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  1. Just get something like alka seltzer tablets. Grind them up, and have them line the inside. Then put some slow disolving material on top of the layer of alka seltzers. Then pump it with water to get some pressure. When you start to notice a reaction going, launch the rocket. I don't think the alcaseltzer will give you a big boost, but it might do something.
  2. Damnit... I didn't see this thread, so naturally my first post gets... closed... Anyway, here it is: Hey guys, let me start off by saying my name is Sam, I'm 16 and live in Texas. I have a huge passion for science, and this forum looks like it is filled with very intelligent people who are not just in science for a big boom. I'm not going to deny that I don't like big booms, but there is so much more to science. Anyway, I'm also very interested in poliltics. I follow everything that happens, and base what I think off of that. I think it's too soon for me to tell everyone what I think, but that will definetely come out with time here. Furthermore I would like to complain about our school system that we have. This is one of my favorite science related discussions. Our school system is a problem. I had a huge rant at another forum (Macaddict forums) about my Chemistry teacher. That debate will also probably come up with time. What more is there to say... I really love science, I had a set of neodymium magnets sitting next to me on my desk, I have my Muriatic acid (HCl 32%) sitting in my backyard. My mom works at the local university as a professor of neurology. I try to make my own model rockets (bit dangerous... it's illegal, and getting my nozzles right is hard). I try to figure out how everything works. Not just stuff like cars or computers but chemical equations. So, anyway, that seems to be it... Oh, and btw, I speak fluid german, and am going to a german boarding school next year b/c I am getting sick of the american school system. (The chemistry teacher there is awesome). So yeah
  3. The magnet will spin faster when it is repelled, and slower when it is being attracted. That's my hypothesis.
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