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  1. Here osmolarity , osmolality , osmotic pressure is zero. As these term is used only if the membrane is permeable. So a simple diffusion takes place...to balance x in both sides... N this doesnt happen in human body...as every normal human body/ membranes are permeable to water. So, no, edema n dehydration n no such event which requires water movement will take place... One such compound that diffuses readily towards both memebranes is Urea in human body, thats y we dnt count urea while calculating osmolality, but yes we do need urea to calculate osmolarity.
  2. i think ur right then, intense pain causing shock. and during intense burn, even dehydration causes a person to go into shock.
  3. i think stimulation would cause you intense pain.for sympathetic to be disrupted, either brain or spinal cord should be stimulated instead of the periphiral part! what has PSTSNNon-ADFN to do here?
  4. ok guys who don't believe this genetic engineering stuffs, please go and search at google "David Icke",you'll find the answer. Produce new disease and then its cure (vaccines), earn more money by Pharmaceutical companies, World is cruel!!!
  5. didnt understand your PSTSNNon-ADFN part! did you mean to say PSTSN without pain sensation?
  6. believ it or not these swine flu n bird flu viruses are genetically engineered virus, to bring chaos in the world.
  7. new researches have shown that the temp causes increase in CO2, not CO2 causes temp rise!!! and another fact is -rise in temp is followed by rise in CO2 by 100 years!!
  8. 1 positive effect of global warming could be- as the earth warms up, CO2 increases .Researches have shown that in high amount of CO2, higher crop production. when temp used to be high during medieval period,there used to be high production of crops.
  9. hey sis,medicine is a bachelor degree which u study just after completing the high school.and wud u waste ur time studying maths instead of join med? By the way, medicine course do not include maths course coz they know high school maths is enough. (i never hav said maths isnt necessary,i said higher knowledge in maths is a Positive point).If it was that necessary then they wud have included maths in the course! and Mokele's true abt Med entrance exam. Even if u knew maths,till the final year you'l have forgetten everything,thats why in the medical reseach they always include a statistician! and as far as drug doses are concern, simple calculus which is taught in high school is enough. the main thing in medicine,is to take proper history,investigate,diagnosis n differential diagnosis,and drug therapy.the most important thg is the art of history taking and differential diagnosis,i dont think we need maths here.medicine is an art, ur experience matters much than ur knowledge.maths has minor role. if u dont believ me go and ask to do a simple integration to an intern or a doc,i bet they can't coz if they were good at maths,in the course of heavy medical course they will have forgotten. AND as far as the original Q is concerned,Maths is not as important as anatomy and Physiology.Little maths is required in Pharmacology and Community Medicine.
  10. mayb u r true that maths helps in problem solving, decision making but ... this doesnt mean u arent gonna be good doc if u arent good at maths. academically, maths is not necessay to get degree in medicine. and maths isnt a language of medical science,its a tool and if u know a simple high school mathamatics..thats more than enough to study medicine. what u need more, is a common sense. and usually ppl who are interested in biology arent interested in maths and vice versa. and..abstract thinkers...like philosophers..i bet many of them dont even know maths.... my conclusion,if u know maths its a plus point,if dont know ,it doesnt matter at all.
  11. i think some1 is confused with haemorroids and acne! lol
  12. Leison


    get good academic grades.medical preparatory books are available in market.
  13. dont eat the chicken...thts a cure.hehe .Its correct spelling is "Chikungunya Fever" caued by GroupA(alpha virus),Chikungunya virus .its a Arbovirus. avoid aedes,culex and mansoni mospuitoes.thats a earliest cure.
  14. u dont need calculus and all in medicine.u need to know how to +,-,/,x.thats all.to some extents statistics is required for community medicine.
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