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  1. The thread creator said spherical and blue. So its as much spherical as blue. Blue is one of the given parameters. It dosnt matter if its blue to some people or black or whatever, if we look at the facts it is blue.
  2. Mines a 2d representation of a tesseract... makes sense.
  3. It says that the sphinx of canus (named igon) died 26 years ago. You need to know how Agamamnus is, then divide by one ninth the age of Igon. The most inportant things are the number and the names.
  4. Thank god I don't eat that stuff. Now I can laugh at those people that do.
  5. I know, clue: something nice, that you can give to someone (not an item)
  6. A harder riddle, this one requires quite a bit of math. I am twice as old as three times the age of the Sphinx of Gazia, Agamamnus, divided by one-ninth the age of the Sphinx of Canus, Igon, who left this world twenty-six years ago. What then is my age?
  7. Callipygous has 1,2,3,6,8,9. and yes 7 says all the clues are lies.
  8. Gj, but those are the easy ones. Theres still 1,4,5,7,8,10. PLEASE READ If anyone thinks they have the answers could you please pm me and not post it in the thread. Thanks.
  9. I have 10 riddles, whoever can answer them all correctly first wins. 1)A metal neither black nor red As heavy as man's golden greed What you do to stay ahead With friend or arrow or steed 2) Two guardians, two doors. One always lies, one always tells the truth. You can ask one of them just one question. You must choose the right door, one leads to death the other to freedom. possible questions: a)Which door is corect? b)Which door is not corect? c)Which guard is lying? d )Are you the guard who lies? e )Is he the guard who lies? f)Which door would I say is correct? g)Which door would the other say is correct? h)Do both doors lead to death? i )What is behind this door? j)What is behind the other door? 3)There are 5 people: Jimmy, Sally, Billy, Bobby and Mike. Jimmy's candy was stolen. Sally claims that Mike is guilty. Mike says that Billy did it. Bobby swears he didn't steal it. Billy says that Mike is lying. If only one of these people speaks the truth, who took Jimmy's candy. 4)Speak not of love or hate, but tell me this; what gift can you give to me, that I can never buy for myself? 5)One speaks for me Two serve me Six protect me How many defy me? 6)I touch your face, I'm in your words, I'm lack of space, And beloved by birds... 7)If Cell 3 holds worthless brass, Cell 2 holds the gold key. If Cell 1 holds the gold key, Cell 3 holds worthless brass. If Cell 2 holds worthless brass, Cell 1 holds the gold key. Knowing this brave fool, and knowing that all that is said cannot be true, which cell contains the gold key? 8)From the beginning of eternity, To the end of time and space, To the beginning of every end, And the end of every place... 9)What is the thing which comes in sheets, yet cannot be folded or gathered again? 10)What work is it that the faster you work, the longer it is before you're done, and the slower you work, the sooner you're finished? Good luck, Tesseract
  10. An interesting email, conversation between isohunt and the MPAA, posted recently on their news board.
  11. Just like suprnova before, Lokitorrent has sold out and closed down. Heres a link to some info: http://www.mpaa.org/CurrentReleases/ http://www.lokitorrent.com/
  12. That dosnt have anything to do with microbiology.
  13. I think I found a way to saymy question correctly: which part of the brain is in charge of retrieving memory.
  14. Is there a program with which you can see the entire nm scale?
  15. Its how they portryed it not how much they put in.
  16. Too much, too many, too exaggerated.
  17. Yeah my favourite character too, even though Ive only seen 4 episodes. I think my list of favourite startreks would be: TNG Voyager DS9 and TOS Enterprise
  18. The ratings sucked. No sane person would watch it.
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