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  1. Cheap material thats heat resistant and clear

    The obvious solution is to stop smoking. Apart from not having lit cigarettes to deal with, there is a good number of additional benefits.
  2. Looking for some guidance on magnet build

    Step 1) find out why there are metal particles in your product Step 2) eliminate source It seems easier to prevent contamination than attempt to remove it afterwards. Also note that a magnet will not remove aluminum nor most common stainless steels. Have you checked that your metal particles are magnetic?
  3. We do. By electing representatives.
  4. Getting vaccinated requires very little effort, so the infringement on personal freedom is minimal. Also, human intuition is horrible with statistics, which is why things like insurance, personal safety or vaccination are regulated in many countries.
  5. Making an extra strong beam with wood and metal

    Putting the strongest and stiffest material in the middle is, from an engineering perspective, a very odd thing to do. Putting a wooden beam between two steel plates is a lot stronger (about the same as an I beam with similar dimensions). You also don't need that much bolting all over the length of the beam, since the only purpose of the wood is to keep the steel plates apart.
  6. Ductile and Brittle Metals vs Crystal Structure

    It is not unheard of that one author comes to the wrong conclusion, or oversimplifies a conclusion and then others copy it without further thought. I have encountered other examples of such (such as plain wrong examples on Newton's third law in several mechanics textbooks), and these seem to get more common as the level gets more basic and more simplification occurs. A second effect is that one oversimplification might have caught your attention, and now you put additional weight to secondary or out of context comments on the subject whenever you encounter them. It can be tempting to miss the nuance of the text when you already made up your mind. Now I can't remember reading about such rules. I'm also no expert on material science. But I tend to agree with you that ductility or brittleness, which can be rather vague concepts to begin with, depend on too much factors to be cast in such simple rules.
  7. What is nothing?

    Why an intelligence? You are simply moving the problem. It answers nothing.
  8. What is nothing?

    This premise is flawed, so none of the following holds.
  9. There is nothing special about islam. There are plenty of people (some of which are muslims) who don't respect Christians, Jews or atheists. A difference might be a different sense of humour or lack of self relativation, which causes a larger public outcry when someone "offends" islam?
  10. Religions influence on Science

    And so it should be. We can't simply throw out everything whenever someone has a new idea. Once the evidence for a refinement is found, it can be accepted. "Refinement" describes more accurately how science works than "alternative". It is silly to call the current models, such as the standard model, wrong, since they are very effective in making predictions within their applicable area.
  11. What is nothing?

    "What is real and actual nothing?" A useless concept, since we don't know whether it exists or has ever existed and have no way of finding out.
  12. Hoverboard question

    The metal plate would push against the ground exactly as hard as when the magnets are switched off. Likewise, you do not start hovering by attempting to lift yourself off the ground.
  13. How do I come to terms with death?

    Resignation is the answer. Whenever something bothers you, there are two, and only two, options: 1) do something about it 2) accept it and move on Since death is inevitable, there is nothing you can do about it, so just forget about it and go on enjoying your life. You can of course do some things to prolong life, such as not smoking and eating healthy, but those fall under category 1 (unless you choose to forget about that too). (there is of course a third option, which is often taken: fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, despair... none of these leads to nice places) I think your feeling describes nicely why religion is so popular.
  14. Opinions on God?

    The definition of weight is the force exerted on a supporting structure. Since Earth is not resting on a supporting structure, but floating around in space (free-falling around the sun, so to speak), it has no weight. As a general rule of thumb when something is a mystery to you: try to learn before resorting to fantastic stories, which have the danger of preventing future learning.
  15. Newton's gravity equation

    To elaborate on Janus's point. Instead of making the calculations with accurate input, like he did, you could also make yours with inaccurate input, but then you have to take the significant figures into account: For a period of 5x10³ s (about 1.5 hours) and a mass of 5x10 kg (about 50 kg), you get a force of 4x10² N. The gravitational force with the same level of accuracy is 4x10² N. As you can see, once you remove all the insignificant figures from your calculation, the result is spot on. To put it differently, the error bar on your result of 20 N is about 100 N, so the observed 0 N fits nicely within that range. The null hypothesis (physics works) cannot be rejected.