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  1. I meant that it should be ok after the trial. But if he is proven guilty, then it should be OK to use extreme interrogation. This is a murderer, and lives could be saved by interrogating him, so you're saying that some people's lives aren't as important as this guy's comfort?
  2. I'm supposed to wear glasses. I figure if i get enough dust to build up on them my eyes will get better.
  3. By Sayonara{Quote}Oh right, it's "okay" to torture terrorists.{/Quote} Of course it is. They use those same methods, so what's the problem?
  4. 1. boring 2. barely anything you learn is useful 3. You have to do it THIS WAY! If you have a better way, too bad! 4. most homework doesn't teach you anything, wastes time and paper 5. most of the people are complete retards 6. too long 7. the hardest test is the one where you try to stay awake the whole class 8.................. .................... .....................huh? oh, right. I could go on forever.
  5. {Quote} you dont square the time, just it'd be written like m/s^2 {/Quote} You say don't square the time then say s^2. Did you mean (m/s)^2
  6. {Quote}if you are learning for a test, the exam board will normally ask all questions using the same set of units, from my experience they do anyway, when it comes to the 'real world' its up to you to measure it in the same way, or get a unit converter! {/Quote}I didn't mean different units as in grams and kilograms, which are interchangeable. I meant different types of measurement completely, like newtons and pounds. F=ma. Replace it with xnewtons=5pounds*2km per minute per minute. So you get 10 newtons right? But if you change 5pounds to 80 ounces. They are equal,right? Let's try it again. F=80ounces*2km per minute. Now f equals 160 newtons. It shouldn't be any different because 80ounces=5pounds. That's the problem.
  7. How do you solve problems like f=ma? For each variable, you put in a different number, but they are described in different units, like pounds, or pounds per square inch. How does it work?
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