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  1. I just read a similar story on this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45775309 It's very worrying. I'd be interested to see what people here think of this.
  2. pears

    "loop" logic

    It's always good to get the right phrase to describe a phenomenon, especially a negative one. That's the power of words. I'm sorry you've had such difficult experiences to deal with lately. That sounds painful. Agree with everything you've said about faith.
  3. pears

    "loop" logic

    circular reasoning?
  4. 4 - God is willing to let you suffer but the purpose of suffering is unknown. If you're talking about the God of the bible then, he is not described just as a jealous God but as an incarnate God - who comes and suffers along with us. My view of God is that everything we experience he experiences. Whenever we suffer he suffers too. Just my opinion. Why do you think that's the reason God created the universe (if he did)? Could there be another reason?
  5. Other forums with Community Forum Software IP.Board 3.4.7 work OK for me in IE. Not sure if patches/updates would be the same though. Fine in chrome for me too.
  6. I've tried to post with a quote, (click the quote or multiquote button) but it just takes me to the bottom of the page where the reply section is, and no quoted text appears in there. Have I missed something? I just need to hit the button (or multiquote plus reply to multiple posts) and the text should appear in the reply area right? By the way this is IE.
  7. Then is the question about anti-evolutionary creationism in particular then? Or religion in general?
  8. Boo!! I'm dying to stick my hand in a beaker of the stuff now
  9. Out of interest, what are the safety implications?
  10. If a decision is determined - in what sense is it a free decision? If the decision is not free then how can it form a definition of free will?
  11. yes Oh OK - that makes more sense now. Thanks.
  12. What's the difference between observing length and distance?
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