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  1. Need programmers to save my mobile phone

    Only if the phone is under warranty and even then they'll try to tell you it was the apps you installed so they don't bear responsibility to fix it. All the firmware would be available for people like me to fix phones but it isn't. They want people going back to the manufacturer and buying new phones. Apple used to brick people's phones if you replaced a button but they got sued so I imagine they don't do that anymore.
  2. Need programmers to save my mobile phone

    To be 100% sure your phone is free of viruses you will need to send it back to the manufacturer and get their firmware reinstalled. Phone drivers tend to be device specific so I can't just give you an arbitrary firmware in the hope it will work. Sometimes manufacturer firmware can be found on their website if the phone was very buggy. For instance the Samsung galaxy S8 firmware can be found here Note that region is important two phones with the same model number but manufactured for different phone carriers and countries will tend to have different firmware.
  3. Topic grading...

    Forum software not firmware and yeah I imagine that it could count the number of stars for topics by a user with a specific username with a database query.
  4. pc games

    I'm currently playing Warframe
  5. Is Quora Site Down?

    It is working for me now.
  6. personal DVR

    Yeah you can they are called network attached storage or NAS plenty of manufacturer's make them including ones with dvd re-write.
  7. A truly unbreakable encription?

    Yes it is an interesting article another way is to just decrypt the RSA algorithm stored on the computer. Smartphones are only vulnerable to hackers if there is a problem with the software or hardware that allows them to do so. Encryption tends to have little to do with real hacking. You can also tell which version of RSA encryption was used by packet sniffing. Secure Socket Layer SSLv2 Record Layer: Client Hello Length: 103 Handshake Message Type: Client Hello (1) Version: SSL 3.0 (0x0300) Cipher Spec Length: 78 Session ID Length: 0 Challenge Length: 16 Cipher Specs (26 specs) Cipher Spec: SSL2_RC4_128_WITH_MD5 (0x010080) [ more Cipher Specs deleted ] Challenge As you can see from the above they are using ssl version 3 implementing SSL2_RC4_128_WITH_MD5 encryption. That encryption algorithm is on your computer but you can just look it up. The researchers using the microphones only decrypted RSA on a computer that knew the private decryption key. They can't use a computer that doesn't know the private decryption key to decrypt the message in the same way so RSA 4000+ is still a fairly safe encryption to use.
  8. Computer Science HS Assignment Reference

    Computer Science is a very broad field it is like saying you work in chemistry or medicine. Generally everybody in computer science is specialised into a particular area. Specializations include: Software Developer Database Administrator Data Warehousing Data Architect Technical Support Scrum Master Network Administrator Network Architect Network Engineer Wireless Network Engineer Network Security Engineer Telecommunications Manager Datacentre Design Computer Hardware Engineer Computer Systems Analyst Business Systems Analyst Web Developer Front End Developer Back End Developer Ecommerce Analyst Dev Ops Computer Security Operating Systems Hypervisors and Virtualisation Broadcasting Pen Tester Project Manager Data Modelling IT Manager Ux/Ui Designer Game Development Environment engineering Building Modelling (CAD etc) etc Most of the higher paid jobs $2,000,000.00+ require a university level qualification in a related field such as computer science, electrical engineering, network engineering etc. Technical support tends not to require a degree but supporting documentation may be required such as evidence you did specific online tutorials etc. Depends on wheter I am working remote or not. Since I work as a freelance consultant at the moment much of my work is remote and highly varied. Generally I do network architecture designing scalable networks for my customers. Often this includes designing the wired telephone systems and email systems for an office, configuring public ip addresses, managing servers, setting up windows networking like you would most likely have in school. Often the client has a specific design or system they would like to have implemented for instance asterisk, opendigitalradio, plesk etc. My current contract involves designing a dab multiplex for the state radio broadcaster. The system was required to generate a 20Kw radio signal minimum and contained in a box that could be mass produced. My brother on the other hand is a software developer works in a factory office full time but can work from home when he is not required in the office which is most of the time. His office runs an agile work environment with perforce for version control and docker for builds. They design enterprise storage solutions for large companies which usually cost $1,000,000 minimum. He has to do all remote work from his work laptop. Generally his work includes being online when the technical support team emails him about an issue a customer is having then he would have to solve the issue and email the technical support team with his solution. He sometimes gets specific projects to work on where he would be working with the international team which would require him to go into the office to have a meeting in the conference call room with people from America, India, China, Ireland etc. I don't see how you would need my name since most high school students don't know what perforce, docker etc are. My brother works for Dell Technologies.
  9. Is radiography safe from automation?

