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Thoughts on this Video?

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Well. I thought it was clear, a serious interpretation of Genesis. Though I would argue that during the Adam and Eve part, they didn't show God saying "do not eat," for that would have been silly, and it would be less immersive.


My initial thought was,

What about Earth, not as God, but as Earth, is it worthy of worship (special/beneficent treatment)? And keeping on topic, is this possibly what Genesis was about (the clip)?


My answer to my own question???

Who am I to claim worthiness?

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Using a Hollywood movie as a starting point?! It's clear to me how uninformative that will be.

It's looks very real like, and it's no so far off the real thing; think of it as like telling a blind person about the colour red, of course this wouldn't escalate to the actual red being seen by the blind person, but just something close to it, that helps the blind person live with the essence of red.

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