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  1. It's electrostatics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrostatics
  2. Charged electroscope metal leafs have abundance of electrons i.e. more electrons than not charged metal. Electrons came from external source of electrons. If you have copper metal plate that has mass m, it has [latex]\frac{m}{m_{Cu}}[/latex] atoms. [latex]m_{Cu}=63.546 u = 1.05521*10^{-25} kg[/latex] mass of single Copper atom. (more info about mass atomic unit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_mass_unit ) So 1 kg of Copper wire has: [latex]\frac{1 kg }{1.05521*10^{-25} kg}= 9.48*10^{24}[/latex] atoms. and [latex]9.48*10^{24}*29=2.748*10^{26}[/latex] electrons (when it's not charged). They are bound to atoms.
  3. Even a lot of electrons. Aluminum has 13 electrons per atom, Iron has 26 electrons per atom, and Copper has 29 electrons per atom. But majority of them don't participate in flow of current through metal.
  4. What is model name? The all wifi routers I was playing with had WAN, WLAN diodes, and 4+ diodes for 4 inputs/outputs. They should blink while transferring data. Do you know how to log-in to your router through web browser? Did you ever do it? Does wifi router appears in wireless neighborhood.. ?
  5. Nuclear reactor is application of quantum physics. Magnetic resonance imaging another application of quantum physics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_resonance_imaging 2nd and 3rd generation leptons and quarks and mesons are short living particles, that need tremendous amount of energy to create them in particle accelerator.
  6. Electrons from outside source gather on electroscope metal leafs and they're repelling which can be seen and measured. You could have electroscope inside of vacuum tube and it will work fine. How to make electroscope video:
  7. Relative, learn about Coulomb's Law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coulomb%27s_law It's about repelling and attracting of charged objects. Electroscope is device that will show you this in real world: Arrow will move, when it'll have abundance of electrons (that will want to keep them self as farthest as possible from other electrons, thus causing movement of arrow). Home made version of this device is simply Aluminum foil inside of bottle: You can buy such device on ebay for $35 dollars. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Electroscope-Demonstration-Case-w-Gold-Foil-8-x-3-5-x-9-5-Inches-/311079395747
  8. Sensei


    Buy 1st class physics book, then 2nd class, then 3rd class, and so on.. Don't make your own theory until reading them all, with understanding..
  9. Sensei


    Before Einstein there was obviously Newton's theory of gravitation.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton's_law_of_universal_gravitation and Newton's mechanics. The main difference between the two is in that Newton velocity has no maximum limit. Kinetic Energy in Newton's mechanics is [latex]E.K.=\frac{1}{2}*m*v^2[/latex] while in Einstein's special relativity it is: [latex]E.K.=\frac{m_0*c^2}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}-m_0*c^2[/latex] What on Earth ancient Greeks have to electricity I have no idea..
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    Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean..
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    Before, nor after Einstein, gravity was not magnetisms. Idea of force F predates work on electricity and magnetisms in XIX century. Have you seen Newton Cradle? It's showing conservation of momentum..
  12. Never heard about such game. But after playing on-line it appears it's randomizing column,row where new 2 is appearing. Algorithm can't predict where will appear new number.
  13. Without any doubt. Your body has temperature 36.6 C inside (23-24 C on skin) while ambient temperature of room is ~20 C so we're heating air molecules that surround us (and taking away our energy, cooling us down). As a result we need to eat more in winter, than we have to in summer, to sustain the same temperature.
  14. Energy/mass is property of particles. Personality is completely different thing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personality
  15. Water doesn't turn to ice, because it's surrounded by materials that have room temperature ~20 C or so. If water will touch something colder, like f.e. piece of metal on which there is dry ice, or liquid nitrogen, energy will flow from water molecules to metal, then to dry ice. Metal and water will be cooled down, dry ice will be heated. And water will freeze in seconds. Once all dry ice, liquid nitrogen is gone (vaporize), metal piece and water will be heated by surrounding it materials (like air), back to ambient temperature. There is no intelligence, nor personality in this process. It's simply flow of energy to equilibrium, when energy is spreading equally in all materials.
  16. Sensei


