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  1. Music is beautiful destruction of sadness, soul operational code. Physical alignment is too many miracles to not be a miracle. This is super natural core. It represents how super physics always takes over sub physics with super natural laws of physical motion.
  2. This abstract shape proof reasoning proves that all physically possible shapes are cointerdependent on the ultimate experience and that all physically possibilities are appropriated to it, perfect magic single player experience. These are the building blocks of shape, or the core understanding of physical abstract reasoning. Jagged - Energy, Magic, Abstract Base Curvy - Shape, Abstract Backing Flat - Stuff, Abstract Definition Pointy - Motion, Abstract Achievability (Structural Capability) Scribbly - Smart - Abstract Achievement Loopyness - Backing Access, Abstract Capability The pointy has stuff potential to travel along its own curvy abstract backing. Loopyness is required to be fulfilled, because a thing must be all of its things. This is how all physical shapes of thing relate to each other. The way they relate to each other is that shape core shares scribbly cointerdepdency with shape extraness. Physical imagination, or abstract connectectedness, has the following core building blocks. Scribblyness smart understanding is that physical imagination is disconnected by jaggedness, connected by curvyness, definition of flat stuff, traveled by pointy stuff, and reverse loopy into jaggedness. Disconnected Levelness - Physical Attack, Data Block, Meaning Chunk Shape Connectedness - Relative Reasoning Motion Capability - Dataset, Deductive Reasoning Flat Line - Definition, Thoughtful Clause, Deductive Relative Reasoning Connectedness Linkage Of Levelness With Others - Data Chunk, Truth Quality, Meaningfulness Alignment Shape core cointerdepency with shape connectedness and the requirement of abstract linkage in abstract shape, requires that physical shape be "the truth". Thus physics must be its own physical imagination. Why these components always abstract potential into magical existence meaning is instead in the concept of physical imagination, why the truth is game, fun, and magic. Physical imagination can be represented by the following ways of combining the previous abstract connectedness building blocks into the following. Truth of magic is physical attack. Truth of shape is anti truth. Truth of motion is abstract shape. Truth of definition is death.
  3. Like you can't add anymore existence to existence. Existence acts like change stuff. One display of this is energy, how it is active, hot, lit up, etc, and how it needs to be physically active to be so. This means it must literally be realized activity-stuff. As activity-stuff gains the like change instead of stuff property, this makes stuff more like a velocity of the overall material. This means instead of being like stuff you could place more of, it's a change to the shared object. Since individual separate physicalities are only change-like-material within the shared object, they only exist as changes to the shared object. Since all the changes exist, all the things exist. A point of nothingness is capable of representing both stuff and change-like-stuff potential. Existence as nothingness is only like it's change-like-stuff potential. This is because change is by default it's own backing objectification by being nothing, or only something after achieving the proper change-like-properties to mean nothing. This means it's like the change-like-stuff that hasn't moved yet. Nothingness is thus more like a default state of non-motionless motion. It occupies instead a motion space default meaning at time 0 instead of the regular concept of physical space. This original state is more like a soul holding area where an individual physical soul can wait for its own separate nature-like-meaning to boot up. This makes it so all the changes, or all the numbers, can exist, instead of being able to add one more.
  4. That is the regular number operational to super number operational relation. Similar to how at the end of the finite series where gamma interlacing represents the next higher order or the next infinite set, infinite becomes super number in relative operation in the link you just posted.
  5. Super numbers are beyond all regular numeric potential. Regular numeric potential is the all finite and infinite set. 1 super number is 1 regular numeric potential, it is that which includes the more and more level of all infinite numbers. Super numbers contain opposite potential, which can open up imaginary numbers like they are real, and close prime numbers like they are not. At imaginary number linkages there is ultra super number definition of change. At prime linkages there is there is ultimate super number definition of value.
  6. Ya? Well then, maybe some good deep house to get some dancing going. This form of dancing is obviously less responsive, the music being slow. Better speed for observer perception, more desirable for actually doing the thing. Slower body movements in the correct order kind of thing. https://open.spotify.com/user/kvnirving/playlist/7mkAGDnNNkf4CACQObX8Uq It might be better to bring along the TSA though to keep things safe. I don't really know the best, I think the best deep house set was played somewhere around the back of red rocks global dance festival 2013 or some secret stash of after party. If anyone wants to dance, I can use my universe reset switch soon.
