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Can I install offcie XP in today's PC?

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No such thing as MS Office XP; maybe Office 2007 or 2010 ?
There are a few public domain Office suites that read/write MS Office files at no cost, alternatively, MS Office 365 is subscription based ( pay when you need ).

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From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Office_XP


It is not officially supported on Windows 7 or later versions of Windows.

I'm guessing that "not officially supported" means that it might install and run anyway. Or perhaps you could install a Windows XP emulator to install and run Microsoft Office XP. This seems like a lot of effort to me.


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BTW, I run Microsoft Office 2010 on a Windows 10 system.

But Microsoft 365 has piqued my interest because Excel has dynamic arrays, which seems to be a fundamental improvement over CSE arrays.



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On 2/23/2024 at 6:19 AM, PeterBushMan said:

And what is the cheapest price to get a office 21 copy?

OpenOffice and LibreOffice are free, if cost is your biggest concern..



Alternatively there are online office/excel-like services.

Even Microsoft gives one option for free, with limited functionality (not surprisingly).



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