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  1. I have read that the temperature of BHs is about absolute zero Why is this?Nothing has any freedom to move? Is there any concept of one location in a BH being any way different from any other?
  2. Hope I am not getting off the subject but is there anything at all known or theorized about the internal structure of a black hole? (discounting theories about the singularity said to lie at the centre) For instance does the concept of "further in" mean anything and if it does what might happen as things go "further in"?
  3. The gravitational wave's signal that was received (from the first BH merger)was described at the time as being amazingly accurate. Does that imply that the interior structure of the Black Holes involved was well understood ? Or just that the precision of the signal received was close enough to what was predicted to discount any other possible interpretations?
  4. Okay but we do not actually have a location for them to know where to look ,do we? ...Is it entirely ruled out as a possibility? All the energy externally produced **just goes into gravitational waves? There is nothing else that could be produced ? ** if that is a correct description
  5. Does a binary black hole merger have an em signal? Might this latest observation bring closer capturing a binary black hole merger using that em or optical signal?
  6. Eventually one of these neutron mergers will be massive enough to turn into a black hole. Might that be observed and what would it tell us?
  7. Does that bring pinpointing the location of black hole mergers any closer?
  8. curved space&ved=0ahUKEwjXuuC9t_LWAhVSaFAKHfP5CksQMwg2KBAwEA&iact=mrc&uact=8 These grid lines are shown as curved around the massive object that is the Earth. I appreciate that they are an attempt to show 4D and so this picture is non representative (very incomplete) on that account but I want to ask specifically what observer could have drawn those lines? Someone far removed from Earth's gravity? That is how such an observer would draw a "straight line" in the vicinity of the Earth? An observer on the Earth would draw different "straight lines"? Correct?
  9. Gravity. Please knock this down

    Is it just space being sucked in or space and its contents?
  10. Gravity. Please knock this down

    Didn't the OP suggest the flow would speed up as it approached the Earth owing to the space available being less and so sped up like water rapids. Is space being pulled into space? A strange idea
  11. Could you slow time using a tuning fork?

    Yes ,the twin paradox (as an example) does invite one to mistakenly imagine that the outgoing twin is actually experiencing some kind of a "slow time" . You feel you have done so well in the first place by reluctantly accepting that clocks can counter intuitively run slower in certain circumstances and imagine that things surely can't really be so mundane as that time passes in exactly the same way for all observers regardless of where they happen to be or what is happening to them (1 second per second as it is described perhaps simplistically) . Ca we also blame our subjective experience of time for this misunderstanding? The way time is supposed to slow down when we are in great danger ,like falling off a cliff.... Are there any examples to give where paradoxes occur if time did not (as we intuitively believe) slow down but was an absolute feature of our experience... any "reductio ad absurdum" scenarios based on that premise?
  12. Could you slow time using a tuning fork?

    I am fascinated that the time dilation in a gravitational well would be due to the work involved in placing it there (if I understood that right) . Is there a link where this is explained ? (not that I expect to be able to understand it for now)
  13. Could you slow time using a tuning fork?

    We had the same question. And we got two answers from Janus and Swansont. I am going to try and digest them now....
  14. Could you slow time using a tuning fork?

    Is there any connection at all between the time effects of being higher or lower in a gravitational well and any (or no?) time effect caused by acceleration per se? There seems to be a close connection between gravity and acceleration in GR (the equivalence principle) but the former does have time effects and I am not sure if the latter does except for the fact that relative motion is involved.
  15. Mass shooting Las Vegas, Oct. 2. 2017

    It is reasonable to want to know motives in cases like these and to be dissatisfied when no motives are apparent (I am surprised but can accept what you say that many similar attacks have no known motive). That is human nature (and also important for preventative measures,surely). It does not imply any suspicious actions within the actual investigation.