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  1. That's mainly in a threads title not a user name. In the ADD NEW Thread function the last test should be. If the Thread Title contains "http" etc then BAN(user_name), Delete thread, Hide posts and exit
  2. I remember reading about a global survey in 2004 where the south Korean people regarded the US as being much more dangerous to them than North Korea. Unfortunately it looks like Google has lost everything but the links with the title only as a reference or those that don't work or have been removed or lead to pages that may be harmful to your pc etc etc."US+more+dangerous+than+north+korea"+%2B+2004 Can anybody else remember this?
  3. Compare the above quote with your original post. In your original post it appears as Tex while in my posted quote it appears as BBCode.
  4. The K math command doesn't appear correctly when quoted either. Edit: It didn't render correctly in the edit preview window before posting. It wasn't me.
  5. It's more correct to think of hbar as the REDUCED Planck constant or Dirac constant Martin. When you divide the STANDARD Planck constant h by 2 * Pi you get hbar.
  6. Just add each of the elements of the row to the end of a string (after converting from numbers), add the sum (ditto) onto the end and print the string after processing each row. Do the same for the column totals at the bottom and you're done.
  7. Years ago I owned a nifty little SEIKO Translator that had about 1500 words in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese Romanji and Kana script. It translated 'hai' as 'lung' and 'ku' as 'phrase' so a haiku is more specifically a lung phrase. i.e. a phrase that can be spoken in one breath. I used a 17 word rule consistently below as that is close to the average number of words that anybody would say in one breath while speaking normally. You can have your magic beans Jack, your children are hungry and we need the cow back. The lack of just terms and equitable or fair pacts, expose all crooked beanstalks to concerted attacks. Unless obsessive cycles are stopped in their tracks, our towns will again be as flat as tacks. You have been too trusting Jack, your children's futures remain black, while current problems compound through lack. Struggle earnestly against the pack, repudiate rights to depreciatingly retract, as giants fortress lie ripe for sack. For only fair shares of the golden goose Jack, will save beanstalks and giants from the axe.
  8. 50 years ago gives 1966 so it could be another Saturn V S-IVB third stage like J002E3 from Apollo 12? It would be easy to test. Maybe the modified stage 3 of AS-203, launched on July 5, 1966 wasn't inadvertently destroyed along with stage 2 after all. The modified stage 3 used would have to be very close to the weight of a normal stage 3 for the results to be useful. It could also be the third stage from Apollo 8, 9, 10 or 11 which are all recorded to have reached heliocentric orbit.
  9. While we're thinking about dark matter, I always find it interesting that our total calculated matter, dark matter + ordinary matter, equals our ordinary matter times [latex]2 \pi[/latex] within the error bars of our observations. Call it numerology if you like but I think it's an interesting property, especially on a universal scale, as no other constants are involved. — I. J. Good[16]
  10. Cycloid arcs, while an old concept, provide some interesting insights into circles and [math]\pi[/math], especially when you consider that the area of a complete cycloid plot equals the surface area of a sphere. In a complete cycloid plot (length [math]2 {\pi} r[/math], height [math]2 r[/math], area [math]4 {\pi} r^2 [/math]) (1) the area above the cycloid curve is equal to the area of the circle that created the cycloid and (2) the area below the cycloid curve is equal to 3 times the area of the circle that created the cycloid.
  11. [math] {\bar \lambda} = \frac {\lambda}{2 \pi} = \frac{\hbar}{m c}[/math]
  12. Hi iNow, Centralised energy generation and distribution systems have the same massive losses during transmission. That's why rooftop/local solar is the best option as there is no transmission from generation to use.
  13. While the solar panel areas shown on the graphics may be equivalent to current energy consumption there is no allowance made for the (massive) energy loss during its transmission to Germany, Europe or the rest of the world.
  14. The integral is just the opposite of the derivative so the tutorials on this forum should give you a helping hand.