is endless and is irrelevant where or how it started. THANK YOU,
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