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  1. Yeah. I've taken calculus actually haha.
  2. Yeah. The fact that you can move through an infinite amount of points in a finite time seems strange. lol. -my mind... hurts...- =_= haha.
  3. Yeah. That's what's interesting about it... According to this proof we shouldn't be able to move at all. Continuous movement is impossible... however we manage it everyday That's why it's a paradox. lol.
  4. Well I'm stumped. uhhh... let's see if I can at least get some kind of equation out of this. n = distance into the progression. let 49 be n=0. so uh, I guess the equation would be something like [math]4*10^{n+1} + 4*10^{n} + 4*10^{n-1} + ... + 4*10^{\frac{n+2}{2}} + 8*10^{\frac{n}{2}} + 8*10^{\frac{n}{2}-1} + ... 8*10^{1} + 9[/math] Requires n > 0 I think. Btw, I'm almost 100% sure that this is incorrect but It's probably a starting place...? Lol. I'm a bit rusty me thinks. Edit: nevermind, my equation is rubbish Maybe someone else should take a shot.
  5. I assumed the guy that told me about didn't make it up. Haha. I just never heard of it before. Pretty interesting, and yourdad, the proof hinges on the fact that movement is a function, aka continuous. So to get from point a to point b, if a and b aren't equal you HAVE to go through some point c. Doesn't matter if c is halfway between a and b, in fact it can be anywhere between the two points.
  6. I was chatting away on a gaming server, minding my own business, when a guy in the channel mentions, "So, I can disprove movement." I was skeptical to say the least. But when he finished I was amazed... He actually disproved movement xD Anyway it goes like this. To go from point A to point B, assuming A =/= B, you'll have to go through a point C. Let's say C is halfway between A and B. What's halfway between those 2 new points? And half way between that? And that? Essentially, it's impossible to move in any direction. How about that? I understand where this is coming from. Movement is essentially time moving through 3 dimensional space. And imo it's just a construct of our minds. We percieve time... But yeah, if this little proof isn't correct, could someone tell me where it goes wrong? And if it doesn't, does that mean that it disproves time as well?
  7. I'm running out of time here, so I've only read the first post, but infinite density just happens to be an ugly little side effect of our current understanding of black holes. It's just that we know of no physical construct that could resist the pressure that gravity is creating inside the event horizon of a black hole... because we can't take a look around the inside of the horizon and report back, as far as we know all the mass that enters a black hole is crushed into a single point, a la singularity. That's my 2 cents, time to run for my next class.
  8. Just a note, you'd get better readership if you just hosted it as the actual pdf rather then a rar. Can't be that big, can it? lol. But yeah, if your theory applies to Mr Skeptic's last post, then you can call it science, at which point you can test it out with actual experiments to prove it's validity
  9. Like the last guy said. The object would have to free fall for an infinite amount of time to reach light speed or more. Since that's impossible the situation is impossible
  10. No one said Time Travel was impossible. In fact were all travelling through time as we speak... Think of time as a series of one way streets going in the same direction... Some of these streets might be moving faster or slower but essentially they're all going the same way.
  11. Hm. When the planets were created from the gobbledy-gook that was the solar system, they ALL had an angular momentum of some kind. Anything that didn't was sucked into the sun. The thing to realize too is that the 1st focii isn't centered on the sun, it's centered on the gravitational centre between the sun and the orbitting body... it just so happens that the sun is so gravitationally dominant so this point is very close to the sun's centre. The 2nd focii's placement is placed by what the obitting body's initial velocity was when it was caught by the sun's gravity. Btw, gobbledy-gook is a scientific term, I swear.
  12. By the time an organism developed sight, it would've been multi-cellular... perhaps some bundle of nerve endings (that served some other purpose originally) mutated in such a way that made the sensitive to sight... This adaption became naturally selected as helpful to the survival and reproduction of the gene, and with further mutations you end up with an eye that can not only sense light, but also have a brain that can interpret what the messages mean to a more meaningful extent. All "big" evolvutionary leaps started out as something far less helpful (but enough to be selected for). And to your plant question... its obvious that at no point in plants evolutionary timeline that site held any advantages... think about it, plants are rooted to the ground, they do not move... sight would be a hinderance, something extra that would need more energy to grow in such an organism. That's why you don't get ogled by trees when you walk through a forest EDIT: wow aren't I helpful? I posted a long-winded version of the guy before me without realizing it -.-' took too long to post I guess haha
  13. Well this is an incredibly old thread of mine, but I'll bump it anyway. What I meant is, do I actually have to code each box as, (for ex) C5=B4+D4 E5=C4+F4 ... And so on... I mean, it'd be nice if I could just format all the cells to follow a pattern... or at least make something that's copy-pasteable lol.
