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  1. Thanks. I thought black hole mass is defined without its KE like partcle mass. It deluded me.
  2. Do you think 9 solar massis were emitted before the collision? Then what their KE was emitted before the collision?
  3. If they fall directly toward each other then what mass would be after such collision? Why creation of gravitational waves ,before their collision, takes only their KE and no significant mass? Why creation of gravitational bubble,at the collision, takes only their mass and no significant KE?
  4. Then the rest mass after collision should be = m1 + m2 - energy of gravitational bubble /c2 +KE/c2 But really mass=m1 +m2 - energy of gravitational bubble /c2 + 0 Why so?
  5. Let's check your math. Ukraine missed only 1/4 part of missiles of 90 then how many missiles flew in Poland?
  6. To check work of Patriot.
  7. Ukraine has no missiles to attack far airfields. It is work of Biden. NATO is attacked by two missiles. Zero are downed of two. Ukraine shot down 73 missiles out of about 100. Who hump up?
  8. I mean gamma' = 1/(1 - escape velocity2/c2)1/2 For example distance of the fall is 1 trillion kilometers. Mass of the black hole is minimal. There is no initial velocity of the object relative to the black hole. If the gamma' = about 1 million then let's consider next example when black hole whith minimal mass is falling into black hole with minimal mass. If their kinetic energy > 2 millions minimal mass of black hole *c2 then where does the energy go after their collision?
  9. What is gamma factor of object, which is freely falling into black hole, on event horizon?
  10. Submarine may be destroyed by torpedo or missile. Not always you can define the destroyer. Sivil war can left missiles in silos without sequrity. Apply of the weapon leds you to new weapon of stouns and sticks.😛What is scientific sence there?
  11. Do you think nuklear weapon can be useful for Iran? Nuklear weapon is expensive and scientifically senceless. What is a sence to have the weapon when all have the same?
  12. For informational support of attak also. The war, between Russia and Ukraine, determines who is fool, who has lost nuclear weapon or who has nuclear weapon.
  13. If usual weapon can destroy your nuklear weapon on your land then is your nuklear weapon good for defense? Alredy nuklear weapon is scientificaly backward therefor it is problem for defense.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_sector When sin*cosin=1/4 then area of the one sector is Pi/24 and area of second sector is 5Pi/24
  15. Unit circle has r=1. a is angle in radians. You have confused in your inattentiveness . (61/2 - 21/2)/4 = (2-31/2)1/2/2 21/2(31/2-1)/2=(2-31/2)1/2 (31/2-1)2/2=2-31/2 3-2*31/2+1=4-2*31/2
  16. For example one circular sector of unit circle has area a/2, other circular sector has area Pi/4 - a/2 then a/2=sin(a)*cosin(a)/2 +(area of circular segment of angle 2a)/2 and Pi/4 - a/2 = sin(a)*cosin(a)/2+(area of circular segment of angle Pi - 2a)/2 Then area of the twq equal triangles is sin*cosin
  17. (61/2 - 21/2)/4 = (2 - 31/2)1/2/2 I have taken sin * cos=1/4 then I have got sine=(2 - 31/2)1/2/2 or (2 + 31/2)1/2/2 Calculator has shown arcsin=15 degrees but sine 15 degrees=(61/2 - 21/2)/4 I don't understand how they are connected.
  18. Rather that is wrong because t is not obligated to be proportional to ( Pi-2a)/2 at level 1.
  19. The idea is wrong because next formula must work but it is not working t/(1-y)=sin t/(cos t -y) y=(t cost-sint)/(t-sint)
  20. For example two photons with the same fraquency are traveling together. They have horizontal polarizations. Then fraquency is time to do left amlitude or right amlitude. When one photon makes left amplitude then another photon makes right amlitude for support of momentum law.
  21. How do you define what photon cannot travel in thin waveguide becouse it is thin for the photon?Why do you think that source frame is more important for such definition? Why polarity of photon wave cannot be rotating? If it can be rotating then what is energy of the rotation?
  22. The acceleration increases negative velocity of the waveguide relative to source of the photon. Negative velocity creates redshift of the wavelength relative to the waveguide.
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