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Super-Mega-Huge-Ginormous RIDDLE!


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still haven't got number 6

i've tried everything i can think of.


I got it!


Make sure you fill in the blanks of the first part of the riddle, and then you can use the second part of the riddle to answer find the clue.

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ecoli, still can't get it.i tried filling in the gaps a while ago but got nowhere.


Once you get to here:




I say Mc' date=' you say A

I say Dairy, you say B

I say Taco, you say C

I say Coca, you say X

I say Burger you say Y?

I say Sub you say Z


er... still dont get it lol[/quote']


you can figure out what A, B, C, X, Y and Z are... right?

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Level 9 simply says:


You've reached the end!

Remember this URL: http://riddle.kaoskorruption.deltaanime.net/?page=**************

Bookmark this page. (Press Ctrl + D)


Why? Because there will quite likely be more levels added some day.

If you come back to this URL, you will be able to start where you left off.


I replaced the answer for level 8 with *s so it won't spoil it....

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It was fun and i enjoyed it. I liked the style of the first questions better and i think it should be solvable without having to leave the page. Searching the net should reveal the answer easily.

Hopefully there will be more soon.

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