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  1. Today I Learned

    Today I learned that those white spots that sometimes appear under our fingernails are call Leukonychia and that certain types may confer serious health conditions from malaria and leprosy to Darier's disease, liver failure, and kidney failure. There are four primary types: Punctata, stratia, longitudanal and totalis.
  2. Today I Learned

    Today I learned about supernumerary nipples and why some people have them. According to the Wiki and Seeker references, these are the extra breast nipples that form along our embryotic milk lines but regress before birth; however, some do not and can become fully formed nipples and breasts.
  3. Need an animation app

    Have you tried Google?
  4. According to this article in The Atlantic, based on a paper published in Nature: This BBC News article provides a diagrams of the location and size of the newly discovered void. Enjoy!
  5. Vacuum Fluctuations can Become Real

    I appreciate your insights. As I now understand, the flux of vacuum energy is an insufficient account for dark energy; however, as I'm aware, the rate of our universe's expansion is increasing beyond the pull of dark matter. To a novice, like myself, the connection between energies from dark sources in our universe seem rather obvious but, alas, it isn't. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating study.
  6. Vacuum Fluctuations can Become Real

    I see...being a novice to all of this, I have another question. Would the distinction of 10150 x being too large to be dark energy depend on the quantity of virtual particles present or created in space? Or is it that dark energy presents uniformly and virtual particle energy doesn't? What I'm asking is if there is a point of equilibrium between potential zero point energy bursts, if you will, and whatever uniform measure of dark energy might be?
  7. Vacuum Fluctuations can Become Real

    I'm curious, could there be any relationship between the virtual particles in the vacuum of space and dark energy or, perhaps, dark matter?
  8. 9.7-Million-Year-Old Teeth Found In Europe

    Thanks. However, I morn the loss of those 1920 specimens that the article mentioned and the wealth of insight they certainly could have provided.
  9. Scientists have discovered India's first ever Ichthyosaur according to this AFP article. It's believe that this "groundbreaking discovery" could "shed light on a possible marine seaway between India and South America when the ancient continents were fused together millions of years ago". Enjoy!
  10. According to this National Geographic Article: The article also contains a link to the original paper published on this finding, which definitively doesn't "rewrite human history". Enjoy!
  11. Trump Effects

    American politics is a quagmire and ignorance of its intricacies isn't unusual even among our citizenry who should be more informed or at least display as much interest as that shown by the citizens of foreign nations, like yourself, commenting here in this forum.
  12. Trump Effects

    Isn't it obvious? The Russians of course and their continual interference in our electoral processes. Trump has accepted their aid with their interference and he has tried to impede investigation of their efforts through the firing of James Comey.
  13. Today I Learned

    Today I learn about "the way to spiritual power through discipline" as practiced by Shugendō monks beginning in the 7th century until outlawed by the Japanese government. Essentially, the practice involved a method of extremely slow suicide called self-mummification, which lasted about 9 years if successful. Ritualized suicide, ultimately religious escapism.
  14. If one's goal is the application of feelings and emotions in A.I. then some application of science is necessary. Neuroscience is a good start because it provides clues to the type of equivalent structures, functions, and programming that A.I. might require to simulate emotionally equivalent human qualities.
  15. Trump Effects

    Tillerson likely thinks privately that the world already knows what he refuses to deny he said, which is that Trump is indeed a moron. If he has any measure of integrity, to deny that sentiment would make Tillerson a colossal lair and no better than his boss.