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  1. 1. Potassium Nitrate - Very fun oxidizer with which you can do many experiments 2. Mercury Metal - Probably the most beautiful metal around. 3. Cesium Metal - Probably the most beautiful metal not around... and it makes a nice boom in water. 4. Hydrogen - Very fun gas... make balloons float, make balloons explode... fun 5. NaCl - adds taste to untasteful stuff 6. Ethanol (non-denatured) - Non-Toxic liquid fire... and good fun 7. Carbon and DiHydrogen Monoxide - Enables Life as we know it 8. Neodymium - Powerful magnets, helps us create powerful electric motors, getting us away from crude oil. 9. 5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine (Melatonin) - helps me fall asleep 10. Magnesium - Just reactive enough to be fun, just unreactive enough to be manageable.
  2. Try lighting a small pile on the ground w/a magnesium ribbon. If it burns like the magnesium ribbon, it's magnesium. If it's aluminum, it probably won't burn.
  3. Find a battery. Open it. The Black stuff is MnO2. No, it's not toxic. I suggest using a 6 volt battery, b/c have 4 nice little "canisters" of MnO2.
  4. How about an air conditioning that through fine adjustments of pressure can reverse what the air-conditioner does, so that cold air goes outside and warm air comes inside. This could be some form of alternative to burning fossil fuels. The only problem is running the pump which consumes a lot of energy.
  5. Ok, so it's not a perpetual motion machine.... But I still want to build one of these things. Imagine a little doughnut with a little something constantly going around in circles for hours, maybe even days on end.
  6. The disc doesn't need to be metal. You could just attach magnets to it. It will be opposite poles repelling eachother as the little car runs around in a vacuum.
  7. Ah, well I am a mac user, and apple comes with an insane program called Grapher. It's really really really good. But for some reason here in Germany they don't use graphing calculators.
  8. Why wouldn't the above be seperated from everything? If you perfectly align the magnets, then you could just send it spinning around in circles, the repelling magnets holding the car up. You wouldn't be getting more energy then you get out, that's obvious. You just need to get it started, and then you're finished.
  9. I just came to the forum to mention that. I know it's not possible to have a negative square root, but it's a - outside the square root. I even typed that but for some reason didn't leave it.
  10. I have an idea on how to make a perpetual motion device/machine. Imagine a hollow doughnut made of see-through plexiglass under a vacuum . Inside is a magnetic floating car thing, and along the side and bottom are magnets holding it up. You could get it turning by kind of turning the contraption until the car starts moving, and then just set it down. It'll just keep moving and moving and moving, never ending. The only thing that could stop it is photons emitted by whatever light source affects it. In fact you could use these photons by putting a piece of metal at the top with one side white and the other black. The light would be reflected on one side, and absorbed on the other. Could this work?
  11. That's awesome, thanks. Ok, this is what I did: starts off: f(x) = 1/4(x^2)^2 - (3/2)x^2 + 2 f(x) = (x^2)^2 - 6x^2 + 8 Then quadratic formula That gives me 4 and 2 Which results in (x^2 - 2) and (x^2 - 4), which results in an answer of sq. rt. of 2, -2 and 2.
  12. Crap... so is that a wrong answer what I posted above?
  13. No wait shit I got it!!!!! I plug it into the quadratic formula!!! YES!!!! TY very much answer is (x-2)(x-4) = x=2,4 or something like that
  14. Yes I understand how to solve equations using the quadratic form... Isn't it something like x^2 + x + 2 = (x+1)^2 = (x+1)(x+1) ? or something like x^2 - 2x + 1 = (x-1)(x+2) ? I can understand that, but throwing in fractions throws me off. ... Unless I divide everything by 1/4, which would give me (x^2)^2 - 6(x^2) + 8 = f(x) But what multiplies to -6 and gives me 8?
  15. Here's an incredibly simple math problem that I for the love of god cannot figure out.... help.... f(x)=(1/4)x^4 - (3/2)x^2 + 2 I need to set that to zero. I know I did this, and this is a review problem. But for the love of god I have no clue.
  16. Imagine this. Some woman takes fertility drugs while having sex with multiple persons, and somehow it happens that 2 eggs get fertilized at the same time from 2 different men. Will the resulting children be considered twins?
  17. In school, sixth grade social studies class. The teacher had the TV on when I went walked into the classroom. We watched together before the principal got on the PA system and said all teachers should turn off their TV's... Bastard. The teacher then said "He doesn't want us to watch history being made". The next class period the only thing we did was talk the entire time about what was happening/what had happened.
  18. I don't get it. I got that it's not binary, and I did see the little text thing (see my original post). I'm completely stumped...
  19. This has got my interest up. Since I'm in Germany now and cannot perform my usual pyrotechnic fun I need to find something new and dangerous to occupy my time. I'm looking on ebay, and I found some seeds which I want to buy... See if I can create something hardcore.
  20. I can't figure out the level with the binary dot dot dash dot (level 5 I think)...
  21. Just get a macintosh. You will be doing yourself a huge favor with iMovie.
  22. I would rather buy a volkswagen Jetta TDI, and pump it with biodiesel.
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