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GWAS on homosexuality


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1. nature v nurture


2. touchy subject


3. do you have proof there even is a gay gene


4. its probably multi factorial if it even exists(not fun to search for multi-factorial genes even if they have clear phenotype relation, this dose not by any definition of the word have clear phenotype relationships)


5. we may all have it but it may have low penetrance in the population


6. its probably psychological


7. straight people don't try being gay so how do we know they are really straight, gay people like being gay, and bi people?


8. why should we care(scientists are only interested in interesting things, searching for a gene that may or may not exist, which will have every gay right campaigner after your head dose not sound interesting, unless your the masochistic type)


also look up threre's a thread about almost the same thing 2 up

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There are markers being associated with homosexuality. As usual with association studies not many are confirmed and linkage can be weak (e.g. Rice et al 1999, Science)




There are genes trust me! This GWAS of sexual orientation will exactly show us, which genes on which chromosoms have mutation in homosexuals! It is also interesting, because we will see, if ineeded there is a affected gene in the xq28 locus(as Dean Hamer said).


I means look at boy george or micheal geroge HOW gay they also look(face). trust me there are mutations which cause this!



This GWAS will be a the sensation in few years. I am looking forward to this day, when 23andme make pulic their findings! YYYYEEEAAHH!

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OK association studies... anyone remember when they said that aids only gay people get aids?

they aren’t really accurate, they aren’t reliable, and unless you are doing whole genome analysis they should be taken with a brick and a half of salt.

the way most association studies are done is that a small sample of subjects are screened, then a gene shared between the sample group(note i said a not "the") gene is screened for in a larger sample, should this gene show a positive correlation, EURICA its the gene you were looking for, should it not its on to the next one...

its not a very reliable technique unless the gene in question is studied in detail afterwards and UNDERSTOOD(this means you know what it dose on a molecular level and how it achieves its effect).


even then this only gives a predisposition... in other-words XX% of people with the gene could be homosexual not if you have the gene you will be homosexual, in all likelihood a large portion of the population will have that gene and will not be gay, or lesbian(yes there dose exist such a thing as women my friend)




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