    Yeah I did supernumerary placement in a hospital years ago before I found out that I was immune to certain vaccinations and am not allowed to do that anymore. There are many details to be taken into account personally I have worked with orthopaedics and have brought patients to the mri, ct scan, xray etc. That is a great idea and is certainly possible with today's technology. There are apps in development which can do things like automatically translate spoken english into another language and back. Absolutely but in such cases maybe it would be better if the nurse stayed in the room like they usually do. Certainly putting a suction system in is easy enough. To implement such a system properly it would require a large database of patients and would have to know if the patient has certain conditions to do a specific thing. What you would have is a basic system that does nothing at the start just records exactly what the radiographer would do in a certain situation for patients with specific illnesses. Then over the course of a number of years the data from many such systems would be merged into a working system that should be able to copy exactly what the radiographers did.
  10. EU Piracy Report

    I want to watch the new (Sword Art Online movie Ordinal Scale/Lucifer/Supernatural) legally here how do I do that when they don't sell to my country? The national tv broadcaster never has anything I want to watch on and the paid services are nothing but repeats. Netflix is just as bad because it has country restrictions like everything else. Why should I wait years to watch something behind everybody else knowing everything that happened in it because it is all over social media. Tv and Movies should be available on an affordable subscription basis who can afford paying $120 for their family to go to the blooming cinema?
  11. MEAN Preprocessor

    No currently I am using the mean stack. Which is MongoDB, ExpressJs, AngularJs and NodeJs You can find a prebuilt version here but I am building from source. In mean the entire server stack uses javascript so it is quite popular with webdevelopers because they won't need to learn an additional server-side language currently my server.js looks something like const express = require('express'); const app = express(); const fs = require('fs'); const sass = require('node-sass'); const sassMiddleware = require('node-sass-middleware'); const path = require('path'); const lessMiddleware = require('less-middleware'); var sw = true; app.use("/lessStylesheets",lessMiddleware(__dirname+'/less/',{ debug: true, dest: path.join(__dirname, 'public/lessStylesheets/'), force: true })); app.use("/sassStylesheets",sassMiddleware({ src: path.join(__dirname, 'sass'), dest: path.join(__dirname, 'public/sassStylesheets'), debug: true, indentedSyntax: true, outputStyle: 'compressed' })); app.use(express.static('public')); app.use('/node_modules', express.static('node_modules')) app.listen(80, function () { console.log('Example app listening on port 80!') }); In order to process get requests MEAN uses express.js which would look something like. Post requests use app.get('/templates/form.html', function (req, res) { var path = "templates/form.html"; var head = fs.readFileSync("templates/head.html").toString(); var foot = fs.readFileSync("templates/foot.html").toString(); res.send(head+fs.readFileSync(path).toString()+foot); sw = false; }) At the moment all the get and posts requests need to be in or included into the server.js file. What I want is to only have one app.get or to handle all the get or post requests. Then have the server preprocess the server-side code. It isn't necessary to use the .html extension I could use .njs or something similar. One possibility is to have two files like a filename.njs and filename.snjs where the .snjs has the server-side code. Another is to only have one file and have nodeJS use cheerio or something similar to parse the html code and execute the server-side code contained in the file. What I am looking for is an existing library that does this for me. It would be cool if I could load the html file in code and have access to the dom to implement the server-side code (mysql requests etc).
  12. MEAN Preprocessor

    Hey, is anyone here familiar with MEAN stack I want to implement a preprocessor so I can have the server-side code in the html files like in php's <?php ?> or Asp's <% %>. Do you know if there is a preprocessor available that will do that for me?
  13. Is radiography safe from automation?

    I'm not being enthusiastic the radiographer rarely moves the patient most of the time the nurses do that. All that is involved to replace them is making an easy to use hydraulic based platform with weight sensors and an automated camera that does what it is told. All the nurse would have to do is move the patient to the platform and push a button on the wall (maybe with an id scanner too).
  14. Is radiography safe from automation?

    I could automate it no problem.
  15. Swimming and runny nose

    Why is it that every time I go to the swimming pool I have a runny nose and sneeze for the next hour or so??