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  1. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    Thanks, koti.
  2. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    Something similar: if i stand in my garden on a sunny day, the Sun's rays feel warm on my face, but if astronauts were to venture outside the ISS, without protective clothing, they would quickly freeze to death; so why do they not feel the same Sun's rays as heat?
  3. Hello, inverse. I'm quite new here too so i don't really know, but if you want to, you can just enter your post and the Moderators will let you know if it's OK. Just have a try and see what happens. Good luck.
  4. Not being too well-versed in either Science or Philosophy, i don't really have any particular axe to grind, so i would just like to say that i think that both disciplines have equally important roles to play in dealing with the problems the world faces today: Science to tackle the practical problems like pollution, climate-change and over-population; Philosophy to disarm the harmful religious, political and nationalistic ideologies that are threatening all our well-being. I hope both can succeed - in tandem - because they must: one without the other may not be enough.
  5. What is the opposite of love?

    Obviously, i am not claiming that those attributes are the only attributes of selfishness - that would be silly - but to know Love we must be absolutely selfless and that includes ego and superego just as much as id. Selfishness includes everything, and both the " good " side and the " bad " side are two sides of the same coin and are a unified barrier to selflessness and Love. Yes, of course we have to take care of ourselves and not impose too much on others, but profane self-love, or any preoccupation with ourselves, however principled, is not the self-destroying Love which, i think, is what we are talking about here. Do you think that selfishness is not responsible for all the inhuman acts we witness in the world today and throughout history? You say selfishness is not automatically a bad thing so, conversely, it is not automatically solely a good thing either - it is both: yin and yang, good thief and bad thief , Ariel and Caliban and so on. Beware more of the good thief. Fortunately for us, we live where we can indulge in niceties, not in stricken places where living is a daily struggle just to survive and where we see both sides of selfishness in action: one gives rise to the other, but for Love to act, both sides must be still.
  6. What is the opposite of love?

    All the negative qualities mentioned in the thread - hate, arrogance, anger etc. - are all attributes of selfishness but real Love is totally selfless so , as darkness is the privation of light, i think we could add that selfishness is the privation of Love.
  7. Today I Learned

    Hello, Drk. I stumbled across two new words recently: one was " catachresis ", which is relevant to " phase " and " faze "; the other is "ultracrepidarianism " which could apply to a few people in these forums ( not including you, of course..ha,ha.. but definitely including me ). You may already be familiar with these words but, if you aren't, and knowing your interest in Greek and Latin, i think you might be interested in their etymology. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/ultracrepidarianism
  8. Consciousness and Evolution

    This too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herd_mentality
  9. Today I Learned

    Sorry, A. I think there has been a bit of miscommunication here - two countries separated by the same language. When i wrote " on railway-line " that was my pun. Here in little England, we don't say " railroad tracks " but we do say " railway lines ". If you were English you would probably have thought that my pun was the greatest, funniest pun ever invented! Can i give you another great pun: ....... it seems we had a crossed-line. Do i get the prize now, or will i be "punished " for not being funny?
  10. Interference vs. Lensing

    Thanks again - especially for the great link.
  11. Interference vs. Lensing

    Thank you both. May i also ask, is it possible that light from a very distant source could be affected so many times by lensing ( a sort of slalom effect ) that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to trace that light back to its source?
  12. Interference vs. Lensing

    Could gravitational lensing be the same effect as described by Fermat's principle, or by refraction, as both describe the deflection of light passing from one medium to another of a different density? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermat's_principle P.S. I'm sure you both don't need the link but someone else like myself might.
  13. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    Thanks, Cap'n. All's well that ends well. ( I'm using my smartphone now).
  14. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    Ha, ha. Thanks.
  15. Consciousness and Evolution

    Thanks, dimreepr. I must admit i felt as though i was walking into the lions' den with my post. Anyway, you are right, culture does involve us all and can become a common feature of the consciousness of each individual, but there are differing elements to consciousness that are unique to different people. If all goes well, each human brain is born with roughly the same psychological apparatus required for developing and sustaining consciousness, and if i could liken this apparatus to a suitcase, we all have a similar suitcase and lots of things we pack into it are things that everybody else might pack, but some things we pack are unique to ourselves: an Inuit grandmother wouldn't have packed exactly the same things as a Korean dictator. I think that's where the individuality comes into the equation. At the moment, Gees and i hold different opinions as to whether it is consciousness per se that evolves or it is the capacity to be conscious that evolves and then accumulates consciousness. In other words, as i presently see it, the suitcase evolves but the contents of the suitcase accumulate. Either one of could be right or wrong. Thank you too,Tar. Even if i'm wrong, we can sometimes see the truth by seeing what is false.What i've underlined in your quote above is exactly what i was trying to get at. However, i have to add that i don't think that that is the be all and the end all of the matter: identity/self also needs examining further, ( especially that word " separates " ), but i think i have gone far enough into the lions' den just now.