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  1. These sites can be very useful. I purchased a game a few years ago and have the cd-rom's but lost the serial number. I was able to use one of these sites to retrive a new one. Since I do own the game and bought it for $50.00 and could find the receipt for the purchase then doing this is ok. But, if I would have downloaded the game on Kazza or some other p2p network and then used a site to get a serial number or crack for it and I didn't pay for the software then it would be illegal. These sites offer serials/cracks and the reason why these sites are still running is because they are not v
  2. You do know you can call Symantec directly and activate the product. Also you said you purchased it on cd-rom. Isn't it already activated since if I remember right it reads the activation data from a encrypted file on the disk.
  3. No diffrence at all. Most people prefer to put uppercase extenstions. On Windows it dosen't matter. The same thing also applys to filenames. You can have a file named, "iDoNtCare" and it's the same as, "Idontcare." On Linux and other UNIX like operating systems these would be looked at as two diffrent files.
  4. Jordie


    That would work but it dosen't need to be like that. Try start iexplore http://www.scienceforums.net I have not used the command for so long so that should work.
  5. Jordie


    Type this iexplore ANd make sure you have Internet Explorer installed!
  6. Jordie


    What did you type? It should work if you have Internet Explorer installed. I know it works on Windows 9x and it should work on Windows XP as well. I really don't feel like booting into Xp just to check that.
  7. I have had experience with most forum software. I have to say vBulletin is the best commercial forum software and PHPBB Plus is the best free forum software. One thing I don't like about PHPBB is how you have to set premissions for each forum and stuff like that after you have created the forum. I have to say that Invision has beat PHPBB on that one.
  8. See here is an example of what I mean. Let's say the false command (a command that will always return an error message), is Firefox. I would type something like so. [jordan@jelly-oodpyb8k0 ~]$ false #Me running Firefox, in this case false. [jordan@jelly-oodpyb8k0 ~]$ echo $? 1 See how it returned an error message of 1. Now I could go online surf the Internet for, Firefox Error Message 1 or something like that.
  9. To me this sounds like a problem with a plugin. This happened to me with Firefox on Linux. I installed Java and was trying to get the plugin to work with Firefox. I was doing some things wrong and each time I tried to run Firefox it wouldn't run. My suggestion is to check the plugins direcotry where Firefox is installed at for unknown files or something of that sort. Maybe even remove Firefox and re-install it. I think MacOs X is based off open darwin bsd. So you should be able to open up a shell and run Firefox and if it crashes do echo $? and it will return an error number. If the messa
  10. If you still want to play real player files and don't want to download real player download the real player codecs for xine or mplayer!
  11. I am on Linux using a Wmp54g Linksys Card and my sister is running Dell Truemobile usb card. Both of them don't come with any Linux support. I got the cards working by installing Ndiswrapper located at Ndiswrapper. It seems like tons of people who connect to the Internet using wireless cards use Ndiswrapper. If you do have to use it follow this guide -> http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php?story=20040507104718960&mode=print!
  12. No you don't have to. You can use a swapfile like Windows does. But by default Linux creates a seperate partition for /boot and / and /swap. It isn't confusing with todays graphical installers such as the one that comes with fedora. The one that comes with fedora is even nicer then the xp one.
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