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With Whom You Stand?

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As I've already stated numerous times comments were directed at my challenge. So I reiterated/clarified my challenge IN RESPONSE to what had been said to me. Is this so hard to understand? I disagree that getting rid of the God concept will cease all violence AS CLAIMED IN THE OP. If you disagree with me fine. We will have to agree to disagree.

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We do just fine, but thanks for asking.

Odd as it may see, I have never decided to kill someone for their beliefs in those matters. Sadly, it seems that religion brings forth different behaviour. At least we would eliminate one cause of

Just because you never have doesn't mean other people won't.

I disagree that getting rid of the God concept will cease all violence.

And I agree with you here. So does John. So does Moontanman. So do many others. Not sure why you're getting so flustered.

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If I take a Humanist stance, accepting that I can't really know anything about god(s) if they do exist, and that they don't seem to be consistent enough to merit much allocation of resources if they do, then I'd like to know how various religions will view my stance. If I side with humanity, and invest my efforts at understanding into flesh and blood people, are religions going to help me or hinder me?


In the US right now, we're becoming more sensitive to people and businesses that are neglecting their duties as citizens in favor of what's right for their religion or business. Corporations are hiding profits from taxation, and reducing the middle class that typically paid the lion's share of the revenue that keeps the country going.


I think humanism (and history) tells us we're much more powerful in cooperative groups that help each other. Many religions foster this concept, but many promote political and social agendas that call more for personal responsibility. They don't support government welfare, and many social programs that help keep our society on an even keel. They believe you're only worthy if you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, as most of them believe they've done.


How can humanism survive when so many people in positions of power use religion to shape a society of subordinates rather than peers?

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we have a good point here...I guess few people want to terminate the concept of religion ... the more I see that we as a grown up human should now upgrade ( based on our understanding of universe and science ) and should redefine or rather update the basics of religion... after all religion should be commemorative of faith rather than worship...accommodate personal freedom rather than enforcement... based on what we see and observe rather than what was written.... accommodate freedom of lateral thinking rather than predefined thinking... accommodate human rather God... and so on and so forth..... do i have a point in raising the bar of religion...no matter.. if e need to re-write books again...

To add further.. we did it many time earlier....but please please do not create a new sect or religion...as all the prophets were acts as preacher at the same worked as dis-integrator ( i believe in repair the chair rather build the new chair )..we have so many chairs already...

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This powerful question that will change the way mankind think and will lead to stop the bloodshed.
Take a deep breath, with an open mind, think
In case required, whom you support, you have two options to choose
1. Your fellow human
2. GOD
No ifs and buts, no conditions, Need just a straight answer, think all the factors
Take a minute and take a deep breath, before making a hasty decision.
Why you need to give preference to GOD rather human.
Whom you know better? Fellow Human or GOD.
Why you want to go to heaven at the sake of killing your fellow humans.
Do you know heaven/GOD exist? but your fellow human are real.
Who you have seen and talked? God or fellow human.
Whom you afraid of? GOD or fellow human,
Why you start hating the human if he didn’t believe in your GOD?
Why you think your GOD is superior to his GOD?
Why you want to establish your GOD kingdom over all Humans? Who asked you? Why? What his (GOD) purpose?
Why you want everyone to believe in what you believe as GOD?
Why you spread propaganda with other humans to convert in believe in what you believe?
Why you act as puppet in Hand of GOD to hate your own human beings?
Why you act as puppet in Hand of some people in the name GOD to hate your own human beings? When even those people never seen the GOD?
If the GOD just talk about loves and just loves why daily there is thousands of killing, conversions, preaching and so many things, other than love as well etc. why can’t be it just simply love ?
Think why?
Think why?
Take your time.
And ultimately you will found that, No matter what is the religion, caste, creed, language, reason, country of a Human being, you will found him same as you rather than any other alien entity or GOD.
Fellow human will look alike you more than any alien or outsider or GOD.
And you will Support him rather than GOD.
And this will lead to a peaceful earth, where everyone leaves peacefully. This will stop blood shed
And a few handful people who just divide human and make living on donation and charity without any hard work as common man, need to work like a common man.
And Human start loving human as human rather than as believers.
Support human rather than God or the so call follower of GOD no matter what it takes.
Let’s all human Stand as one humanity
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The premise here is that God supports an abandonment of humanity, which is certainly unfounded. Consider if the will of God was universal agreement upon objective truth -- then a belief in God would also dictate a belief in humanity and universal agreement (which can only be done on universally verifiable objective truth).

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