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  1. Ok eventually evolution does cover all. But how does an organism decide to keep sight on the basis that the first mutation must have been pretty poor? The visibility wouldn't have been helpful at all, if even achievable. Plus it would have used as much energy or more for us and animals as it would have had for plants, however we kept it. And also, thiss mutation would have been very ssmall to begin with, and we have mutations in todays society. But the scale for this mutation must have been enourmous across the board of living organisms for it to have actually turned into such an important evolutionary feature. Sure small mutations like colours or the forming of bones, but senses? These are hard wired features of an organism that had to have come from somewhere but that would have sstarted out so primitive that for survival would have been rejected at that stage in development.
  2. If you follow the history of evolution all animals and plants once originated as single celled organisms and have evolved to adapt to their surroundings. But how did these original cells have the genetics or brains to come up with these adaptations? For instance, fair enough that original single cells evolved feelers to grab onto their surroundings, this could have been acheived through mutation. But how does an organism learn that it can view the world on a whole new level through sight and create powerful eyes? At what stage were any parts of a single cell, such as the normal parts of a cell able to presume that light could be seen and what parts started utilising it? It just seems to unlikely that this could happen, even over thousands of millions of years. And even if it could, surely plants would have utilised sight too. What posssible advantage would an original cell, or even a even multi-celled organism gain from viewing surroundings, and how did the cell think to create a way to veiw them. This kind of problem can be seen in most of the other extreme senses as well. It would be great to know if there was a theory out there. Cheers Nick:-)
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