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  1. Is the Universe infinite?

    I doubt it was wrong (a link would be nice). Not sure why you think it would be.... The oldest galaxy I can find a reference to is about 13.4 billion years old: For local galaxies it is entirely the result of relative motion (Doppler shift). For example, Andromeda is moving towards us. This is known as "proper motion". For distant galaxies the cosmological redshift (due to expansion) dominates.
  2. 0÷0

    It depends on the calculation. Adding 0 or multiplying by 0 are well-defined. Arguably, doing any arithmetic with infinity is wrong but, again, you can say what happens in most cases except division. Note that there is a whole area of maths that deals with infinity (in fact, the infinite number of different infinities).
  3. Microwave Background Radiation???

    To add to that, it took about 360,000 years for the universe to cool enough so that it became transparent to light and the CMB radiation was "released". At that point, the temperature was about 3000K.
  4. Cheap material thats heat resistant and clear

    Depends on the type of glass and the thickness.
  5. Cheap material thats heat resistant and clear

    Glass. Heat resistant, clear, cheap, easy to mould to shape.
  6. Frequency limits for the equipment

    That is the frequency of the electrical supply expected by the power supply. I just checked the data sheet for a random switched-mode power supply and it was specified for 47 to 63 Hz. I would guess this is typical as there is no reason to work at any other frequency. It would probably work outside that range but possibly with reduced efficiency.
  7. It is not clear if that is what happened here, or not:
  8. One of the papers has 3500 authors. The Nobel committee need to change their rules! Not sure. There were several factors that made it easier to pinpoint this one. An important one is that it was near VIRGO's "blind spot" which narrowed it down.
  10. Neither do I. I am just pointing out that it is irrelevant to the process and theory of evolution.
  11. When/if we determine how life arose on Earth, we will probably find it was some sort of chemical evolution. And, perhaps, there will be analogous selection pressures in which are the theory of evolution might be included to include that pre-biotic phase.Or maybe not. On the other hand, the theory of evolution by natural selection is independent of the process by which life came about. It could be some sort of gradual chemical evolution or a single event triggered by lightning hitting a particular mix of chemicals or aliens or divine intervention.
  12. Gravitation constant or not

    That is ridiculous. We can barely measure occasional gravitational waves with a specially built apparatus which is 4km on a side. It certainly isn't going to affect any lab experiments that take place over hours. And yet that "11% too small" value works for tennis balls, gunfire, satellites, comets, moons, planets and stars. Suggesting it is actually the correct value.
  13. No full screen image

    Somehow the OS had failed to recognise the type of the monitor. Plugging it back in / power cycling it forced it to recheck the monitor type.
  14. No full screen image

    Ah. I was thinking it was just the background image, not the whole screen. When you go to the Display Settings, does it correctly identify the type of the monitor? Is the resolution it displays the same as the resolution of the monitor?
  15. No full screen image

    You could try: Right click on Desktop and select Personalise (this allows you to select the background) Scroll down to the "Choose a fit" box Select Fill (or Fit or Tile or one of the others, if that doesn't do what you want)