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  1. When is justice ever justified?

    Which part are you referring to?
  2. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    You put it as if the actual goal was to de-stabilise the region. And if it were the case, you'd be right. Trump has little to gain from such a stunt. On the other hand, it's more likely that it is just a collateral damage from an attempt to gain more approval back in the US.
  3. Atom as a boson?

    Thanks. I was not aware of this. Now it makes much more sense.
  4. Atom as a boson?

    Below I've linked a video from PBS Space Time, which is a really nice science channel and usually presents very well researched and narrated videos. In this video, though, one thing got me confused - the video is about absolute zero and at one point when the presenter is talking about Bose-Einstein condensates he says this: "There's only one substance is known to produce superfluid for conditions possible in the lab. And that substance is helium. In particular, helium-4. Helium-4 has a total spin of 0 which makes it a boson...". This is confusing to me. Can we really talk about an atom as if it were an elementary particle?
  5. When is justice ever justified?

    From a personal fairness and justice perspective this is totally justified, since the need for survival tops anything else. On the other hand, it's an interesting question whether justice can even be defined from a single person's perspective or it can only be applied to a larger group of people.
  6. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Given his current approval ratings, that second part is good enough. Nowadays it's practically a foll-proof strategy, since there is little support for Palestinians or any Middle-Eastern Muslim states for that matter so siding with Israel brings in votes without any serious downsides. Oh, wake up! Like any of the previous presidents cared about destabilising the region? Thanks for the info. Anyway, Trump wouldn't be able to get lower support ratings from Jewish community that it was, right? So he stands to lose little by siding with Israel on this matter. He might get increased support or he might stay more or less the same.
  7. Allowing neurotransmitter pathways to work as intended without interference from caffeine would be the best option. Besides, just being well rested will reduce the need for drinking too much coffee and the problem will sort itself.
  8. When is justice ever justified?

    Indeed, but let's look the definition of justice then: "Justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness is administered". But then if what we feel like being fair differs between cultures, definition of what is "just" would differ as well. There are other definitions, but it's hard to find one where justice and fairness are unrelated qualities.
  9. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Firstly, US has a very strong Jewish lobby, secondly, Jerusalem de facto completely belongs to Israel. It would only take time for it to be established de jure.
  10. When is justice ever justified?

    It depends on the perspective. Definitions of what is "just" or "fair" differ between cultures and, therefore, justice is only ever justified in particular setting from a particular view point.
  11. I have a question vaguely related to the solar system

    Dang! Thanks for correction.
  12. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Which part? That it will cost lives or that it was inevitable?
  13. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Why stop at Hitler? We can also lay blame on, say, Stalin, Catholic Church, Spanish Inquisition and Roman Empire. And this is just to start. BTW, It's capital, not capitol. This is going to cause a ton of lives, but it was somewhat inevitable.
  14. Processing fear

    This would be a minority of people, usually those who are experienced with being in such dangerous situations. But majority would trigger the "fight or flight" mechanism and the hormonal cascade it entails tends to have some rather negative effects on cognitive abilities.
  15. Scientists and pop sci

    A lot of it, but as far as I remember on more than a few occasions explanations given for some science phenomena made me cringe.