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Super-Mega-Huge-Ginormous RIDDLE!


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i still don't get it. i have tried loads of gases but none works.


EDIT:ok this is really starting to bug me. i've tried every gas i can think of, every permutation of petrol and every process i can think of that starts with a gas. and it says wrong every time.

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omg... I'm on lvl 6 and its pretty much impossible -_-'


Title: Level 6: Ice Aye, Use Aye


Ice Aye Mc, Use Aye Aye.

Ice Aye Dairy, Use Aye Bee!

Ice Aye Taco, Use Aye Sea.

Ice Aye Coca, Use Aye Ex.

Ice Aye Burger, Use Aye Why?

Ice Aye Sub, Use Aye Zee.


Aye's 7th: A

Bee's 5th: N

Sea's 2nd: S

Ex's 4th: W

Why's 1st: E

Zee's 3rd: R


I cant make heads or tails of it :P


EDIT: dont know if this means anything, but for w/e reason their is no 6th. goes from first to seventh but skips it...

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