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  1. EXACTLY. it isnt infinit, thats what im trying to say. IT ENDS. it couldnt be infinit in size, thats what im trying to say. If its expanding from the big bang then it CANT be infinit.
  2. this link shows how the gravity could be faster than the speed of light: http://www.ldolphin.org/vanFlandern/gravityspeed.html'>http://www.ldolphin.org/vanFlandern/gravityspeed.html heres another link: http://www.ldolphin.org/vanFlandern/ heres a link about people talking about how people found out that they r the same speed, and they are also posing new, unanswered questions: http://www.physicsforums.com/archive/t-56180_Gravity,_its_speed,_and_how_it_relates_to_light?.html after doing some research, i found out i shouldnt have used the word 'proved'. but i have found the approximate speed of light which is 2.99792 x 108 meters per second, this relates VERY closesly to the speed of light. heres the experiemnt with a brief description: http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,,sid9_gci874815,00.html
  3. ok, ill try and find one. i remember reading about it a year or so ago, and then seeing it on the discovery channel (haha, what a great source ) ill post it if i can find it.
  4. the universe isnt expanding faster than the speed of light, so the light would have reached us by now, no matter where the star is.
  5. dont all carbon-based creatures (such as humans, and basically everything on this planet) need water to survive? so how could carbon-based life forms have formed without water?? i think we evolved from water, because we cannot survive without it.
  6. when i said about 60% of language is made through the body i meant that we use gestures to show how we feel, what we want, or we could just smile to show someone yourhappy. or you could wave to someone to communicate a greeting. another way to put it is that about 60% of language is unspoken
  7. i would like to kno how this post contributes to the thread in any way. and it doesnt matter where you hear about evolution, none of it can be proven or falsified. there for a magazine is as likely a source for the truth of evolution as the universities around the world. They are all just theories. -and i apoligize for the last 2 comments i made, they were kind of out of line, but i stick with what i said
  8. i heard over 60% of language is spoken through the body......anyways, read my post that i posted way up near the top, haha, no1 responded to it and i feel like it was useless SO SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING -by the way, those r awesome links you gave!!! thanks
  9. actually there r no theories that even imply that that could be possible. the universe could be flat, spherical or curved, like a horse saddle. Those r the only theories that scientists accept. Ive never heard of an over-lapping universe. how would that be possible? the shape of the universe depends if its at critical density. if its below critical, above critical, or ON the critical density point. i forget what shapes go with what but i THINK i remember its this: -if its above critical then its shape is spherical -if its on the critical density its shape is flat -if its below critical density its like a horse saddle -like i said, im not sure which shape goes with what, but those r the possibilities.
  10. well, heres your answer. IT DOES END. and ill prove it ( with the help of a steven hawkings book) if the universe was infinit then there would be a star EVERYWHERE we look, and the night sky would be as bright as the sun. But it isnt, and there arent stars in every direction, so the universe has an end. But i bet nobody will ever see it, learn about it, or come near to discovering its mysteries, or whats on the other side of the end.
  11. well, there have certainly been a lot of posts, and i didnt have the time to read every word, so im sorry if im repeating what some1 else said. anyways i'll try to respond to a lot of the comments. -1st off, bettina said it would take trillions of years for the black holes to evaporate, and the universe will not continue for trillions of years. no matter which outcome the universe has chosen, it will only live around 20 billion years more. -martin said that no matter how cold or how hot the universe gets, "it" will still live on. NOT true, and this is a fact. Every particle in this universe of ours will decay. It takes about 10^35 years. so actually, the universe will not live on, because when the last star burns out, then all live will die. and when the last particle decays, the universe will die. no more nothing. -and if the big crunch occurs, instead of the big freeze, then all matter will be back to a single unit of matter (singularity). and i highly doubt another big bang could occur. because the universe has changed since it was all compacted in the 1st big bang. and it might have lost its materials used to create a big bang. -and, this is my opinion, but i think there is no way that there could possibly be another universe. i believe we r the one and only. Dont you all feel a little more special? haha.
  12. omg, haha, i had a thread EXACTLY like this, but only about 2 people posted in it and it died... anyways. ----------------i editted this post, please read the posts i made after this-----------------
  13. well, ive heard this of this 'multi-verse' stuff before. It was in the movie " The One" with Jet Lee. HaHa. anyways, asking if this is possible is like asking how much the universe weighs, or something like that. However, i dont believe the big bang had started because of a rupture, but thats off the subject. -another big-bang coming from a black hole, i think this is VERY implausible. i dont think a black hole is capable of performing a big bang. -im sorry, but i just lost my train of thought because i had 2 go somewhere in the middle of my post. But i'll be sure to edit this with my OPINION as soon as it comes back P.S. very interesting topic
  14. i was recently reading a book called 'The Universe In A Nutshell' by: Steven Hawking. He said that the universe DOES end somewhere. He knows this because if the universe was infinit then that means everywhere we look there would be a star, and the night sky would be as bright as the sun. so in other words if the universe went on forever then there would be a star EVERYWHERE we look. But there isnt. So the universe must end at some point
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