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  1. Did you also misunderstand me ? I said the creed was violent.
  2. Don't know who would suggest that (Trump raised the suggestion ,for what reason I am not sure -strawman?) In any case their creed is a violent creed per se.. Join the line of those who haven't actually addressed my points .I am done with arguing with you.
  3. I was asking/suggesting he /anyone was dumb enough to believe those Neo Nazi groups came to protest against the removal of the statue .It was and is a pretext to find an issue to rally around and show their brute force (as they admit) Still ,if the cap fits. btw to be biased against neo Nazi groups is not a characterization that offends me.
  4. It was a question.The answer will be apparent.
  5. thanks .
  6. Where did I say that? (and what "certain ideology " do you mean?
  7. I don't think they came to protest (unless one is naive). They came as a show of strength and find support in numbers. (are you so dumb?) Apparently they had metal under their gloves and we all saw the heavy weaponry they were carrying as their latest fashion statement. Their slogans were incitements to violence which decent people hoped never to hear again. And by the way do we not know who the Nazis were?What they have done in recent history.? Oh ,not to forget that they support Trump which on its own is hardly a character reference. Someone downvoted me .I wonder why.
  8. Imagine that and stare into the abyss. Still ,it makes me question his allegiance to the Russian meddling. He seems equally "loyal" to these Nazi scum so maybe we need to wonder why he is that way. Is "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" some kind of a prosthetic for what struggles to exist in most of us as some kind of a moral compass?
  9. Have there been any theories as to what might happen in any of those 10^-43 seconds? Or cannot this be approached piecemeal?
  10. Yes,I had forgotten that technique.I will give it another go and see how useful it is.
  11. Is there any way to get around that? Among other reasons, I like to know what people in different parts of the world see when they look for the same thing as myself . EDIT: I have been told that DuckDuckGo is good on that count but can I also make google do it? Can I hide my IP address from google or "ask" it to disregard it?
  12. Seems like you inspired the great JH with your tooth technique (none of my beeswax ,I suppose) Seeing as some of the less commercial moisturizers are also a possibility maybe we have dug deep enough for our craft
  13. I wouldn't disagree except to add that the OP'S aim of proving a deity (even of the non-interventionist variety) may have been to attempt to achieve one of the few things that we can (almost) state as a fact that we cannot do. When I was young I was taught that we each had our own guardian angel. In my attempt to indoctrinate myself (well they couldn't do it without our help) I actually made space in my bed for the slippery fellow (can't remember if it was male or female) . As that book says (I think) "when I was a child,I thought as a child....." I was very proud of my mother who was a strong believer in Christianity until later in her life and told me close to the end that "there was nothing to fear"
  14. Very interesting. I might have a go myself.
  15. Metal strings? My nails were never up to that and I basically use my fingertips (I think Mark Knopfler does too) As for nylon(gut actually) ,my father played the classical harp and his nails were a wonder to behold . I once tried eating gelatine but never noticed any difference.