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  1. Dear Sirs! I bring to your attention a solution to a world problem: ecology and energy. The source of energy for our needs can be evaporation and condensation. How can it be? The answer to this question is on three pages. Interesting reading!
  2. Hello! Humanity can make up for the lack of energy and at the same time maintain the ecological balance of the native planet. How to do it? The answer is offered on three pages. This is a real chance. Thank you for your attention. Little edit, sorry. CO2red3engl.pdf
  3. Hello! Humanity can make up for the lack of energy and at the same time maintain the ecological balance of the native planet. How to do it? The answer is offered on three pages. This is a real chance. CO2red3engl.pdf Thank you for your attention.
  4. First page jpg-format here (CO2engl2_01.jpg). Or see (all pages pdf-format): http://www.youblisher.com/p/871437-Energy-source-evaporation-condensation-Editing-on-April-20-2014/
  5. Editing by March 26, 2014 http://www.youblisher.com/p/850885-Energy-source-evaporation-condensation-Edited-version-2/ Or see attachment: CO2engl_01.jpg, CO2engl_02.jpg, CO2engl_03.jpg - 1, 2, 3 the pages. Regards, Emil Kutin P. S. Link 12 March invalid.
  6. Editing 12 March http://www.youblisher.com/p/838827-Energy-source-evaporation-condensation-Edited-version-2/ Regards, Emil Kutin
  7. I edited the article. http://www.youblisher.com/p/825780-Energy-source-evaporation-condensation-Edited-version/ Regards, Emil Kutin
  8. In the transition from position B to position C (Fig. 1) the CO2 condensate drops down beneath a bobber - thermal insulator. B and C are shown for clarity, improved perception, better understanding. Pressure at passage B to C is not changed for this logical model. The point of this paper is to show that the evaporation and condensation in an adiabatic process of expansion and contraction can be used as a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy.
  9. I mean that CO2 expands adiabatically cooled, thus there is a partial condensation of CO2. Expansion takes place under the pressure of CO2 and CO2 cooling (condensation of CO2) is a consequence of the adiabatic expansion of CO2. Unfortunately, I did not understand about what you wrote on. But you also do not seem to understand ...
  10. Starting position can provide battery. Yes, any freon - a matter of taste. As you wish. I do not forbid you. Submarine needed buoyancy in the water. Submarine must be definitely easy to drown. This limits its structural strength. Installing energy generation based on evaporation and condensation processes can stand on the ground and be quite heavy and solid. The validity of the principle should be considered in an ideal system. In an ideal system there are no forces of friction and heat losses. Piston returns to its original position if the work of expansion equal to or greater compression work. The paper shows that the work of expansion more the work compression, see fig.2. Yes, this is normal.
  11. The initial pressure above atmospheric pressure (50bar, +15C), and therefore, the liquid phase is. The piston performs a reciprocating motion, the piston may be connected to the flywheel through a curvilinear rod mechanism, not shown in the figure. It is possible to implement a heat exchange with the environment. You are not mistaken, it should be a perpetual motion machine of the second kind. This engine, which performs the work at the expense of the internal energy the environment or due its self-cooling. I think that you understand the job right.
  12. I do not know English, I use online translation, so there is a problem in communication. Article translated by a professional translator and I hope that the article is clear.
  13. It serves hot sauce Maxwell demons. As a result, you get the calories and solution to the paradox. I hope it suits your needs?
  14. "Could you possibly have a go at summarizing your document in the thread?" I'm sorry, I did not understand what you want? Please return back my topic.
  15. New idea. Energy source: evaporation - condensation. See the attachment. CO2engl2.pdf Regards Emil Kutin
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