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  1. I believe its not an actual physical thing, in the sky or on the ground... it must be a very tiny chip in the camera that would only be visible at residential level... once they took the picture they probably noticed it and fixed it afterwords Only my theory though
  2. unfortanetly, many big-time proxy blockers (ex. Bess at my school) block the actually IP address, so whatever URL you typed to get there, wont matter
  3. BTW, I know a type of web proxy which (on a good day) will let you see images, although javascript ends up useless , I'd rather not post it though, but if you want a list of about 30 mirrors just e-mail me at Canada.AotS@gmail.com
  4. Actually there's a theory that the universe was expanding faster then the speed of light at the big bang, the inflation theory.
  5. How bout ununseptium since it doesnt exist yet? lol
  6. Well I've always wondered... matter bends space-time in creating gravity wells... does anti-matter bend space-time out? This is a little off topic but I've always wondered... And also, since time dialation is caused by potential energy , if you could go to the center of an anti-gravity well, time would speed up, right?
  7. seems like the questions answered then... thicker = higher ratio
  8. That'd be a bit hard to measure though lol... if time was another dimension, it would have to be able to accelerate, decelerate, speed up etc.
  9. Theres actually a simple way to understand a 4th dimension... possibly more, however it technically couldn't be called a 4th spatial dimension. Anyways, if you just added gradient as a 4th dimension... then you'd see the 3d object, the the 4th d made by the light / darkness of the gradient. You could even add another if you made another gradient using 2 colors. Get creative, and you could probably think of many ways to "add" dimensions to an object.
  10. the "orbit" of an electron is more like a big fuzzy sherical donut lol... Questionit: by the way, your theory sounds cool but like 5614 said, its not plausable. The Plack length is the smallest amount of space with any meaning... so if like you said there was a tiny universe inside atoms, the contents would be smaller then the planck length... I dont know much about it, but I'm sure nothing can be smaller
  11. also time is supposed to just be an illusion to humans... each moment in time is always the same for eternity... humans are like projectors, they see each frame consectutively giving a sense of time... none of this actually answers the question "does time exist" by the way... lol
  12. btw, the 2 places at once has to do with quantum physics
  13. 1veedo: yah I heard that say for example the path of a photon can be going in 2 paths... (in other words its in 2 places at once) its actually placement is only set once it is observed... so say a photon 15 billion ly away follows a path around a galaxy (2 different paths). That photons path isnt set until we view it with our telescope... so really we would have just created the past... the past isnt determined till its viewed.
  14. BTW, I heard they were on there way to encoding there own bacteria using RNA (primitive version of DNA, now used as a messenger for DNA), and also, technically you really couldnt instantly transport an atom... the atoms characteristics yes (as all the articles posted are saying) the matter it self, I dont think so. It might be possible to somehow transport matter at a very fast speed though (as in the 'hated' startrek transportation {lol @ jeffery}). Have fun debatin!
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