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The survival/bushcraft thread

Otto Kretschmer

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I like bushcrafting, although typically I'll mix regular backpacking with it. It's a bit rough on the environment so I don't think it is appropriate on well used public lands, and in many areas you are not allowed to cut and gather as you might when bushcrafting.  I really liked MCQBushcraft when I was learning the tricks of the trade. I'm getting older so I don't do it so much anymore.

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It's not really 'survival'. It's is just taking things a step deeper into nature.

Some walk in the park with their dog. Others use a camper and stay in a National Park. The more adventurous will go tent camping. Next level is probably backpacking. Bushcrafting is the next step down. Rather than passing through the wilderness like you do when backpacking, bushcrafting is living in the wilderness for a limited time. It's no more risky than backpacking but it's another step removed from our lives insulated from nature. The lowest level I suppose is living off the land.

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