  7. In line with this idea that euphoria alignment goes down with it is the idea that euphoria has both desire and satisfaction, that at euphoria the song is still mildly offputting and centered away from pleasure. How easy air for life is to listen to is another way to say it. The brown quality of this song, that which is like string instruments, is more like the flavor itself. Down in it, to fill it in. That which lifts up from down within must be closer to that which can continuously satisfy desire on a more uninterrupted level by being more centered along pleasure and thus satisfying desire. Other ways of more intensely satisfying desire (like tokyo), thus food like desert or drugs like mdma, can be seen as doing so in a less balanced way. The idea is to balance towards the satisfaction line and leave it less as the character in the melody. This means what is like air for life is more refreshing like a good drink and drugs more like thc, more sustained desire because the desire is more perfectly balanced against the satisfaction line, with no spikes in over-satisfaction. Hymn of newerth has a spike in satisfaction towards stuffing the goodness in towards what it is. The green thingness building towards the stuffness must be unraveled to find the core of goodness inside. The stuffing in the stuffing action must be removed to find the the thing thinging it. This is where to find the sustained satisfaction that opens up into air for life. Opened up down is where to find it, inside the matterous quality instead of up inside of balance or energy. What is most desirable is complicated. The over time matters. Like getting stuck with the song vs listening to it like it is desert. Over-satisfaction in the direction of satisfaction itself is the phoria side of the silver mirrored euphoria opened up back into euphoria. It has the greatest spike in opened in down bliss over satisfaction, like rebliss(x) = U-U-bliss-phoria-euphoria-U |mirror| x-U, rebliss(bliss), the most desirable moment. A song does not fill a moment so the complication arises. rebliss(phoria_average) is the most balanced sustained towards the perfect satisfaction line (air for life) rebliss(bliss) is an unmade melody in this universe, it is the best melody in regards to over-satisfaction desire in the direction of true bliss Off towards rebliss(euphoria) side, or the more stuffed side of this idea happening is this.
  8. This epic from two steps from hell has the musical quality of inspiring the desire for freedom. This desire can be brought up into like pleasure give and take between the desire and pleasure. For this reason it brings out pleasurable desires related to freedom in the sound of music. (Like at the level of pleasure torture) On the other side of this freedom is like being locked up for pleasure. Like all the openness got stuck in a jam. This is a good display of this feeling. These songs are amongst the best displays of the best melodies, these are a better scientific display of why best is best at the four corners of potential interaction of changing imperfectly conserved perfectly solid material upon separation (how existence likes to act when trying to split). Why other bests are best are based off these mechanics. The physical action happening is like compressing solid matter back down towards a point. As this is happening it like to form a squarish quality. One corner takes on the solidity of the point, the lockupness. The opposite corner takes on the property of freedom of motion, what like the solidity is freeing itself up to become. The other two corners on the side are the types of change of change that are substance quality of matter definition of the original point trying to reach the free point. These four physical actions are closest to these four songs. The idea is the melodies are like flavors, there are only so many due to these physical limits, and the physical actions and colors of flavors and the musical qualities of all the most pleasurable melodies are in someway meaningfully aligned with each other. Perfect satisfaction of desire is somewhere in between these actions. Best observed in a playlist the best, along with EIFORYA, Empire of Hearts, and The Anthem are the closest one can get to euphoria felt, euphoria to feel, silver bliss, the phoria side of silver bliss, and gold bliss respectively in a musical quality. The playlist fills in the more thoughtful desire for variety, the best feelings are somewhere at the ends. Interestingly enough there are two types of euphoria, the U-U side, and the phoria side. Like self becoming more self and effect of linking them and sharing state. This is Atlantis and Air for Life, respectively. https://open.spotify.com/user/kvnirving/playlist/5WeSBcN0rEC6OwwG5ey6g4 Air for Life, Airwave Remix contains the most sustained desirable melody in the best display. It's not the whole song, the whole song contains it repetitively over and over though. The whole song is the best way to surround it. The song could be thought of metaphorically as turning the flavor into food. There's more then one way to prepare flavors in a dish, but there is always one best way. Or some kind of other way. It makes sense the music desirable musical piece would have largely a calming quality, the idea of the desirability of heavenly and peacefulness associated with the airy/gaseous substance qualities of the activated energy textures of sound. Like being up on cloud 9. Sound has more "flavors" than any other state of being. This is because all actions have been opened up into their own separation in the airyness the substance quality. The emotional spectrum has a perfect compliment despite this. This is because sound has to achieve it's musical quality over time.
