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  1. Laser or Microwave vs germs

    Most of the bacterial inactivation outside UV are based on exciting porphyrins which then can react with oxygen to form reactive oxygen species, which ultimately kills the cells. It is also cytotoxic for eukaryotic cells (including human) but the light does not have a lot of penetration (and we are covered by dead cells).
  2. Al Franken's funniest moment

    Actually, the worse thing is arguably the forced kiss, even if it is less instagrammy. But if we are at it, there was hearing where house lawmakers described pervasive sexual harassment. Again, it shows how pervasive it is at any workplace.
  3. Al Franken's funniest moment

    It could be considered sexual harassment and as Franken said, it really does not matter that much, as it is about how the victim felt about it. That being said, the main difference at this point between Franken and Trump, Moore and Wiener is that the latter have shown a behavioral pattern, combined with little remorse.
  4. Now think about the error rate when you have runs of identical bases.
  5. How do you want to encode 20 amino acids like that?
  6. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    Ultimately, I think people had positive interactions with Czech and Polish people and realized that (most) of their fears were unsubstantiated. This also explains why East Germany (with far less foreigners) is much more xenophobic, similar to as what you described in Poland. This, at least, is what gives me the most hope. If you are going to have interactions with other people it is so much harder to cling to your bigotry. The only way for those far-right groups to maintain this bubble is to exclude them for as long as possible, of course.
  7. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    Statistics did indicate higher theft rates after opening up to East Europe. However, the initial hysteria from the German right to far right was of course to paint all Eastern Europeans into the same light (untrustworthy thieves and low quality workers) which was frankly disgusting and similar to what we see with regard to anti-Muslim arguments today. I am also not a fan of the pendulum imagery as it assumes a kind of perpetual middle. However, attitudes shift and what is considered to be a middle ground for folks 50 years ago, is massively different to what we assume to be centre today. As such, I am not sure how useful this model actually is.
  8. I assume it refers to the creation of a salt bath? That is located at the Henle loop in the medullary fluid.
  9. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    It is especially sad considering how much Western Europe was against Polish integration into the EU for fears of them taking all the jobs and bringing all the crime (well, mostly car thefts). Even now Polish folks (if revealed to be as such by name or accent) face discrimination in many Western European countries. That is to a large degree inaccurate. What it lead to was a sense of nationalism. However, how that has manifested throughout polish history has been very multifaceted and was not always inward-looking. The best example is the romantic Polish nationalism of the the 19th century as represented by Mickiewicz or Chopin. This form was more framed by idealism rather than borders or ethinicity. And while politically ineffectual, it had a profound impact on Polish identity. In modern times there is a deep rift in the perception of post-WWII events, which is fueled by by feeling wronged by the communists, but also the Western world. PiS managed to ride the wave of resentment to create an exclusive form of nationalism with heavy revisionists aspects. On top, they masterfully integrated the church as an umbrella for the dissatisfied and, ironically, sprinkled the whole thing with elements of the communist and fascist regime that controlled Poland. The blood and soil rhetoric was, to my knowledge never a cornerstone of Polish nationalism. Rather, it was used as justification for the Nazis for ethnic cleansing in Poland. To embrace this is... well, depressing.
  10. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    There are two ways to look at it. The optimistic view is that this the growing pain of an increasing international community. By being afraid of the new, the boundary what is considered to be foreign is pushed further and further outward. For example, in former times the ethnic and nationalist boundaries between European nations was much tighter. Yet now, even nationalist call for a European (albeit white) identity. Eventually, one could argue that this tight definition of nationalist identity simply becomes obsolete and delegated to a fringe that will become insignificant by virtue of self-isolation. The pessimistic view is that these movements are just the manifestation of an existing undercurrent that has always existed and will always exist. Their powers will come and go in rhythm with perceived crises. And with the advent of fake news, some actively try to create perpetual crises to solidify these movements. Half agree, half disagree with the sentiment. I think it is more accurate to state the research is heavily abused (though some researchers are not quite impartial).
  11. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    That is immensely disappointing. When I was in Poland with my class it was imparted to us how important Solidarność was to enact social change. Yet to the younger generation this seems to be lost entirely. As well as much of modern history, which is true also for Germany.
  12. Louis C.K. "allegations"

    One of the eye-opening events in my younger years was when I was hanging out with my then girlfriend together with another couple. We were having a walk and I was busy chatting with a friend, while our GFs where walking ahead and chatting with each other. The amount of cat-calls and unsolicited advances was unreal. Sure, it was a Friday evening crowd with lots of young folks, but I did not expect that they would have to fight off people with sticks. The sad thing is that they mentioned something like that at one point, but me being young and dumb thought she was just exaggerating. Sadly these things continued happening in professional settings, especially in situations when folks think that ordinary rules do not apply (e.g. conferences).
  13. 60,000 Nazis Marched in Poland this weekend

    You could add white nationalist. Several of the banners (including those used by the organizers) had calls for "pure blood" and a "white Europe", which is incredibly ironic given the history with Nazi Germany. The populist right in Europe is using a weird form of racist revisionist history, paradoxically invoking a common white European identity (try that a few decades back). The current enemy, of course being mostly Muslims, dark-skinned folks in general and, traditionally perhaps, Jews. It appears that sometimes history does indeed repeat itself. Another common theme is that racism is most openly expressed in areas with incredibly low amount of visible folks with foreign background (e.g. East Germany or Poland). Also this trend is clearly not about poverty alone. In many elections there wasn't a strong association between income and election of right-populists (though they tend to be very strong with the lower middle-class). However, there is a stronger correlation with ressentiment to other groups of people. I.e. people seem more concerned regarding foreigners mooching off rather than policies that may affect their direct financial well-being. But again, this is an ancient populist tactic that has been adapted to the modern world. Edit: A Polish friend of mine commented by saying that apparently the years of freedom did not agree with the Polish people and they are taking steps to remedy that (he emigrated from Poland quite a while ago, though).
  14. I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
  15. Trump tweets

    It also speaks to the theme of American exceptionalism . Incidentally that also helps to control flow of information by invalidating lessons and actions from other countries.