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  1. Ah yes I see... More so you can say, "You were in my room eating my chocolate, drinking my alchohol and playing on my computer!!!" lol...
  2. Yah this definetly has a WTF?ness to it... Would you post your source of this idea? lol... I think the only thing this would do is have you running around house yelling "OH BLOODY HELL!" lol. Unless you are into that kind of thing, it probably wont have any effect on you psychologically, or sexually.
  3. Well, we arent allowed to use graphing calculators in pre-calculus math (highschool) or calculus and stats in university. I think it has to do more with being able to store information into them for an exam though.
  4. This is a fairly biased poll... If it was a random involuntary sample then it'd be fine, but this is voluntary. When you have a voluntary poll, you get more strongly opinionated people answering (as opposed to people who dont really care). And in a poll like this the "I am an enviromentalist" side is probably feel more strongly for the argument, making it one-sided In stats class we had an example, where a newspaper columnist asked readers to send in an answer to the question: If you could go back in time, would you still have your children? 70% said no, 30% said yes. This just seems wonky (not a word I know lol)... Now, the New York Times did a random sample and got results of: 9% no, 91% yes. Anyways, thought I would just point that out to you... still an interesting poll (I'm 'not an enviromentalist and I live in the city')
  5. Lol... not a good tradeoff stick with 2gb since thats more then you'll need (at least for 10 months or so heh) EDIT: you could also try windows vista. I'm sure any ram restrictions are raised higher then XP.
  6. I've played that game before, and I completely admit to its addictability lol. I think a good suggestion to replace anti-biotics (because without it, the game would be too easy) would be an immunization... I'm not a biology expert though, does immunization do anything after you are infected? How exactly do doctors go about treating viruses anyway?
  7. Yup, 1/5 (.2) would be a non-repeating decimal. This was actually part of a math problem, and the problem was how the "endians" could represent non-repeating decimals while still keeping to their way of life. In other words, being able to display say 1/2, 1/5 etc. in such a way to be compatible with ...6667 = 1/3 (you show a representation of them that allows you to still divide, subtract etc.) If someone can figure out how to do long division, just divide 2/3 into 1/3 to get the 1/2.
  8. Thats a hell-of-a fancy way of saying warp-core lol
  9. That whole "dark enitity" sounds alot like a story about poltergeists I saw on discovery channel... A woman thought a ghost was in her house (experiencing things shaking, strange noises, evil presence) so she called in a psychic... When the psychic examined the house, in the womans room she found a "dark entity". When she tried to "interface" with it (for lack of a better word... something to calm ghosts I think) she found that the thing was blank. It was completely devoid of a spirit she said. I cant remember what the psychic told the lady to do about it, but she leaves. The next week the woman feels the presence again, and somehow banishes it so she calls up the psychic. The psychic speaks to her looks around and sees the dark entity at her house. She then realizes that this thing is a manifestation of the womans feelings. This woman had been in a deep depression for some time, and this dark entity is apparently a supernatural manifestation of her depression. This sounds to pertain to the dark entity you spoke of... And to the second guy: That sounds more of a hallucination... although the severian avatar is rather disturbing
  10. About here I believe... lol. rabit, cat fairly close
  11. Singularity? as in the technological singularity... from the law of accelerating returns right?
  12. er... we dont really have quantum computers at all other then the above example, which I guess would be a system with only 1 bit A fully built quantum computer in the sense, would work much faster. More calculations per second means it can do any task that much faster.
  13. meh paper is organic like you said. It'll reintegrate into the enviroment fairly quickly. If anything its much more effective to only recycle glass and aluminum.
  14. Also try going into command prompt and typing in ipconfig /all and see what it tells you about your connection. if everything is etc. then... that probably didnt help you at all lol, although you can try ipconfig /renew
  15. That probably wouldn't matter depending on router settings, if he uses the router when connecting to the laptop as well. If you are using a router, make sure to connect the PC to whatever connection you used for the laptop. I remember once one of the two computers hooked up to the same cable connection through the same router wasn't working... I just switched the computer that wasnt working to a different connection and it started working fine
  16. The question is how they linked it to SIDS... I saw that Feral Children program as well... the children (depending on the age they were rescued) had permanent problems. The "wolf girl" managed to learn language and interact socially, but would sometimes revert back and start barking like a dog, panting, walking on all fours, etc. Same thing with the little boy left in an abandoned apartment building that had wild dogs living in it. I think the "cut-off age" for it was around 13... any later and the children (or teenagers I guess at that point) would probably never fully learn language or social skills.
  17. Wow... I read that pdf you posted That went clear over my head lol... Still dont understand 2-spheres, 3-spheres, 2-manifolds, 3-manifolds, etc. I think its pretty big of him to actually resign the award though.
  18. LMAO nice joke. I think there's another version that has the rooster in it... lol And its obvious that, only dna evolves (and eggs are the start of a dna line) so the egg came first. There was the ancestor of the chicken laying eggs before it eventually evolved into the chicken. and the first organism that we would classify as a chicken, came from the not-so-chicken chicken egg lol.
  19. By the way, thanks to Sisyphus, if you dropped some object down the tunnel (with all the previous assumptions like no air friction etc.) the object will be going at a wopping 31,375,360 meters per second which is more then 10% the speed of light! EDIT: 400th Post w00t to moleculism
  20. DAMN did I misplace a decimal lmao. now thats a bit better! Can you imagine that? .1 c by the time you reached the center? lmao!
  21. A very interesting problem I found...
  22. Oh well I read somewhere that more are detrimental then beneficial.
  23. Oh the design specs are here: http://v3.espacenet.com/origdoc?DB=EPODOC&IDX=WO2006035419&F=0&QPN=WO2006035419 Something to do with magnets
  24. probably because they are crackpots themselves and dont want to be exposed as such? lol
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