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  1. I am a high functioning schizophrenic. I have used weed on occasion. I found that, while it makes you paranoid, it also helps relieve anxiety that happens due to schizophrenia. If common sense prevails against overuse, then it is helpful. I could believe that it might detour cancer if administered in the right way. If it makes you cough, its probably not good for the lungs. Edibles and vaporizers seem to be the best way to administer since you are not taking in smoke from the plant material. too much thc without cbd causes a state similar to schizophrenic symptoms and clearly can cause damage. here is a video that shows the effects of pure thc compared to thc with cbd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U8XARojnbM
  2. thank you for the formula. i need one more thing... would you mind showing it in action?
  3. This is definitely different than our current views in physics. Does it do the same thing? does it do that and more? can you do work with your idea? i would feel better if it had numbers or a formula.
  4. you would lose your phone hole to immediate evaporation. a black hole this size evaporates much quicker than one that is the mass of a star.
  5. en·tro·py ˈentrəpē/ noun 1. PHYSICS a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system. entropy can increase with time until there is no more thermal difference. it does not cause time. it is just a measurement of disorder in a system.
  6. it has been a year or so since i last posted on this forum so i will reintroduce myself. my favorite subjects are black holes and quantum theory. hopefully I will be able to practice my argumentation skills and get better at it... or at least learn something new. hello everyone!
  7. such a subject should be considered too important to ignore. throwing people in jail is a quick fix to the problem. however i am unsure how surgery would treat an addiction.
  8. guys, i just met a player from a band that uses chap stick too. however i asked why and he laughed at me... he said it was an old secret and that i shouldn't worry about it myself not being in a band.
  9. thanks stringjunky. that was very informative. i will continue my method with the strat. i'm planning on getting a less paul as a present for hours of practice. i will definitely use your water and detergent method. much thanks.
  10. and it is sky blue because the sky is blue.
  11. well, let me first remind you of a mistake that many people make. we can see out to 13.8 billion light year's distance. that means it is twice that as it is a radial measurement. pi*r^2=A to find the area of the galaxy roughly would be 7850000000 yr^2. that's plenty of space even enough to fit all those brown dwarves we cannot see. fact of the matter is that stars are much closer together towards the center than at the outer reaches.
  12. i have a stratocaster which i use furniture polish rags on to clean it. i wonder if this will mess anything up over time. i figure this is a good place to ask as i see at least one player here. hopefully this isn't too far off topic.
  13. i would also consider that as it softens, it travels up the string too and spreads out a bit probably requiring more
  14. yup, it could. it doesn't take much heat to end up with a bit of aroma with flavored wax.
  15. well, now you know. its all about community at this point. know your people and follow the rules.
  16. i too understand how a bike works. my interpretation, however, may not be a new perspective. i would love to see your vantage point. please show me theorian.
  17. no, this was your victory over the self. you won.
  18. I might very remotely consider the usage of "ignorant" if it is used with precision. Even inflaming comments are better taken this way as i do not hold the concept that incorrectness or lack of knowledge in the presence of experts is demeaning. Ophiolite, please do not be offended by this, but sometimes the evidence is in plain sight and i hope this helps everyone understand. 1) your avatar is led by the comment of "moderately superior". this is at the top of what represents your presence in a thread. 2) as a closing statement you leave the reader with the comment "I waited and waited for a response to my post and when none came I knew it must be from you." you are ingorant of the fact that using the term ignorant is suggestive due to your entering and exiting the building. i hope this is not offensive but instead an addition to the body of knowledge we have built thus far.
  19. i probably could have just waited and told someone to find out for me. i will use other resources to avoid the conflict.
  20. go figure, we are all here to argue and cant get along...lol
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