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  1. Dark Matter or Dark Force

    Instead of talking about dark matter in universal matter calculations we could just say that our total calculated matter equals our total visible matter x 2 x Pi. If you want to be really pedantic you could say that the thing previously known as universal dark matter equals (2 x Pi) x visible universal matter.
  2. North Korea paradox

    The altitude of the ISS is currently 404.82km, the HST 539.96km, and the LEO's range between 160km to 2000km so the North Koreans missile went up to 4,000 km if it reached twice the max LEO. So it seems like both the ISS and the HST are in North Korea's missile range, even if NK doesn't have a working missile mounted atomic bomb.
  3. No dark matter and dark energy needed?

    The paper is interesting.
  4. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    They say the same thing about the supporters of Pauline Hanson in Australia but they obviously haven't looked into why she has been popular with poor people regardless of where they came from. If you want some hints (a) the left wing politician who took up her Ipswich City.Council seat in the late 90's has been charged with massive corruption (2) The state politician of the same left wing political party whose state electorate covered Pauline Hanson's federal electorate was convicted of molesting 3-6 primary school children between the ages of 9 and 11 who were in the school class he taught and (3) the state premier called a 'media tart' said after the convicted child molester was jailed that he "was still a mate of mine because he did all of that (child molesting) before he became a politician". That left wing political party has employed this ex state premier in $200K p.a. jobs for the past 10 years and the person who he handed the premiership reigns over to became the CEO of the Australian Bankers Association, go figure. The 'media tart' state premier introduced clause 8 of the Imperial Bill of Rights 1688 into our state constitution (unlike our federal constitution) that ensured that any state politician could not be prosecuted in any court outside parliament and introduced state legislation so that none of his MP's could be convicted inside parliament. It was called the 'Nuttal" law and was scrapped after the corrupt politician lost his seat and was charged and jailed for corruptly accepting $300,000 from a developer. But due to old mates in the pseudo left wing political party the corrupt politician was paid his entire superannuation of around $1.5 million and his mates only got back the $300,000 that he'd been paid corruptly, GO FIGURE???????? And if you want to get more constitutional the same right wing political party masquerading as a left wing political party brought the status of constitutional arrangements between the commonwealth and the states into conformity with the commonwealth of Australia being an independent, sovereign and federal nation, in their own legislation, without seeking constitutional approval from the people, and then proceeded to sell off most of our nations public assets. So being called a deplorable is much preferable to actually being a witless supporter of a right wing political party that prefers to BULLY the people who no longer support it because they won't get rid of the slimy filth that has corrupted the party to its very essence. If you can't get your head around why a left wing person would support someone who the majority of the media thinks is the devil you aren't looking close enough.
  5. Why doesn't truth matter & middle ground

    It's interesting to look at how individual political parties elect their leaders to get an indication on how things are going around the world, democracy wise. I'll just point out a few details with respect to parliamentary systems I've come across lately and leave it to the US members to compare these examples with the US system. In the UK the leader of the UK Labor party is elected by the members of the Labor party alone and all MP's only get 1 vote as a party member. While 70% of the elected Labor MP's are right wingers (and would ditch their left wing leader in an instance) they only get 1 vote so the party leader is in the 30% minority of left wing MP's in this nominally left wing party. In Australia the 88 parliamentary MP's in the Australian Labor Party have half of the vote for the party leader while all the members of the political party have the other half. 40% of the party members and 60% of the right wing party MP's voted for the right wing party leader and this wing drove deregulation, sold off the national bank and then sold the national communications company (the right/left wing pricks are in the process of selling it again). Is a left wing party controlled by the right a nominal right wing political party? In Ireland Fine Gael has the least democratic system. So it just seems that the more right wing your politicians are (especially in supposed left wing political parties) the more right wing the entire political system will turn out to be.
  6. That's only if you don't actually have any dark matter at all and have missed a 2*Pi translation. I wonder if you know what the difference between the lambda used in the Schrodinger/Dirac equation, the lambda used in E = m * c^2 and the lambda used in Lambda CDM?
  7. And the ratio between all universal matter and all normal matter is 2 * Pi +/- 1.1 % according to the latest PLANCK data. So ((2*Pi) - 1) * normal matter = (dark matter) matches all the dark matter predictions on a universal scale without requiring any dark matter.
  8. Dark Matter ?

    The Planck 2013 data and Lambda CDM gives a total universal matter which is comprised of 25.8% dark matter and 4.82% ordinary matter leaving us with a ratio of total universal matter to total universal ordinary matter of 30.62/4.82 = 2 * Pi +/- 1.1%.
  9. Trash posters

    That's mainly in a threads title not a user name. In the ADD NEW Thread function the last test should be. If the Thread Title contains "http" etc then BAN(user_name), Delete thread, Hide posts and exit
  10. The North Korea Problem

    I remember reading about a global survey in 2004 where the south Korean people regarded the US as being much more dangerous to them than North Korea. Unfortunately it looks like Google has lost everything but the links with the title only as a reference or those that don't work or have been removed or lead to pages that may be harmful to your pc etc etc."US+more+dangerous+than+north+korea"+%2B+2004 Can anybody else remember this?
  11. New Forum Design?

    Compare the above quote with your original post. In your original post it appears as Tex while in my posted quote it appears as BBCode.
  12. test latex on new version

    The K math command doesn't appear correctly when quoted either. Edit: It didn't render correctly in the edit preview window before posting. It wasn't me.
  13. It's more correct to think of hbar as the REDUCED Planck constant or Dirac constant Martin. When you divide the STANDARD Planck constant h by 2 * Pi you get hbar.
  14. How to make correct output?

    Just add each of the elements of the row to the end of a string (after converting from numbers), add the sum (ditto) onto the end and print the string after processing each row. Do the same for the column totals at the bottom and you're done.
  15. The Haiku Thread

    Years ago I owned a nifty little SEIKO Translator that had about 1500 words in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese Romanji and Kana script. It translated 'hai' as 'lung' and 'ku' as 'phrase' so a haiku is more specifically a lung phrase. i.e. a phrase that can be spoken in one breath. I used a 17 word rule consistently below as that is close to the average number of words that anybody would say in one breath while speaking normally. You can have your magic beans Jack, your children are hungry and we need the cow back. The lack of just terms and equitable or fair pacts, expose all crooked beanstalks to concerted attacks. Unless obsessive cycles are stopped in their tracks, our towns will again be as flat as tacks. You have been too trusting Jack, your children's futures remain black, while current problems compound through lack. Struggle earnestly against the pack, repudiate rights to depreciatingly retract, as giants fortress lie ripe for sack. For only fair shares of the golden goose Jack, will save beanstalks and giants from the axe.