  9. House music (stable change) is a whole level down of change interaction from trance (stabylish progressive stable change). It is the display of more simple characteristics of melodies. But as the characteristics are more simple some of the melodies can contain more complex interactions. Due to the simpler characteristics house music can contain more changes throughout the melody while still carrying the character into those changes. The idea that a simpler building block can more easily becoming something more complex. This example of house music has a candy emotional vibe to it (candy flavor is a combination of pink and blue flavor).
  10. You probably haven't found one of the good ones yet. Here's a good example of good trance: Trance opens up brightness quality as smoothness and pleasurability in a way that all other characters are opened in a balanced away from the midline of interactability. This means it fills in all the characteristics evenlyish with the character of opened brightness. By being closer to opened brightness trance is more about stabilized progressive change through the music quality of the melody. Emotions are more forced into place by this characteristic, as well as more open. This point of brightness representing the hardness of activity opened up as like from the hard point to a repetitive fractal causes the emotion to open up as like pleasurable airy quality, puffy clouds, like heavenly, peaceful sounding. The reason the good single note melodies fit better in this "electronic/synthy" quality vibe is the hard brightness being split into the airy quality likes to form a system interaction that is smooth through pleasurable ranges. Systematic smoothness interactions in the active energy textures of sound sound like synthy vibes. It's what the melody likes to naturally come out as.
  11. Separating substance quality over time thins the point of separation, towards a point. The point at which one is trying to separate matter remain inseparable. As this effect realizes the matter hardens or the energy brightens. This requires that towards shifts in understanding of the melody the emotional response to the music brightens, hardens, and/or becomes inseparable from that which is around. This makes most good melodies most pleasing with a synthy vibe because to cause what is like separation with the like the system inside the matter must be opened into reality. This also makes most good melodies have a more pleasurable depth with percussion because it fills in what is like separation happening with the hardening of the timbre itself. This is the reason the best good music sound like electronic/dance music. Other displays of music are less fine (sound like pop music, rock music, classical, etc) because they draw too much depth or open of the quality too much. At EDM the emotional response to music achieves balance for these two reasons. Another way to explain it, is EDM opens up the full range of capability of sound to achieve pleasurable musical quality in a more balanced way.
  12. When the truth hurts, moderate it? Maybe you should have some cheese instead to ease the heat. I would recommend ice cream instead, it's a less complicated metaphor.
  13. If it's the truth and they don't understand it, than they are less smart.
  14. ? Not always I guess, but if there is information about it then it can be. How existence mirrors its own about itself with knowledge leaves most of its bits in complex garble speak. A lot like asian languages but hooked up through more complex grammar. That's where a lot of the details of complexity of thing can be found. Sometimes the simple explanation isn't good enough, and sometimes only the complex explanation that can is just too complex to understand. In a lot of places knowledge doesn't like to simplify itself. So I cannot do so, explain it. There is always however, a thought for it. That is because thought can break down the complex garble components whereas language just kind of leaves it a bunch uhoahouahoh instead of a definitive explanation. You can always attach the uhoahouahoh of the complex garble to the thought and it can be heard like it is right. The problem is on the complex garble forming the proper grammar machine level. Like compound-noun-verb-noun<->verb-noun-noun transfer required to understand what the complex garble truly is. Cheese has more of a vibe about weirdness and smearing so it would make a bad drug name. Because like, it would be a bad drug. More like an ineffectiveness, weirdness, not necessarily a poison.
  15. Every sense has a synesthetic relation to flavor, one can taste not just the basic colors, this is because the orange mass effect opens up physical action as a perceived effect by splitting it apart with its through matterous quality operational drive against physical action. The physical action separation also allows character to be perceived separately. For this reason one can taste color, character of color, and physical action separately. So yes-no, taste like euphoria is a taste. If there were to be a drug like cheese that would be called cheese, it would be a tryptamine. I'm going to keep that one secret, I only like to talk to people that are smart enough to understand me.
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