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  1. can the mirrors be held by arangutans? you said, "Human consciousness has a deeply-rooted bias toward focusing on physicality." my first question is how does that make you feel? mirrors are a classical presentaion of mysticism. they can invoke a sense of awe. this distracts the mind from using those skills required for good science.
  2. we do not really know what would happen. there are a few competing models that to attemt to explain interaction here but there is no observation available to us yet that can confirm or deny one in particular. my suggestion is this. we observe matter getting close and then we observe large amounts of energy getting spit out. my guess is that for something strong enough to trap light involves huge amounts of force. how big is your black hole?
  3. in a strictest sense math is a language with specific rules. it is a shorthand of language. you can do the same thing with language that you can do with math as long as you follow the same rules. 5+5=10 five plus five is ten here is another proof of interest. my brother is ignorant a=b where a= brother and b=ignorant in the end, math takes a language job and makes it simple. when you look at some of the math presented in physics it looks daunting but imagine having to specificly spell out your ideas in a way that truly describes your idea. yes, you can generalize with words but that comes at the cost of losing precision. math and language do the same thing. math=language
  4. batteries have an internal resistance. have you ever noticed that when you subject a battery to a heavy load it gets warm? discharging a battery too quickly destroys it. some batteries can be discharged quicker than others. compare a plain battery to a nicad battery and you will understand. this is why they use those batteries in remote controlled airplanes. they can put more out in a given amount of time. cpacitors allow you to slowly store energy until you have a desired amount. you can then dump the energy very quickly. remember that capacitors are not made for long term storage.
  5. i do not own a gun, but i do have a baseball bat. i would beat them unconscious and then castrate them and make sure that they lived to see their day in court. what better closure than public awareness, because in the hearts and minds of the people they are already dead. yet they must live on; this would be hell.
  6. talking about 1s and 0s and probabilities is great. however, you can describe this with math in an absolute way. this removes the element of perception. put it down as an expression and everyone can work on it.
  7. maybe we are looking at the problem the wrong way. who wants to argue with someone who is always right? this is indicative of poor communication skills. great for science, bad for effective communication. i had a friend once who, for the life of him, could not get his wife to open up to him. taking a step back, i realized that he was a slow talker. when he wanted his way, he would make a logical statement and then use it to prove he was right. i told him that he needed to show a little weakness and that it was ok not to win every time. sometimes you have to make sacrifices. "show the woman that you are a human being and you will win her heart."
  8. my goal was to think like a creationist. did i do that well?
  9. time travel happens all the time. this is because time slows down as you speed up. this effect is also seen in gravitational fields. thank einstein for forward time travel. traveling backwards in time is a different story. consider feynman's idea of the positron. you may want to do research on that. it will keep you busy for a moment.
  10. as an atheist myself brought up in a babtist/catholic community, i feel your pain. in trying to stick to the thread purpose as posted above by the moderator, i only have a few things to offer as possible arguments for creationism. how much time and sand would it take to build a sand castle by pouring sand out of your hand and letting it hit the ground. i think we can all agree, as people of science, that the rules of entropy prevent this from happening. so far as we can tell the entire universe goes from order to chaos. lifeforms go against this rule and scientists cannot repeat how it started. we are also the goldilocks of the universe. our soup is unbelievably just right. if we won the gallactic lottery, we did so a thousand times over. and of course, in the end, we cannot prove with certainty that our universe is truly real - all particles are actually waves, the universe is an empty hollogram, ect... oh, dont forget the bones. we must use deductive reasoning to fill in the gaps between the bones of evolution. there are large gaps to say the least. according to fossil record there are explosions of life that require a modification of how evolution works. our original assumptions were wrong. ok, the shoe goes back on the other foot for me now. -a man that cannot look beyond logic is effectively a sociopath. science is merely a simple tool.-
  11. i'm putting this in my box of keepers...
  12. consider taking your teacher's words as true because this will be the best way to understand your class. to help you out with light being energy... light is made of little packages of momentum or "push". in fact a photon is the smallest amount of "push" that you can make. that is why light doesn't seem to do much work at all.
  13. electrons and positrons can pop into existence ony to anihilate each other (they have opposite charges) so quickly that the law of conservation does not apply. these are called virtual particles because they did not exist long enough to be considered real. a real electron violates no laws because it's creation involved the addition of energy equivelant to it's mass.
  14. he would be correct... but this does not mean that you cannot figure out what causes this sensation. the effect is clearly due to the motion of particles.
  15. it is important to love yourself (have a positive self esteem). to this extent, the love that you look for will be more healthy for you. as your self esteem improves, you begin to have higher expectations of what a partner should or should not do. yes, you can love anyone you want to but is that love true? may i suggest that taking love apart for it's numerical value may prove in the end that it does not exist at all. this would make you an unloving person. it would defeat the purpose of finding what you want. if you want to believe in love then love yourself first and good things will follow.
  16. perhaps you are refering to religious people? it must be frustrating to have so many answers and always be correct. yet to no avail do they accept your proof. consider that you may not be entering a logical arguement no matter how much it may seem that way. this is an area where personal feelings come into play.
  17. i applaud your ability to publicly admit that you have a psychiatric condition. many people go on through their lives hiding. relax, nobody is perfect.
  18. i just came from another science forum. recently, the major topic of discussion has mostly been about the dissemination of religious structure. as an athiest, i understand the logical conclusions that followed. however, after all of the religious individuals were chased off, the individuals began attacking the weakest individuals left. as an informed community, we must responsibly handle our tools. not everyone watching us has the higher function that compliments logical proof. for the rest of the world, removing religion to solve world problems is a fallacy. what fool trades freedom for proof? we have the endowed capability to evolve beyond a darwinistic result. we are endowed this capability by evolution itself. for those of you who disagree, i would ask your personal opinion of what the following sentence means. A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS. remember that googling this for the right answer does you no favors but it may help you realize that there is more to this world than what you will find in a book. some questions do not have answers. this is the human condition.
  19. if you take life apart then you are not living at all.
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