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What does your desktop look like??

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Here is my current desktop after a reformat. If you want to take a screenshot in Linux then you can either


1. Open a terminal and type in


import screenshotfilename.jpg


and it will save a file named "screenshotfilename.jpg" in the current directory with the screenshot of your desktop. You can also use an application like ksnapshot. I use ksnapshot. I like it better.

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How do you post your desktop. It won't let me paste the image in

Route one:

Save it on your computer as a JPG or PNG (to save space). Below the "reply to thread" box (not the quick reply) there is an "attach file" option. Click "Manage Attachments" and upload one.

Route two:

Upload a file to http://www.imageshack.us. Use the img tag to post it.

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Schrodngr's_cat: Filthy stink worm botter ebayzon maphack user!!! :eek:

Nah, I'm only joking, I don't really care. I'm just proud to say I was one of the only players on D2 who was 100% legit. :)


Seriously, I really am just joking! I don't even play D2 any more. In fact, I'll give you all my items if you want, since they're just going to get deleted otherwise.

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Guest bkronbergs

The new Sphere o.80 beta is really quite bug free, i mean I am running it off my rubbish Windows PC, cos it aint been released for Mac yet, but it runs without any probs really, very smooth, and doesnt take much to run either, no massive chunks of processing speed goes down the can either. Very good.

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ok, so i got this sphereXP thing...


but what really are the advantages of it?


personally i didnt like it much, and although it didnt use much processing power, still, the only advantage of it was the ability to minimise things and still see them... and of course rotate em... seemed like a bit of a gadget which seemed to get a bit useless.


of couse this is my view and i in no way say that is what the prog is like and no offence to anyone, but someone who found it useful or good... can you please explain why? (as i fail to see the 'goodness' of it!)

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oh wip-dee-doo


i still didnt like, except to play with for a few minutes, i've turned it off and would like another opinion as to why someone would possibly want to run it permamently!

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you mean more dekstop space... incase you want a 3 digit number of icons???


come on, even if you are reffering to minimising windows, they just go to the task bar it is quicker... and besides, who often has that many windows open?


and you'd loose em.


good gadget, practically useless.


(again this is my view, try and convince me otherwise)!

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