  14. Sometimes I believe that any question can be answered with: http://en.wikipedia.com/wiki/{subject} lol. EDIT: Btw, the analogy I was thinking of: "A common analogy is the sonic boom of a supersonic aircraft or bullet. The sound waves generated by the supersonic body do not move fast enough to get out of the way of the body itself. Hence, the waves "stack up" and form a shock front. Similarly, a speed boat generates a large bow shock because it travels faster than waves can move on the surface of the water."
  15. You assume right. When I said "a few gram less" I meant it in context with force... as in the force a few grams exert towards the center at earth from the surface -.-' You know that grams / kilograms are used as a unit of weight as well as mass in countries that use metric right?
  16. The irony is that the banana you buy at your local grocery store has evolved through artificial selection for it's taste, size, and the number of banana's that are produced in a single bunch. It's also why "farmed" banana's don't have seeds in them anymore. Hmm... someone should do a statistical study on the correlation between belief in religion, and partially sensical posts on SFN... I predict r^2>.80 And next time you post, please include an actual point, rather then trolling.
  17. Yes! that rang a bell... what I mean is if a particle travels through a medium that restricts photons to a slower speed... and that particle's velocity surpasses that of the photon, what happens?
  18. Sounds good. Lets ban grease and fat... it'll create a new black market economy for organized crime... Call me when I become a fat dealer k? Oh and I'm mostly doing a personal gripe on smokers, since I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke. I agree generally that stupid people should be allowed to do stupid things... but then again, suicide is illegal isn't it? I'd consider that the ultimate stupid thing to do
  19. I think I read something about this somewhere, but I'm still curious. What happens to particles that travel FTL in a material that has a reduced speed of light? What I mean is, for ex, what happens when a particle travels faster then the "speed of light in water"? I vaguely remember it giving off some kind of analog to sounds "sonic boom". Anyway, if anyone knows the answer or would like to discuss it please share
  20. "Nearly" is right... Sorry about the off topicness... But apparently people living in and around the Hudson Bay area of Canada weigh a whole 2.8 grams less then people in the US... Has to do with the compactification of the crust from the ice glaciers that rested there thousands of years ago...
  21. You were talking about majority rule weren't you? Sorry to point this out, but fat people out number skinny people... And btw, in Canada smoking in any indoor public place is banned, and smoking near entrances (within x amount of feet) is also banned. I can't remember off the top of my head how far you have to be, but it's different for alot of places. I think it's great myself. I really don't see why we have to even bother accomadating people who feel it is necessary to fill their own lungs with toxic fumes. Nevermind the fact that small amounts of second hand smoke have little effect... Another great thing about Canada, is that because we have universal healthcare the government taxes cigarettes to hell and back... to paint you a picture, a pack of cigarettes costs about $12.00 CAD (~$11.00 USD, or £5.50). That's about $4380.00 CAD ($4015.00 USD, £2007.50) a year assuming you smoke a pack a day. Anyone want to move to Canada?
  22. uh, dont they already have "pollution catchers" (so to speak), built into smoke stacks? Or air scrubbers of some kind...
  23. I guessed decline, although it may even go into slump territory.
  24. "Opponents say the work tampers with nature and is unethical" Hrm... so, I pop a few aspirin to get rid of a headache, Oh Damn! I'm tampering with nature, someone call the ethics police! Josephine Quintavalle, of CORE ethics, said: "This is creating an animal-human hybrid..." They make it sound like they are growing men with scales, or "The Fly"... I think the real problem the general public would have with this is the fact that they believe the scientists will bring this hybrid to maturity (which I sure is impossible) rather then just using some microscopic tissue. This has great scientific benefits (as does stem cell research, and most work with embryo's of any kind), but the general public and "ethicists" all have this big problem with it, problem stemming from lack of understanding. Any hoo, thats my 2¢
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