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  1. The bluejay that spent a couple of weeks in our greenhouse has vacated his apartment without notice; we cannot forward messages.

    1. geordief


      I have heard the grass is greener  ;-)

      I have been watching Ovid performed by actors.He will have his come uppance mark my words.

  2. This post paraphrases a youtube video, "Are We Approaching Robotic Consciousness?" by ColdFusion. An experiment was done to demonstrate limited AI consciousness. Consciousness: aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. , by dictionary.com. Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. by Wikipedia However, this experiment did not claim AI sentience. Equipment: 3 small robots that can walk, talk, and listen networked with an AI consciousness application running on a computer. Each robot ran a copy of the AI consciousness application. Procedure: disable voice on two of the three robots. Tell all three, "One of you can speak.Do you know which one it is?" Results: Each robot tries to say, "I don't know which of us can speak." Two are silent, one is not. The one that hears himself say, "I don't know which one of us can speak," then says, "I now know that I can speak." An audit trail of AI reasoning shows the robot proved logically that it could speak, before saying, "I now know that I can speak." Disclaimer: The quotes above in paragraphs Procedure and Results are not quotes from the video, rather the quoted parts are paraphrasing with quotes added to improve readability. This post is my interpretation of the experiment based on the video; as such it may contain errors. IMO: The experiment does demonstrate a special case of consciousness according to the dictionary and Wikipedia definitions. On the other hand the AI is not sentient. It cannot compete with human general intelligence, but it suggests that engineers are improving AI rapidly, and seem to be limited by insufficient computer capability. Robot designs are primitive compared to the human body. However, viable solutions to real world challenges will be developed with robot bodies that do not function as humans do.
  3. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    I grew up on the other side of the railroad. I cannot imagine a million, much less a billion dollars. I suppose it would make me feel insecure.
  4. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    I wonder what effect the internet of things, flexible electronics, automation, and cameras by the roll disguised as kids stickers will do to privacy. If we have no privacy, paranoia should decrease, I think. If someone who is paranoid can use a bot to investigate anyone coming near the paranoid person, then most will be behaving normally and not be feared. Real costs are falling, and in the limit, automated corporations can produce at near zero cost. If people are supplied with necessities, then the reason to make money should vanish. The path from here to there appears bumpy.
  5. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    Their bravado and desire to control is astounding. Recently, I called my congressman and both senators, and left a message about screwing up medicare, medicaid and taxes. A guy who I went to high school with in 1962-3 found me via facebook. He lived across the street from me, but we had not communicated in over 50 years. Turns out he was a Ranger in Vietnam, 3 tours, then trained as a helicopter pilot and returned to Vietnam for 2 tours, and retired from the Army.. Then, he joined the NTSB, and retired again. He said Sessions had asked him to be head of the NTSB, but he declined. Anyway, he gave me a tip about a $25,000 grant and said, "Just say Corkey sent you.". I called the number he gave, and a woman answered, "Hello." I said, "Corkey said to call here." She said, "Oh yes, about the grant. I need some information." When she started asking about my financial history, I said I'd have to look it up, and get back. I didn't call again. After calling my congressman and senators, pollsters started calling, and continued for more than a month. I had not been called by a pollster before. Corkey hasn't communicated again, either. I may be paranoid, but I think I was offered a $25,000 bribe; although, I cannot reconcile why they would think I am worth bribing. During all this, I was approached by a hooker on social media, another event out of the blue. I've never paid a sex worker, so it is bizarre. It could all be random events, but doesn't feel like it. It feels like money probing for weaknesses in people who might oppose the status quo.
  6. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    I've heard that populist parties have recently become more powerful, and their agendas are often anti-immigration and tend to support police crackdowns. These parties seem to be a reaction to the current corporate ruling class, oligarchs, who are increasing national debts and giving themselves tax breaks and crony contracts. Poland seems to follow this trend. I'm afraid the path to rational politics will be slowed by stupidity and many will die.
  7. Today I Learned

    I've learned that wolf-PAC.com has a petition to get big money out of politics, and forapeoplesparty.org is trying to start a third political party. Both are trying to give back power to "We the People."
  8. It is easy for anyone to extract sucrose from some plants.
  9. Flashlight battery polarity (mixed) ?

    Mixed polarities are summed as all numbers are summed (0 = +1.5 - 1.5) 1.5 V = 1.5 V + (1.5 V - 1.5 V), & 1.5 V = 1.5 V - 1.5 V + 1.5 V, & 1.5 V = -1.5 V + 1.5 V + 1.5 V, & -1.5 V = -1.5 V - 1.5 V + 1.5 V, & -1.5 V = -1.5 V + 1.5 V - 1.5 V, & -1.5 V = 1.5 V - 1.5 V - 1.5 V.
  10. Would you also ban the plants from which sucrose is extracted, for example sugar beets, sugar cane, corn and dozens of others. Should sweet potato be a controlled substance. The war on drugs is a spectacular failure, having wasted several trillion dollars, failed to affect drug use, and you want to expand it to sucrose. Would you also ban water because we can drown in it and it is used to grow controlled plants?
  11. 1. I don't now what you want as evidence, but 2. Watch documentaries or read about bonobo culture.
  12. How many in bed?

    According to some multiamory advocates, (gossip or science IDK) about 4% of the population live with more than two people as families. These people are not polygamists, rather both sexes have equal right to have multiple relationships with other people. Moreover, they are not swingers, who have two person marriages, but party outside the marriage. Multiamory advocates claim interpersonal communication among family members is crucial to having strong relationships, just as it is for any marriage. There are youtube videos and sites, for example multiamory.com.
  13. Consciousness and Evolution

    In my opinion, consciousness can recollect things it has done in the past, sense affects of having done a thing, and decide to change its own behavior in the future to change those affects. This kind of behavior may not be sufficient for consciousness, but believe it is necessary.
  14. Earth habitability

    Future technology may be able to modify those dates; regardless, I expect humanity to migrate to a Dyson swarm orbiting the Sun eventually.
  15. A bluejay has entered my greenhouse and stays at night, after I lock him in. Next day, he flies around the greenhouse, has flown out, and returned. I've set bird food out, water and a bath. He has sensible accommodations, better than his neighbors. Think I'll call him Bluebacker. One night our Tom cat spent the night with Bluebacker, and that didn't scare Bluebacker, his perch is safe.

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    2. EdEarl


      Just a little desert garden, far from idyllic Eden. I think climate change is making life more difficult for many. I hope being kind to critters really helps. 

    3. geordief


      Maybe -if the robots are kind to us when they inherit the patio;)

    4. EdEarl


      Now I have Bluebacker and four doves.