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BNP on question time


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Check this Daily Mail article (yes! I know it's the Daily Mail, but hey - no goverment supporting paper would print this). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1222613/Labour-let-migrants-engineer-multicultural-UK.html?ITO=1490&referrer=yahoo


It's no supprise that the working classes are turning to the right when they have been lied to by the government for so long. Stealth mass immigration without the publics concent. Promises of a refferendum on Euope and then blatent attempts to push through their own Euopean policy without any intension of consulting the masses as to how they feel about it.

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you're getting off topic here.


It's not off topic. Jack Straw on question time was asked "Do you think the recent rise in the support for the BNP is due to the current governments failed immigration policy?" He was riddiculed for not answering the question. The articule explains why the government's current immigration policy is wrong (in some peoples opinion) - by basing it on lies and deceit with hidden agendas.


and a note to our non-UK membership, dailymail is sort of like Fox News except in printed form and blaiming immigrants instead of socialists.


LoL - Every Labour voter I know hates the Daily Mail - however, most of it's stories are printed in a similar way in the Times - a well respected Newspaper. Most left wingers also hate the Times with as much venom, but can't really slate it's reputation, so they take it out on the Mail.


The article may have been printed by the Mail - so what? Are you saying they are lying and that the government did not have this agenda after all?

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did i say i was a labour voter?


all newspapers have bias one way or another but the daily mail really is widely known for it. it's dripping with it. every time something goes wrong: IMMIGRANTS! everytime there's no news: PRINCESS DIANA! nothing going wrong: PRINCESS DIANA! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GOING UNNOTICED!


i'm not saying they are flat out lying about government agenda, but they do not present all the facts, they skew facts in support of their wild conclusion jumping andput so much spin on it that it makes pulsars look slow.

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Did I say you were a Labour voter? No.


Yes you are right. All newspapers have their own political slant. However, I don't think they are allowed to print lies somehow. The current government are worse than the Daily Mail in my opinion for lies and spin and hidden agendas, but now we ARE going off topic.


Over and out. DrP.

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The first post in this thread refers to the importance of free speech and, by implication, free reporting (by the bbc or by other media).

This link provides some insight into one journalist's experience of the BNP's view on free reporting.


Anybody got any thoughts on it?

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However, most of them keep moving through the whole of Europe and and most head for England. Some British people (who wouldn't in their right minds begrudge anyone asylum) were concerned that instead of being equally distributed across western nations, most seemed to come here - why? Is the UK doing something different to welcome them that others don't? Do they get better treatment here than in France,say or Germany?


Wait a tick here. According to Wikipedia the proportion of immigrants in the UK is roughly 9%. In comparison France has 10.18%, Spain 11.45%, Germany 12.31%. Obviously in absolute numbers the UK is ranked behind Germany and France. Is it possible that the perception is worse than reality?


Edit: I just browsed some EU statistics and also only including asylum seekers UK is not at the top spot (at least for 2009). The origins are slightly different between the countries, though. However, Germany and UK have large similarities with many applicants coming from Afghanistan (1130 Germany, 880 UK) or Iran (630 Germany, 650 UK). In addition Germany got 1945 from Iraq (either none or too few to have an own category in the UK), whereas UK got 760 from Zimbabwe.

Altogether at least these figures do not support a movement to and accumulation in the UK.


Edit2: Realizing that in quite a number of theses cases some extreme hardships and tragedies may be represented, listing them like some kind of sports results feels kind of odd.

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It's possibly useful to note that the UK birth rate isn't keeping pace with the death rate. (or at least it wasn't doing so recently- things might have changed since I checked the figures)

Without immigration we would have a falling population. That's not generally good for an economy.

Also many, if not most, of these people are adults; they can, in principle, already contribute to the net worth of the country in a way that "native born" Brits can't. They aren't just any adults either; they were resourceful enough to get here so they have already proved that they can work towards a well defined goal. That's one up on a lot of people.


We need immigrants in just the same way that they need us.

What I'm not sure about is how much we need the BNP.


BTW love the video Bascule.

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