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On 01/02/2018 at 9:40 AM, swansont said:

YuanShenhau is suspended 3 days for repeatedly opening new threads on the same topic, after being told not to.

This has been upgraded to a ban.




Also banned is waitforufo. Phi for All had a much better farewell message than I could come up with, so I will leave that here.


We sure appreciate your unyielding yelling over the barbed wire on your back fence, but you stopped listening long ago (if you ever did), and this stifled your ability to give insight in discussions, and so you turned to fallacy and dishonesty.

There’s only so much of the bald face lying we are prepared tolerate for the sake of not being accused of censorship. We are well passed that point now, and so staff decided it was time for a permanent ban.




forex has now been banned as well, for constantly reopening closed topics. 

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