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  1. No. I think genetically changing people would slow down evolution, and that would be bad. I only support genetically changing people if it is to cure diseases. I voted 'no, on other grounds'.
  2. Which is why the system described should only be for the people there for life. Then that wouldn't be a problem.
  3. Hitting a hand is not abuse. Here is a source that says child abuse can cause brain damage: http://psychology.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fteacher.scholastic.com%2Fprofessional%2Fbruceperry%2Fabuse_neglect.htm Read the part titled Traumatic Experiences and Development
  4. As I said before, brain damage in the future will cancel that debt.
  5. I said that I would prefer to fight back, not that everyone should. I stated my opinion, and did not say that anyone else should have it. Actually......... Your response: In the word "the", why do you have a 'w' where the 'e' should be?
  6. Ungrateful for not being treated as an inferior? Then try rewording the rest of your post, because I can't understand your point; if you have one.
  7. 1. I would prefer fighting back or being abused over being a slave. 2. How is that an encouragement for child abuse?
  8. I think he meant they didn't want it to happen' date=' but didn't think he was wrong. If he meant what you think he means, those two statements contradict each other. No. I'm saying that kids know that their parents don't know everything, therefore they know that their parents can be wrong. It would be more effective than hitting them. That would make them more angry, and there would also be a could chance that that would ruin any possibility of fixing the problem in the future. Because the discipline in question isn't disipline, it's abuse. The connection is that both are abuse.
  9. So you think that all kids are incapable of questioning their parents just because yours are? You can't judge a large number of people based on only four of them. Do you think that kids think that their parents know everything? Because if you do, you're wrong. And some kids are capable of having superior judgement, and if you think none can, then you're wrong.
  10. This is a science forum. Not a place where preaching is generally accepted. Most of us here prefer reasoning and logic. If you want to preach, find a different forum, because no one here wants to see it.
  11. Yet again, you missed my point. "children are fools until they can defend themselves (as I have said, not being rude to your parent)" Reread your own statement, and try to understand the implications. You just said that any physically weak person is a fool. I hope you weren't aware of that. 'make some sense':D! Follow your own advice. It's not that I'm not making sense, it's that you can't understand the simple logic that I am using. So, you think that laws don't deter crime at all? That it just exists so we can punish people, and to try to stop crime from happening at all? You are in no position to tell anyone to make sense, especially someone who is. So you should be your parents slave if you know them and it's a possibility? Wow, that's really amazing. And sad. And demented. And..........
  12. Yes, that's what he said. So it's ok just because some countries allow it? You are aware that countries used to make it legal to torture someone for not believing a certain religion, right? So then, by your logic, that was ok? That's not true. That means I could go up to you and start hitting you, and not get in any kind of trouble. BTW, as Budullewraagh said, children are not fools. There are many who are smarter and more mature than you, and I'm not talking about the geniuses. So, in other words, 'For children to avoid abuse, they must be their personal slave'. Seriously, getting abused for talking back?! You've got to be kidding me! Murders happen all the time. However, the law says murder is illegal. The law doesn't stop murder, so should we just go ahead and legalize it because it didn't stop the murders from happening?
  13. Pros:None Cons:You can't be serious can you? :mad:No it shouldn't. Why should it be? There is no possible good that can come from child abuse. Find one benefit of child abuse. Just try. I think the future mental problems will cut down on that, don't you? His answer is not ridiculous. It's sad that you find the idea that people should be allowed to abuse their children ridiculous.
  14. Saudireports;you have no idea what you are talking about. Einstein didn't even invent the atom bomb! You apparently have no knowledge of the subject you ridicule. Light can't even get up to a fifth of that speed, and one of the laws of relativity is that nothing can reach the speed of light. I suggest you learn a little about something before you attempt to ridicule it.
  15. What do you mean by measures? Do you mean the rate of time or seconds,minutes, hours,etc.?
  16. How could it be possible for an explosion to make a dimension? An explosion is just a physical event, how could it create a dimension?
  17. Space wasn't created at the big bang. Space is three dimensions, and an explosion couldn't create a dimension, no matter how big it is. The big bang didn't make space, so you can't say that space isn't infinite because of the big bang.
  18. It's based on the idea that space is curved. If space is curved than it has to be. I like the idea because, as I said in my signature, I can't understand how the universe could be infinite or how it could be finite, and this idea solves that problem.
  19. It wouldn't be any different than now. The light from all the stars wouldn't all reach us. Also it could be infinite by folding over on itself, so when you go far enough you reach your original point. Like the surface of the Earth; it seems like you're going in a straight line, but you're actually going in a circle.
  20. If you make a joke that's not obvious, you should use the emoticons.
  21. No. You, as the starter of the thread, are the one that needs to show your logic. You start this thread complaining about how space ends, and just repeating the same old worthless junk over and over again, yet you feel no obligation to back up your words. The topic of the thread is that you think space ends, and you just keep repeating that without explaining why. YOU HAVE TO USE LOGIC!! This is a science forum, and science requires LOGIC. Without it, science is useless, and so are you. And why is it so important that space has a shape?
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