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  1. Hardest word for you to spell

    Whas? Woz? Wus?
  2. Epigenetics and future generations

    Firstly, I think it takes quite severe lifestyle or environmental factors to have any effect; things like growing up without sufficient nutrition (or too much). Things like a different choice of job won't have any effect. (Although I think extreme events like PTSD can have epigenetic effects.) And although there is some evidence that some epigenetic effects can be passed on to offspring to some extent, as far as I know that only lasts for one or two generations.
  3. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    I suppose they could be measured, in principle. The frequency is too low for LIGO (which has a lower frequency of about 1 Hz, I think). I don't know how to calculate the magnitude of the waves, but obviously, because we are right here, they might be detectable. At some point, yes, I assume. (If gravity is quantised.) I have no idea at what level that would happen, though.
  4. The Baddest Bridge Near You

    That looks just like the (old) Severn Bridge. The Second Severn Crossing is pretty impressive: Or is it just for structural reasons - to counter the weight of the bridge in the middle? (Not that I am suggesting the Earth is flat!)
  5. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    No. "Normal" gravity is static(*). Gravitational waves are only created in specific situations, requiring a type of asymmetry, such as two massive objects orbiting one another. There are no gravitational waves involved in the gravity of the Earth or any other body. (*) OK. The Moon orbiting the Earth or the Earth orbiting the Sun will create minute gravitational waves. They are pretty much irrelevant to anything, though, because they are so all (and slow).
  6. Quantum Entanglement ?

    No. You are not reading what people say to you (or not understanding it). I wasn't talking about questions. I was talking about your repeated CLAIMS (e.g. that entanglement could be explained by a fourth dimension). These are just random stuff you make up with no basis in science. I am quite happy with your questions and will attempt to answer them if I think I have something useful to add. As such, I would prefer it if you stuck to asking questions instead of making outrageous claims.
  7. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    Gravity does not depend on gravitational waves. There are no gravitational waves from the Earth but we still have gravity. But, yes, gravitational waves would be red-shifted by relative motion of the source and receiver as well as by cosmological red-shift. But this does not affect the strength of gravity from an object.
  8. Hardest word for you to spell

  9. Hardest word for you to spell

    Apparently, I didn't know how to spell lasso ... having just written it for the first time in my life, I guess.
  10. I was trained to always make the earth wire a little longer to reduce the risk of things like that (as well as paying attention to cable grips, etc.) My first boss insisted on using a particular make of plug that had a pillar that the wire wrapped round instead of this tiny holes that the wire gets put in. He would then make us create a little loop, like a tiny lasso, so the wire could pull loose. And the cable grips were two bits of angled plastic that couldn't be avoided.
  11. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Again, what you (or anyone else) believes about the number of dimensions or the existence of unicorns is irrelevant. I don't care if you think there are 133/4 dimensions. But if you are going to keep making these claims (which you do, repeatedly, and ad nauseam) then you need to provide some evidence. How hard is that? If there is no evidence, then feel free to hold on to your beliefs/delusions, but stop repeating them here if they are not based on science.
  12. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    Gravity is not carried by waves, so there is no frequency shift involved.
  13. RFID / laser project

    So how about a photodetector at each point of interest. This can detect the light from the laser pointer and be used to trigger the display of the appropriate file.
  14. The Earth is at zero volts. The electrical system provides an earth (or ground) wire that is guaranteed to be at zero volts. This is connected to any metal parts of the system to ensure that, in the case of a fault such as a short-circuit from the "live" (120/240V) wire, the user will not be exposed to high voltages. Instead, such a fault will cause the circuit breaker to blow.
  16. I was reading the other day that neutron stars are pretty close to perfect spheres. However, even if there were a perfect Platonic solid, you couldn't know. You could only say that it appeared to be perfect within the limits of measurement.
  17. Why is time called a 4th dimension?

    That is a bit of a non-sequitur. (Although, that is one possible answer to the riddle - depending on the definition of "sound") You said you don't know how far away it is. Therefore you don't know where it is. But it is still somewhere. But if you are just making up random contradictory statements just for the sake of arguing, then there isn't much point to this. I had a vague hope you might actually be interested in learning. But that now sounds unlikely.
  18. I think it is OK to say that phones have evolved. Just as long as you don't confuse that meaning of the word with the biology meaning. (Which mistermack may have done.)
  19. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    You would find that the ratio of radius to circumference was no longer equal to pi. Weird, huh? And I am just pointing out that the length contraction and time dilation is not inherent on the movement of those stars around the galaxy, it depends what you measure relative to. Compared to other stars orbiting with them there will be (approximately) no relative motion and hence no length contraction. You cannot ascribe length contraction as being caused by "movement through space" because that leads to logical contradictions. (Actual logical contradictions, not just "it doesn't make sense".)
  20. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Are you dyslexic by any chance? Or is your native language not English? I just ask because you seem to have problems understand simple statements, and I wonder how much allowance I should maker natural disadvantages. I did not say string theory is bollocks. I said the quantum-woo-spiritual-energy-hippy-crap website you linked to was bollocks. Because, in technical terms, that is what it is. "they're both allowed! Spelled is by far the most common past tense form in America, and spelt used to be the most common past tense form in Britain "
  21. Quantum Entanglement ?

    What does that even mean? That I don't see why I should accept your faith in a 4th spatial dimensions which you think are useful for reasons your are unable to explain or justify? Sounds more like a rational view, to me. You seem to have misspelt "complete bollocks". "Quantum energy: Get your own spiritual experience" Nein Danke.
  22. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    Length contraction only occurs in the direction of motion. 0.00003% Insignificant, I would think. This is the trouble with thinking that it is caused by "moving through space": it leads to confused ideas like this. It is a relative effect. It is not caused by moving through space, it is caused by movement relative to the observer.
  23. Quantum Entanglement ?

    The information is transferred classically (i.e. at, or below, light speed).
  24. RFID / laser project

    How can you not have them? Apart from cost? I guess the code running on the computer that is detecting them and opening the appropriate file will need to determine the correct one by choosing the strongest signal from those present. This is the sort of thing beacons are used for in shops, museums and art galleries. Do you actually need sensors/beacons over the entire area? How about using something like two or three ultrasound sources in the corners and use them to triangulate the position of the computer. Without knowing what you are trying to achieve, it is hard to say what solutions might work.
  25. RFID / laser project

    Sounds like a job for Bluetooth beacons. (RFID doesn’t have enough ugh range)