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  1. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    That's the nature vs nurture dilemma all over again. But I certainly think it is harder for men to find women, most of the time they have to ask many women out and never ever get asked out and that leads to women getting a lot of unwanted attention and an inflated ego.
  2. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Obviously not. I'm just saying that you should have some form of evidence to corroborate the victims story.
  3. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Obviously not. I'm reminded of a case I read online not so long ago about Amherst college. Amherst had no evidence the girl hadn't provided consent other than her word yet the boy was expelled because they believed her. It turned out that the guy in question was raped from what I read the girl took advantage of him after drugging him and taking him back to his girlfriend's bedroom then told everyone he raped her. The guy in question still hasn't a degree his entire career has suffered as a result of how Amherst handled the case.
  4. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Can you give an example? You should definitely follow up if anybody makes a serious complaint but you should be skeptical until you know for certain that the person is guilty.
  5. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Then why not campaign to make it illegal to be in an intimate relationship with anybody x number of years older unless over the age of 60. That isn't fair on men you should be innocent until proven guilty regardless of gender.
  6. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Playing the victim is power in itself. Many men have experienced times when a woman playing the victim is always right regardless of the truth.
  7. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    Not really the batteries are fairly cheap you're talking about $15 to replace them.
  8. Web video camera for observing experiments

    I use xsplit broadcaster to do most of my recordings. It allows you to record directly to youtube.
  9. Could you not just use the software that does that?
  10. There is way too many variables. You'd need to know everything about the vehicle.
  11. You could use a crash test dummy with sensors all over it and send the data back to yourself to have a look at. The modern crash test dummy( is calibrated to specific regulations but you could make a simple one yourself.
  12. What color is the sky on Mars?

    It varies from blue to butterscotch depending on the time of day.
  13. Cold water vs. hot

    Grease and oils are removed by soap. Warm soap may remove the grease and oils better but the water is only to wash off the soap (and probably isn't the best liquid for doing that alcohols would probably be more hygenic)
  14. Blu-ray Audio Issues - A three-pipe problem?

    Then maybe the Blu-ray player had the codec in the past but it doesn't anymore. Data can be lost overtime and even a small change (such as a faulty circuit) will break it completely.
  15. Blu-ray Audio Issues - A three-pipe problem?

    Audio codecs are a mess there is no standardization each company has their own format unfortunately. Your Blu-ray player isn't broken it just doesn't have whatever codec is used on that dvd installed.