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War in Ukraine


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Sweden and Finland have no nuclear weapon. Therefore they should urgently come in NATO, because Russia can attack them.

Ukraine has made the mistake. USA and UK promised protection for Ukraine if Ukraine has no nuclear weapon. Ukraine hasn't, but USA and UK don't fulfil the promise. Of course Ukraine is partially guilty in it. But Russian aggression against Ukraine is unfortunately instructive example.

I think there is more happening right now militarily and intelligence-wise by NATO than we know.

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Crimea is not part of NATO in practice or spirit whereas Ukraine is in spirit and will be.

Do borders spiritually exist? If Russia practically grasps Finland then is Finland a part of Russia?Who does think that Crimea isn't part of Ukraine?

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Putin has told that Russian security agencies have taken out Yanukovych from Ukraine. It means that they have discharged him from his power to annex Crimea using the anarchy. Now Russia has only two allies: deceit and violence.

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