    Discuss science, then it will be all fine..
  17. Which isotope? Different isotope can made different way (even multiple).. Iron has 4 stable isotopes. f.e. Iron-56 can be made from Cobalt-56: Cobalt-56 -> Iron-56 + e+ + Ve + 3.544 MeV Cobalt-56 + e- -> Iron-56 + Ve + 4.566 MeV If you're not interested in details, answer "from lighter elements isotopes" should be sufficient.
  18. In supernova, we have rapid neutron absorption/capture. When neutron is absorbed by some nucleus, it's releasing energy. You can calculate energy released by searching for isotope mass, multiplying it by 931.494 MeV, add 939.565 MeV, and subtract mass-energy of A+1 isotope in table. f.e. Isotope Iron-56 Protons 26 Neutrons 30 Mass 55.9349 Nucleus Energy 52089.8 [MeV] Isotope Iron-57 Protons 26 Neutrons 31 Mass 56.9354 Nucleus Energy 53021.7 [MeV] Energy released by neutron capture of this isotope will be 52089.8+939.565-53021.7 = ~7.6458 MeV [latex]_{26}^{56}Fe + n^0 \rightarrow _{26}^{57}Fe+7.6458 MeV[/latex] Fe-57 is stable, but if we would do similar calculation for unstable isotope, additional energy from decay of that isotope would be produced.
  19. Using this graph we can calculate energy that Sun emitted in all its predicted by model lifetime. We can draw three figures. Triangle 1: [latex]A_1 = \frac{1}{2}*(0.9-0.75)*0.4 = \frac{1}{2}*0.15*0.4 = 0.03[/latex] Triangle 2: [latex]A_2 = \frac{1}{2}*(1.0-0.75)*(4.56-0.4) = \frac{1}{2}*0.25*4.16 = 0.52[/latex] and rectangle: [latex]A_3 = 0.75*4.56 = 3.42[/latex] (1.0 represents power of current Sun) Sum of their areas: [latex]A = A_1+A_2+A_3 = 0.03 + 0.52 + 3.42 = 3.97[/latex] [latex]\frac{3.97}{4.56} = 0.87061 = 87\%[/latex] of idealized energy emission from 1st post. [latex]P_{average} = 3.8651*10^{26} W * 87\% = 3.365*10^{26} W[/latex] Energy emitted for the last 4.56 bln years: [latex]3.365*10^{26} * 60*60*24*365.25 * 4.56*10^9 = 4.8423243744*10^{43} J[/latex] So, instead of [latex]9.17*10^{37}[/latex] Helium-4 atoms produced per second there will be average [latex]7.9835^{37}[/latex] [latex] t = \frac{1.101*10^{56}-8.1978*10^{55}}{7.9835^{37}}=3.52252*10^{17} seconds = 11.13[/latex] bln years
  20. You don't need any money. You need to build device that will do electrolysis for you and produce Hydrogen from water and fill your balloons.. In the simplest form such device is simply rectifying bridge and capacitor. That costs $1 (one dollar).
  21. See thread, where I am describing it with detail: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/85656-solar-fusion-neutrinos-and-age-of-solar-system/ Fusion produces a lot of gamma photons. At least from typical input particles (A<4)..
  22. Not exactly. Either fusion and fission releases energy. Energy can be in kinetic energy of produced particles, photons, or neutrinos. Details depend on specific input particles. Fusion releases very few energy. Tritium and Deuterium are producing the largest known fusion energy 17.6 MeV per reaction. But Tritium you have to make first. And Deuterium is rare isotope. See example giant planets like Jupiter - they have the same/similar content as Sun at the beginning of its life, but they don't fuse Hydrogen nor Helium.. Why? Because concentration/quantity of these particles in their volume is too small. Fusion reactor needs to create such high density by itself before any fusion will take place. There is need to spend substantial amount of energy before any energy is produced during fusion. Decay of unstable particles happens spontaneously. Nothing is needed to cause it. See thread in my signature to learn more how to calculate energy released during decay of unstable isotopes. And the same calculation can be used to calculate fusion energy. It's done on daily basis. It's the only way Plutonium can be made. If you want to see traces leaved by unstable isotopes that decay see videos below:
  23. Gasoline is not made of uniform molecules, like f.e. water. Even water is not quite uniform. It can be made of H2O, D2O or HDO, Oxygen can be Oxygen-16, Oxygen-17 or Oxygen-18 isotopes (these are stable). Hydrogen can be Hydrogen-1, Deuterium or Tritium (it has 12.32 years half-life). Heavy water (D2O) won't have the same density (1.11 g/cm^3) as pure water H2O (1 g/cm^3). With gasoline it's much more complicated. Octane C8H18 is one of gasoline components. Different gasolines can have different amount of octanes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating
  24. Hawking radiation is based on original Dirac idea that particle has positive mass (and positive energy), and its antiparticle has negative mass (and negative energy). But it has been experimentally confirmed that antiparticles have positive mass (thus positive energy). Annihilation of electron and positron is example of this process. Gamma photons produced by it, doesn't have negative energy.
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