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  1. It learns that it can view the world through sight when the mutation happens that lets it see. Sight isn't necessarily an advantage though. A plant wouldn't have much use for sight, since it couldn't move to avoid or go to anything it saw anyway, so it wouldn't have evolved sight. And adaptations don't happen because the cell thinks of them (except for some behavioral), they happen because of unconscious mutations.
  2. I'm not really new, but it has been over a year since I have posted. This site has changed a lot.
  3. The Universe http://www.cybcity.com/theuniverse lol
  4. I just saw this thread because my internet connection was down. I don't know if it's to late for this but if you do make a character of me here's my information: gender: male hair:brown, about half an inch tall skin:white glasses:none facial hair:some mustache hair weapon: long mace Anything would be good though.
  5. If you have room could you make a character of me? about 5'6",short,brown,spiky hair,blue or gray eyes, jeans and a t-shirt. For my weopon I could have a sword on one hip and a pistol on the other.
  6. Going full-speed on a quad towards a barbed wire fence without a helmet, and forgetting where the brakes where.
  7. I'm on level 6 on the Hook, and I'm stuck. I've looked all over the page and looked at the source, but can't find anything.
  8. I will too. My school has this site blocked.
  9. Genetics create someone's appearence, so why not be a factor in personality? I find it hard to believe that genetics would affect everything except for the mind.
  10. And you don't think genetics makes any contribution to the 'self'?
  11. It's for my English class; everyone in the class has to do it. That will be an important part. Does the newspaper have a website so I could learn more about that?
  12. I think part of it is genetics, but most of it is based on our experiences and the way we were raised.
  13. I have to do a small speech on racism on Wednesday. The topic is: "To what extent do you think racism still exists in America today? How has racism changed over the years. Stat examples and possible causes of racism today." I haven't been able to find any information on the subject. I've tried Google but there wasn't anything useful. I need some information or a link to some soon. Thanks in advance. I'm going to go try a different search engine now...
  14. Electrons and atoms are not infinitely small. Looking at infinity will do nothing to help us, partially because we can not see it. We couldn't get any technology from understanding infinity anyway. And how could it make jobs?
  15. Yeah, try working that one out! Have fun.
  16. You can't measure something without borders because what you measure is the distance between the borders. Infinity cannot have a size because size deals with finite objects. If infinity had a size there could be a bigger size, and then it wouldn't be infinity because something would be bigger than it. Let's assume that infinity can be measured, and has been. Let's call it x. What about x+1, x*2, and x^99999999? Infinity cannot have a size. A size exists within something larger. If infinity had a size, that would mean it exists within something larger. Infinity is not a thing.
  17. Not if you think time is infinite, and in that case cannot be a by-product of anything. No, everything excluding infinity has a size. If infinity had a size, then it would be an object. Infinity is not an object. It is a concept.
  18. If infinity had a size, it wouldn't be infinity. There's always a bigger size, so infinity cannot have size.
  19. I don't know what I meant. It made sense at the time though. I was sick when I made the post.
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